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Yuchi had appeared.

He was wearing an ordinary-looking black motorcycle helmet as usual.

The helmet and its visor concealed his face completely.

Even the visor was black.

Inside the helmet, Yuchis face was already sporting a brilliant smile.

His smile could be described as naive.

Innocent, romantic and…

Infinitely mad!

‘Hehe, its been more than 10 hours since my last battle.

I really miss the taste of battle.

‘A grade beast tamer…

‘Im coming for you.


His heart was filled with joy.

He loved fighting ancient monsters in the Netherworld Sea prison every day!

If he really allowed the other party to destroy the Netherworld Sea prison, would he still be able to fish if he was transferred to another prison without an ocean

If there was no place for him to fish, how would he be able to encounter ancient monsters If he could not encounter them, then how could he fight them

There were still quite a few years left on Yuchis prison sentence!

He would not be able to live without fishing!

This was an opportunity!


He moved his wrist and looked at the soul beast in front of him… The true qi in his body circulated slowly, and he was ready to strike!

“Senior is here!”

When the prisoners noticed Yuchis arrival, they immediately cheered.

Yuchi had already protected them many times.

Without him, the Netherworld Sea prison would have been destroyed by the hunters two years ago!

Yuchi was the hero of the Netherworld Sea prison.

There was no doubt about that!

On the other side, Captain Chens expression darkened.

His eyes finally displayed ridicule and anger.

‘It was this man! He was the one who destroyed my future again and again.

If he didnt stop the hunters from destroying the Netherworld Sea prison back then, I would have been able to move to another city to live!

‘If he didnt stop Zhang Tiancheng, I would definitely have been able to get on Zhang Tianchengs good side.

I would have been able to live a life without worry!

‘Yet he still dares to appear in front of me now!

‘Look beside me! Im not alone, I have this famous A grade beast tamer beside me!

‘This time, things will be different!

‘You will die!

He was already starting to curse Yuchi inwardly.

He was a smart person.

At this time, he had to pick his side clearly!

He believed in Feng Chengyun! He believed in his own judgment!

After Captain Chen finished his soliloquy, he got ready to rile Yuchi up, but soon realized that Yuchi was ignoring his existence!

He was being completely ignored!

It was as if, in Yuchis world… He was dust!


I cannot accept this!

Captain Chen was about to start cursing out loud, but Feng Chengyun glared at him.

He immediately shrunk back and instantly became dispirited.

He only dared to insult him behind the cover of Feng Chengyuns back.

Feng Chengyun looked at Yuchi,

“Youve finally come out.”

“Whats the matter Are you still trying to be a hero this time”

“Even if thats the case, theres no problem.”

“I dont care if you want to pretend to be a hero in front of these prisoners.

After all, from my perspective, the prisoners are just like ants.”

“Where is your soul beast”

“Summon it.”

“Dont be so secretive.”

“As honorable beast tamers, we should at least show basic respect to each other.”

Feng Chengyun looked at Yuchi in contempt.

Beast tamers were indeed the most precious existences among humankind.

Ordinary people in the cities respected beast tamers very much.

Even the usually arrogant Department of Inspection had to behave courteously when dealing with a powerful beast tamer!

Feng Chengyuns attitude was very straightforward.

Since both of them were beast tamers, they should just reveal their hands openly at this point.

He wanted to kill Yuchi, and Yuchi wanted to kill him.

In that case, they should just battle it out right here and now!

Yuchis eyes fell on the flame feather soul beast.

He could clearly feel that the beast was trying to suppress the excitement in its heart.

His voice trembled with excitement as he spoke, “I dont know anything about taming beasts.

Im a traditional martial arts warrior, and I respect your strength.

Can we start now”

There was even a hint of pleading in his voice!

He was enduring.

It was as if he was a well-mannered child who was eyeing a plate of delicious food!

Yuchi was suppressing his battle-like nature!

His Adams apple moved as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

It was almost as if the soul beast in front of him was not an A grade soul beast at all, but rather a feast of meat and blood essence!

“Martial arts warrior!”

The prisoners were originally full of joy, and they were ready to see what Yuchis soul beast was.

However, did Yuchi just suddenly say that he was a traditional martial arts warrior

They stood rooted to the ground, dumbfounded.

They could not believe what they had just heard.

Martial arts warrior…

He was a traditional martial arts warrior.

Did martial arts warriors still exist in this world Had martial arts warriors not already been eliminated by beast tamers

Even though they were firmly on Yuchis side, after hearing Yuchis words, they began to panic inwardly!

What should they do

Martial arts warriors were useless!

Captain Chen could not hold it in anymore and jumped out.

He pointed at Yuchi and shouted, “Hahahaha!”

“Ive never heard such a funny joke before.

Youre saying that youre a traditional martial arts warrior and you dont even have a soul beast”

“Do you know that in this cruel world with thousands of races, martial arts warriors have already been completely eliminated Martial arts warriors are from a bygone era! Youre going to be replaced, and all of you will be eliminated.

Youre no longer suitable for this world!”

“Martial arts warriors are trash.”

“Trash synonymous with martial arts warriors.”

Captain Chens thoughts represented almost 99% of the human race.

In this world, where thousands of races fought against each other, if one asked a child what they wanted to become when they grew up tens of thousands of years ago, the child might say that they wanted to become a powerful martial arts warrior.

However, if one asked a child now, the child would definitely answer beast tamer without thinking.

Beast tamers were humanitys trump cards in this world.

The human race was now relying on the power of beast tamers to maintain the precarious balance against the other races out there!

What beast tamers were to humans now was what water was to living beings.

They were absolutely essential for survival!

“Although I dont know or really care what youre talking about, can we start” Yuchi completely ignored the chattering voices around him and asked expectantly.

The surroundings instantly turned quiet, and everyones minds were filled with confusion.

He was actually taking the initiative to challenge Feng Chengyun

Did he really want to die

“Hahaha! This is really funny.

I didnt expect that, as a dignified beast tamer, I would have to fight a martial arts warrior.

This is very embarrassing…” Feng Chengyun was helpless and regretful as he muttered to himself.

And then…

He shrugged his shoulders.

“But its fine.

Ill kill everyone today anyway, so no one will ever know that Ive fought a martial arts warrior.”

“Haha, Im a smart person indeed.

There wont be any problems then.”

Soon after, he opened his mouth and stared at Yuchi with an awkward expression.

“You can attack me at any time, I…” Feng Chengyun said arrogantly.

However, he was still midway through his sentence when Yuchi disappeared into thin air!

There was confusion everywhere.

Where did Yuchi go

A moment later, he saw a mysterious figure next to him!

In an instant, Feng Chengyun was gripped by fear and terror… What kind of terrifying speed was this

“Am I going to die”

These five words appeared in Feng chengyuns mind.

In his dazed eyes, he vaguely saw Yuchi rush over to his soul beast!

He actually chose to attack the soul beast

He actually let the beast tamer go

Was he an idiot

Feng Chengyuns mind was full of thoughts, but he soon realized.

“No! Hes not here for me, Im just a speck of dust in his eyes!”

“He only cares about my soul beast!”


Feng Chengyun was right! He had guessed it correctly!

Yuchi let out a strange laugh.

His hand was like a cannonball that was shot out of the barrel as he grabbed the soul beast, flame feather, by the neck and suddenly pulled it with him!

This scene was reminiscent of an excited student on summer break, grabbing his school bag and rushing out!


A large hand tightly clutched onto the flame feathers neck.

Ignoring the burning sensation caused by the flame feathers skin, Yuchis actions were extremely fast!

He ran in, grabbed it and then jumped, disappearing in an instant!



Shortly after, the sound of two explosions were heard.

Some dust flew up and the scene turned deathly silent!


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