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335 Hu Guhai (Part 2)

From Hu Guhais perspective, this whole incident was either related to the sea heart, or these two uninvited guests.

However, when Hu Yiyi finally brought Hu Guhai to see Yuchi and Yue Hanjiang, Hu Guhai was relieved.

Although he did not know where these two people came from or what race they were from, it was just as Hu Yiyi had said.

The girl was a ninth-grade Dao realm cultivator, while the man was an ordinary person.

‘What a foolish person.

‘Doesnt he realize that there arent any living beings in the Ancient God Sea


Hu Guhais heart was naturally filled with ridicule, especially when he saw that Yuchis fishing rod did not have a hook or bait.

‘Still, now I know for sure that they have nothing to do with it.

‘The only explanation is that the sea heart provided help.

It seems that the sea heart has finally responded in kind after so many years of feeding it with the fox races lifeforce.


Since that was the case…

Hu Guhai said to Yuchi, “Our fox race welcomes you to tour the Ancient God Sea.

I am relieved to see you both safe and sound.

If youre interested, I can take you to a famous scenic spot.”

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After Hu Yiyi heard what Hu Guhai said, she was shocked.

She had never thought that the ancestor would invite strangers to the fox races holy land.

“Apologies for inconveniencing you, Senior.”

Hu Guhai laughed and said, “Its fine, its fine.

I will bring you to have a look.

Its so dangerous for the two of you to be outside.

In any case, the view there is spectacular, so you dont want to miss it.

The Saintess has spoken favorably of you both, so we should play our part as gracious hosts.”

As Hu Yiyi had some matters to attend to, she returned to the city first.

Hu Guhai, Yuchi, and Hanjiang stood on a boat.

Hu Guhai was controlling the boat, slowly drifting in a certain direction.

They were moving quite fast.

On the ship, Yuchi and Hu Guhai were also casually chatting about some things.

By the time they finally arrived at their destination, two hours had passed.

The destination was a forest of stone pillars.

These stone pillars grew out from the depths of the sea and all the way up to more than 200 meters above the sea surface.

It was a rather magnificent sight.

The small boat slowly drifted through the forest of stone pillars.

Then Hu Guhai suddenly turned from a kind old man into a vicious and cunning old fox.

His entire face was glowing with a faint green light.

“Do you two know about the sea heart”

Yuchi looked at Hu Guhais ferocious face and pretended to be confused.

“Senior, whats this sea heart youre talking about”

Hu Guhai introduced graciously, “This is the Ancient God Sea, a place where no life thrives.

If you live nearby it, your lifespan will definitely be shortened.

The lost lifeforce will be absorbed by the primordial sea, and the sea heart here will turn this lifeforce into something called the Heavenly Dao spiritual liquid.

The Heavenly Dao spiritual liquid is a good thing.

If even a mortal swallows a little bit of it, it will improve his talent to a great extent.”

“Hence, in order to produce the Heavenly Dao liquid, this sea needs to devour life over and over again.”

After Hu Guhai had finished speaking, he smiled evilly.

“So, the reason why the fox race is staying here is due to your arrangement.

Youre sacrificing the fox race in order to obtain the Heavenly Dao spiritual liquid.

How pitiful.

They have no idea that theyre being used in this way.”

Hu Guhai nodded his head.


It seems like you are not a complete fool.”

Yuchi laughed.

“Youre only telling us now because youre going to kill us.”

Hu Guhai immediately shook his head.

“No, no, no.

How could I bear to kill you”

“Killing you would be a waste.

Im letting you enter the sea heart.”

“Ill let the power within the sea heart kill you.

That way, it will produce more Heavenly Dao spiritual liquid for me.”

“Think of it as becoming a worthy sacrifice in my pursuit of strength.”

“So, goodbye!”

“You two are as good as dead!”

His surging Dao aura flooded the forest of stone pillars.

An illusionary gate slowly opened.

Then, while Yuchi and Yue Hanjiang remained silent, countless slender arms suddenly stretched out of the illusionary gate, pulling the entire boat toward it.


The two of them were pulled in.

As the gate closed, Hu Guhai laughed out loud.

“Those two pieces of trash actually dared to follow me.

I guess the cure for stupidity is death.”

“In any case, no one will ask too many questions about their disappearance.”

“Ill head back to the city to stabilize my cultivation foundation first, then Ill come back to collect the Heavenly Dao spiritual liquid.”

He laughed wildly and then left.

It was obvious that Hu Guhai had already completely believed that Yuchi and Yue Hanjiang would certainly die.

That was the ending of anyone who encountered the sea heart.

No matter how many people tried to obtain it, the result would be the same.

They would either end up dead, or severely injured.

This had been the case for the City Lord of Sky City as well.

He had barely escaped with his life.

In any case, now, he only needed to wait to collect the Heavenly Dao spiritual liquid.

In the end, it was basically settled that the sea heart had somehow helped Hu Yiyi.

It was the only logical conclusion.

Hu Guhai returned to the city joyfully.


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