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What happened in the next hour in the Netherworld Sea prison was unforgettable for all the prisoners.

They saw Feng Yi walk over to Captain Chen and say something to him, after which Captain Chens face displayed indescribable shock.

He immediately nodded and ran to the outside of the prison.

After a while, they saw Captain Chen carrying Feng Chengyun back.

Feng Chengyun had actually lost his mind and became a fool!

Feng Chengyun lost… He actually lost!

The prisoners did not know what to say to express their current feelings.

They could only stand there, dazed, and bucketloads of sweat appeared on their foreheads.

They were left there speechless!

The prisoners then watched as the helicopter left the prison.

After another 10 minutes, everyone finally accepted the reality of what was happening in front of them… God! They had already regarded Yuchi as a God!

One had to know that this was an A grade beast tamer that they were talking about here!

In human cities, someone of Feng Chengyuns status would be famous.

One had to know that, even in human cities, there were not many A grade beast tamers!


A beast tamer of that level had come to the Netherworld Sea prison and said that he was going to destroy the entire prison!

However, that beast tamer had left, broken and defeated.

Not only had he lost his mind, but he had also rubbished the dignity and prestige of all beast tamers.

He had been completely reduced to a cripple.


“This is scary.

The Senior of our Netherworld Sea prison is really scary.”

“Yeah, hes really a god-like existence.

I cant believe he was able to completely defeat a beast tamer of that level!”


“I guess were safe now”

“Yes, we are!”

“Even a beast tamer of that level was killed.

They probably wont dare to come here rashly!”

“They would have to risk death in coming to our Netherworld Sea prison!”

“The losses outweigh the gains!”

“Yes! They shouldnt dare to cause trouble for us again!”

“Theyll probably pretend that this never happened.

In the future, we wont have to worry about people coming to attack us!”

“Senior, youre amazing!”

The prisoners had finally vented their anger and frustration.

The beast tamer had been arrogant and condescending, treating them with contempt!

Yet he had been defeated by the Senior hiding in the Netherworld Sea prison!

To be honest, if this senior had simply killed the other party directly, they would not have been as shocked as they were now!

This Senior had completely defeated the beast tamer and dealt an irrecoverable blow to him, to the point that he had gone insane.

This was a fate worse than death!

One of the prisoners grabbed Yuchis shoulder.

His face was filled with excitement.

“Yuchi, this Senior is really awesome!”

Yuchi: “Uh…”

If he responded by saying that the Senior was really amazing, would that not be praising himself

More importantly, he felt that he was not all that amazing.

There was nothing impressive about him just yet.

Compared to those ancient monsters, he was just a newborn, finding his way through this world.

Was defeating this beast tamer such a big deal He did not think so.

After all, the strength of this beast tamer was insufficient to stimulate him to his limits.

Still, the fact that no one else would disturb his cultivation for a while after this incident was a good thing.

As for Feng Yi.

Before leaving, Fengyi had taken the initiative to approach Yuchi.

She bowed deeply to Yuchi, which was probably her way of expressing her apology for what had happened last time.

The last time she was here, she had been too arrogant and looked down upon everyone present.

However, that would never happen again in the future.

She deeply realized that she had made all these mistakes, and she would correct them as best as she could.

Yuchi nodded and did not say anything.

The prisoners also completely accepted Feng Yis apology.

After seeing the happy prisoners and sending off Fengyi, he left the prison grounds and headed over to the shore to continue fishing.

“Im not strong enough.”

“Theres still a long way to go.”

“Based on my current estimates, human cities should contain very powerful existences.

I cant challenge a city with ten billion people by myself.”

“Ill take things step-by-step.”

At this time, if someone could read Yuchis thoughts, their jaws would drop.

This was because the young man was not thinking of defeating one or two people, but an entire human super-sized city.

What a terrifying line of thinking!

Two days later, in a villa in a human city.

The middle-aged man, who had been reading all kinds of documents while making all kinds of conclusions about martial arts warriors, looked confused.

He saw Feng Chengyun crawling on the ground, and listened to Feng Yis explanation.

“Feng Chengyun was defeated by a hidden martial arts warrior from the Netherworld Sea prison!”

“A martial arts warrior!”

“A martial arts warrior who Ive been looking down upon, that all beast tamers look down upon, actually defeated Feng Chengyun!”

The middle-aged man looked as if he had been dealt a heavy blow.

He slumped down into the luxurious chair, starting listlessly at the tea and the documents in front of him.

His usual elegance was gone.

“This is unbelievable!”

“Hes using Feng Chengyun to mess with my mind!”

“Hes even interfering with my plans!”

The middle-aged man covered his face with his hands.

He looked extremely distraught.

How could that expert be so terrifying

Was there such an expert in the Netherworld Sea prison

‘Why have I never heard of him before

According to logic, this matter should be impossible!

If there was such a powerful martial arts warrior in the Netherworld Sea prison, he would not have concealed his identity like this!

Would anyone abandon fame and wealth to stay in the Netherworld Sea prison



“Thats right!”

“Did you see this person” The middle-aged man thought of something and immediately asked Feng Yi.

“I have only seen the back of this senior, and he was always wearing a helmet whenever he appeared,” Feng Yi said calmly.

The middle-aged man immediately fell silent.

Feng Yi also did not elaborate.

After she said that, she thought about the moment when she apologized to Yuchi.

In the eyes of others, this matter was very simple and straightforward.

She had gone over and apologized to Yuchi and the other prisoners, which meant that she had really recognized that she had done something wrong in the past and would definitely not try to cause more trouble for them in the future.

However, in the process of apologizing, she discovered that there was actually a fiery feather on Yuchis body!

Upon closer inspection, there were also some tiny fragments of the helmet on his body!


At that time, Feng Yi had been so scared that she almost cried.

The young man who had been acting dumb all this while was actually that reclusive senior

Her mind was immediately filled with all kinds of terrifying thoughts and speculations, and reeled from the intense shock of it all.

However, when she really thought about what had happened, Feng Yi forced herself to remain calm.

She immediately made a decision in her heart.

If Yuchi really was that expert, then it was enough for her to know his identity.

She must never tell anyone, or else she would be making another mistake.

If Yuchi was not that expert, then she did not need to treat him differently anyway.

What she had done to him before was wrong.

Now that this matter was brought up…

Fengyis beautiful face had a slightly dazed expression on it as Yuchis face appeared in her mind.

“Yes, they are too similar.”

“But is there really someone who acts like a lunatic in battle, yet behaves like an ordinary person normally”


Feng Yi did not dare to jump to conclusions.

While Feng Yi was thinking, the middle-aged man seemed to have noticed something.

He stared at Feng Yi and asked, “Do you know who this martial arts warrior is Do you know the name of this martial artist If you do, tell me now.”

Feng Yi shook her head after hearing that.

“I dont know anything about that Senior, but I understood one thing from my trip, which is that Senior doesnt want anyone to disturb him.”

The middle-aged man immediately became speechless.


So what if he knew the other partys identity

‘If he knew about it, was he going to send other beast tamers to the Netherworld Sea prison to look for trouble with the other party

That was impossible.

Even an A grade beast tamer had been killed, what more beast tamers of other grades.

It would be a waste of resources and manpower.

Unless an A , or even an S-grade beast tamer was sent there, there was no hope for victory at all.

However, there was also no way a beast tamer of that status would even listen to his request.

While it was true that the Feng familys business was booming, and their family was powerful, having a B-grade beast tamer among their ranks was already quite impressive.

The emergence of an A-grade beast tamer was already enough to make their ancestors turn green with envy.

As for an S-grade beast tamer

If there was really an S-grade beast tamer in their family, then their family would not be in such a bad state!

“I understand.”

“This matter is over.

I will contact the family in the other city and tell them about Feng Chengyun.”

“If they really want to pursue this matter, then I will definitely not stop them.”

“Also, I was going to arrange a blind date for you, but that has been put on hold for now.” After he finished speaking, he waved his hand to indicate that Feng Yi should leave.

He sat on the chair and looked at Feng Chengyun, who was crawling on the ground.

In that instant, he seemed to have aged 20 years.

This was a complete mental suppression.

Feng Yi nodded.

She had not known that she was supposed to go on a blind date.

Regardless, it seemed that it was on hold now.

This was probably related to this senior in the Netherworld Sea prison.

It was all thanks to him! She did not know what to say.


“Are you really that senior…”


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