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339 The Truth

A month ago, Hu Guhai had returned to the city.

At the same time, the clan leader had reached this regions branch of the Tiandu division.

He wanted to investigate the Yuchi and Yue Hanjiangs identities, and put this matter to rest.

Although Hu Guhai had told him that there was nothing to worry about, in order to ensure the safety of his race, he had to be certain.

However, in order not to worry anyone, he had departed secretly.

The chief of this Tiandu division branch was also an old friend of his, though their friendship was purely established on the basis of the fox races constant tributes and gifts.

The chief looked at the worried clan leader, inwardly dismissing the latter.

“What is it If theres something you need help with, say the word.

Ill definitely help if I can.”

The chief of the Tiandu division clearly looked down on the clan leader and thought he was a piece of trash.

Had he not been obligated to help by all of the gifts he received, he would not even have bothered accepting this visit.

Of course, the clan leader was also aware of the difference between their statuses.

However, he had no choice but to ignore the other partys disdain.

He then told the chief of the Tiandu division about what had happened two months ago.

He did not tell him about the dragon-phoenix race, but merely inquired about Yuchi and Yue Hanjiang.

Originally, when the clan leader asked this question, he felt that he had really been too worried, and had probably made the trip here for nothing.

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However, when the chief of the Tiandu division heard this, he instantly frowned.

He pondered for a moment and could not help but ask, “Does that person walk around barefoot Does he look like a member of the fox race without ears and a tail”

“Does he have black hair and eyes”

“Was he fishing”

The last question was the most crucial.

When the clan leader heard this, he was quite surprised.

“How did you know He was fishing on the boat and there was a girl beside him.”

After the chief of the Tiandu division heard this, he fell silent.

Then, he nervously asked the clan leader, “Did you start a conflict with him”

The clan leader shook his head immediately and said, “I dont think so.

Weve received him into our city, and he left shortly after.”

The chief of the Tiandu division heaved a sigh of relief.

Considering that the fox race had not offended the other party, he was relieved.

He let out a long sigh of relief and said, “Thats Senior Yuchi and Yue Hanjiang.”

“Ah Whos that”

The chief of the Tiandu division rolled his eyes at the clan leader and looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot.

“Senior Yuchi is someone you and I cant afford to offend.

He killed the City Lord of Sky City not too long ago, and hes a Dao heart realm cultivator.”

Dao heart realm!


The clan leader sucked in a breath of cold air.

He even felt a little dizzy.

The chief of the Tiandu division then gave the clan leader a brief introduction to who Yuchi was and what he had done.

When he was done, he said unhappily, “As the clan leader, youre really ignorant and negligent.”

“You should take care to memorize the names of such dangerous people.”

“You were lucky you didnt end up on his bad side.

Otherwise, your race would have been exterminated by now.”

When the clan leader heard this, he hurriedly nodded his head.

After that, he presented some generous gifts and left quickly.

“I dont know how this trashy race is still alive.”

“Theyre weak, and arent willing to participate in the battle between the myriad races to get stronger.”

The chief of the Tiandu division mocked them inwardly.

Looking at the treasures in his hands, he could not help but say, “That being said, I didnt expect them to run into Senior Yuchi.”

“Thankfully they did not disturb him while he was fishing.”

The chiefs of the Tiandu divisions had a rather clear understanding of Yuchis hobby.

Even though they did not understand why he kept fishing, it was enough to know that they had to avoid disturbing him while he was fishing.

The good thing about Yuchi was that, so long as they did not provoke or disturb him, he would not seek them out or cause trouble for them

“If I had Senior Yuchis strength…”

The chief of the Tiandu division started daydreaming.


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