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The moment he saw Yuchi, Feng Chengyun became so scared that he fell to the ground.

His arrogant expression from earlier had completely disappeared.

What replaced it was an expression of fear.

Feng Chengyun was now a coward who kept retreating on the ground with his arms propped up in front of him, begging for mercy.

“Dont kill me!”

“Please dont kill me.

Ill give you money.

Ill give you money, okay”

“Please dont kill me.”

Feng Chengyun was terrified.

His expression contorted out of fear.

However, begging for mercy from Yuchi was meaningless!

A manic voice could be heard from behind the black helmet, “Dont panic.

Lets play a game.

Maybe youll be able to survive, hehe!”

From this, Feng Chengyun could clearly sense the madness of the mans soul

His eyes were instantly filled with confusion.

He looked at the other party, unable to free himself from the fear in his heart, and various thoughts flashed through his mind.

‘A game

‘What game did he want to play at this time

‘No, I just want to live.

I dont want to die in this place!

He did not have any thoughts of resisting at all.


He just wanted to run and escape this hellhole.

He never wanted to come to the Netherworld Sea prison ever again!

Just as Feng Chengyun was about to kneel down and beg for mercy once more, he saw a coin appear in his opponents hand.

Heads or tails…

“Come, dont be afraid!”

“Toss the coin.”

“If you get heads, then you can live.

If you get tails, then I can live.”


“In other words, you just have to toss this coin to decide our life and death.”

“Isnt this game very fair”

Yuchi tried to forcefully suppress the great joy in his heart, but he could not.

His voice was trembling with excitement as he spoke.

This was the crazy adrenaline rush that consumed his mind.

As a beast tamer, without a soul beast Feng Chengyun did not have the ability to fight him head on.

Alright then…

This would not be a problem.

Since Feng Chengyun could not fight him directly, then they would fight indirectly.

Everything would be decided by a coin.

This was called fairness.


Nothing in the world was more interesting than handing over ones fate to a coin toss.

The coin flew out of his hand and spun in the air before landing with a “clang”.

Despite this, all Feng Chengyun could hear was Yuchis voice, “One coin toss.

Either you die, or I die, okay”

The air was deathly still.

Coupled with the surrounding mist, this scene seemed like it had been pulled straight out of a horror movie.

Feng Chengyun looked at the mysterious person in disbelief.

He lowered his head and stared at the coin listlessly.

From an outsiders point of view, this was indeed an opportunity.

This represented the Yuchis benevolence.

This was a chance at survival.

Either you die…

Or I die.

It was up to the coin to decide, up to the heavens to choose, and up to fate to call the shots.

Would the fate of death fall upon you, or upon me This was all down to chance

Pretty fair, right

It was absolutely fair.


Absolute fairness was terrifying.

After all, this was a world where the strong bullied the weak!


Feng Chengyun collapsed.

“I dont want to.”

“I dont want to!”

“No way!”

“I dont want to wager my life on a coin toss.

I dont want to toss the coin.”

After recovering from his confusion, fear gripped his heart.

This was a sensation that he had never felt his entire life.

The person in front of him was definitely a lunatic.

That had to be the case!

After the enemy had defeated him, he had actually given him the chance to kill him!

No matter how much he wanted to fight, or how much he wanted to risk it all…

He was not a lunatic.

‘I dont want to play games with this lunatic.

He tried his best to get up, but discovered that his hands were not listening to him.

He looked down to find that it was not only his hands; even his legs were trembling.

At this moment, he realized that he had been completely defeated.

He looked up at the figure standing in front of him.

The fear on his face gradually dissipated.

There was no longer any color on his face.

Three seconds later, Feng Chengyun chuckled.



“I want to eat candy!”


Feng Chengyuns mouth drooled.

He had gone crazy and his mentality was now that of a childs.

His mind had been shattered.

He had been completely defeated.

He knelt on the ground and crawled around.

Feng Yi appeared at the exit of the prison.

She clenched her weak but firm fist.

She had wanted to ask for Yuchis forgiveness.

She also wanted to ask Feng Chengyun to spare him.

Uh, what was this

Why was the arrogant A grade beast tamer crawling on the ground

Just as Feng Yi was about to say something, she heard a disappointed sigh.


The figure did not give her a chance to speak at all.

Yuchi disappeared into the mist.


Her slightly pale lips opened slightly, and she wanted to say something, but Yuchi had already left.

To Yuchi, killing a man who had lost all will to fight and had been completely defeated was meaningless.

He did not want to dirty his hands.

“How boring.”

Now that the hunt had ended, he had returned to his usual state.

He walked to a place where no one was around and took off his helmet.

By the time he took off his helmet, the crazed look on Yuchis face had already disappeared.

He mingled around with the prisoners as if nothing had happened and stood with them in the courtyard of the Netherworld Sea prison.

“Has it ended”

After he said this, the prisoner next to him quivered, thinking that Feng Chengyun had returned.

“It seems to have ended.”

“Yes, it seems like the sounds of fighting have stopped.”

“So who won in the end”

“I dont know.

That soul beast looked terrifying.

Im afraid that Senior is dead.”

“Senior, please be okay.

Even if we lose our lives, you have to be okay!”

“Thats right.

If Senior is defeated, the Netherworld Prison will be erased forever.”

The prisoners did not even dare to go outside.

They only stood in the courtyard and watched the grand battle that was unfolding before their eyes from a distance…

Especially that brilliant white light…

Had it not been for their quick reaction to immediately find a place to hide, and even crouching on the ground and covering their eyes, they might have been blinded by the flame feathers skill.

That terrifying flame feather probably emerged victorious in the end, right


“Are you still alive”

The prisoners spoke one after another.

Their eyes swept past Yuchis body again and again, and they looked at each other…

They all looked extremely nervous!


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