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“I lost my life to a martial arts warrior!”

The flame feather that was falling from the sky was in a daze.

It was extremely shocked.

It had never taken martial arts warriors seriously and had completely ignored the existence of the human race.

Sure, the beast tamers of the human race were a group of very powerful beings but, truth be told, they were just fighting using the power of soul beasts.

As a result, in the hearts of all soul beasts, beast tamers were just a group of foxes borrowing the power of tigers.

They only possessed soul power.

In reality, this kind of soul power was simply insufficient for prolonged battles.

They still had to rely on their soul beasts.

The so-called taming process by a beast tamer was just a path of survival chosen by the soul beasts!

As for martial arts warriors, even these beast tamers looked down on them, let alone these soul beasts…

Martial arts warriors were something even more lowly than servants!

Then, how could this martial arts warrior be so powerful He was so powerful that it had goosebumps running all over its body.

“I will be killed by him…”

It landed on the surface of the Netherworld Sea with a loud boom, causing a huge wave to ripple out from the point of impact.

In the distance, Yuchi did not pursue and attack it.

He only scattered the hellfire flames that were still burning in his hand.

His helmet was turned in the direction of the flame feather.


As he watched it through the visor, the originally pitch-black flame feather began to quickly molt, revealing its new bright red feathers, almost as if an egg had hatched anew.

Three seconds later, a dazzling red white light appeared, and the flame feather shrank into a small egg-shaped figure.

“Rise from the ashes.”


This was the flame feathers third skill.

It was a passive skill that was forcefully activated when it was fatally injured.

It could instantly recover to its peak combat strength for a short period of time and forcibly burn its lifespan, so that for 10 minutes after its rebirth, it would be far more powerful than before!

Although he was laughing under the helmet, everything seemed calm on the outside.

Yuchi was very satisfied with the flame feathers fighting spirit.


“Dont give up.

Keep attacking me!”

No one in the prison could see the fight anymore.

The Netherworld Sea prisons surroundings had already been completely enveloped by the steaming vapor, which formed a thick fog that hung over the entire island.

Only the space within a 1000-meter radius of Yuchi and the flame feather was clear.

Feng Chengyun stood at the edge of the island.

He was trying his best to see what was going on in the battle.

However, in the end, there was no way for him to see anything.

He could only see the burning, black and white deathly ray in the sky, and then the spectacular sight of it being repelled by the brilliant pillar of fire!

“That dazzling pillar of fire was definitely not released by my soul beast!”

“Who released that pillar of fire”

“The flames that soared into the sky instantly reached a height of a hundred kilometers.

What kind of terrifying power is that”


“Could it be that martial arts warriors doing”

“No way!”


“It cant be him.

No martial arts warrior deserves to wield such combat strength!”

Thinking quickly, Feng Chengyun hung onto a thread of hope and immediately used his soul power to contact the flame feather.

“How are you doing” Feng Chengyun asked.

“He has already taken my life.” The flame feather replied.

“Ah!” Feng Chengyuns eyes were dazed.

He then heard the flame feather say, “Hes very strong… Extremely strong! Hes crushing me one-sidedly! Hes just staring and waiting for me to activate my berserk state!”

Feng Chengyun was speechless.

The voice of the flame feather ended there, and Feng Chengyuns face was filled with fear.

His A grade soul beast had died once

How could this be possible

This was an A grade soul beast they were talking about!

This was an existence that all beast tamers yearned for!


This was absolutely impossible!

Was this hidden expert not supposed to be a coward

‘When I came here, I didnt even think that I would have to fight a tough battle with a mere martial arts warrior!

Feng Chengyun was in a complete daze.

He was already kneeling on the ground and staring at the smoke rising from the ground and the fog-covered sky.

He had even lost his bearings.

Was he dreaming

The flame feathers resolute words were transmitted into his mind.

“Ive been reborn from the ashes.

My overall combat power will increase by 1.5 times for a duration of 10 minutes!”

“I dont believe that I cant damage him now.”

“I wont believe it!”

“Since I was born, Ive only used rise from the ashes once, and that was when I was facing my most powerful nemesis!”

After Feng Chengyun heard this, he repeatedly nodded.

Yes, this was an opportunity.

Since it had already used its rise from the ashes skill, there should be no problem.

After all, if it could not defeat this martial arts warrior in this augmented state, then there was no telling how strong this martial arts warrior was.

Heck, he was not even sure if this person was a martial arts warrior anymore!

This was completely different from the description of martial arts warriors in the records!

As he was thinking about this, Feng Chengyuns mind trembled.

“Dont tell me…”

“A martial flame cultivator”

A terrible term appeared in Feng Chengyuns mind.

He would also sometimes toss around this term as a joke to others!


Who would believe that there was a martial arts warrior in this world who could break through to become a martial flame cultivator

Martial arts warriors were supposed to end their journey at the body refinement realm!

They were not qualified to become martial flame cultivators!


Im overthinking it…

This was impossible.

If he was a martial flame cultivator, why would he be stuck in the Netherworld Sea prison


Feng Chengyun suddenly heard a heart-wrenching cry from a bird in the mist.

Feng Chengyun raised his head in confusion.

He could vaguely see traces of weapon-shaped blackish-red flame!

The blackish-red flame was shaped like a divine weapon that was covered in thorns.

As it slashed down from top to bottom, it exuded a majestic aura that was simply terrifying.

All it took was just one slash.

When the blade of fire fell, everything was torn apart.

The fiery red blade covered in thorns was probably a thousand meters long.

The sound of the wind it created when it was swung was even more terrifying than 1,000 helicopters.

The flames burned above the Netherworld Sea, as fiery thorny flowers bloomed one after another.

The sky was filled with sparks.

At a certain moment, when everything became silent, words were transmitted into Feng Chengyuns mind.

“Compared to him, Im still like a child.”


“Today, upon the Netherworld Sea, my life has come to an end.”

After the message was transmitted, Feng Chengyun immediately felt a strong sense of dizziness and nausea.

He could not help but fall to the ground, and he started retching.

His eyes were filled with shock, and there was only one simple word in his mind.


“My soul beast was killed!”

His A grade soul beast was gone!

Was the power augmentation from rise from the ashes insufficient

What was he

Was he a deity


Feng Chengyun did not have the slightest bit of fighting spirit remaining.

He endured the weakness he felt and was about to run to the courtyard of the Netherworld Sea prison.

He was going to leave this hellish place using the helicopter!

However, just as he stood up, he saw a black figure wearing a helmet appear in front of him.


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