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The other prisoners were shocked.

They had not expected Feng Yi to be on their side!

After she stood up to refute Captain Chens statement, she spent three minutes explaining her position to them.

First, she would not let these people hurt them.

Second, she wanted to stop this, but she did not have the power to do so.

Third, they should not be afraid, as she did not come bearing ill intentions.

The prisoners heaved a sigh of relief after hearing her explanation.

Although not all the prisoners knew about Feng Yi, as long as they were from the same city as Feng Yi, they would have heard of this legendary woman! This woman was pursued by many rich children in the city.

She was also the dream lover of many people.

She was quite powerful and influential!

However, no one here expected her to be a good person! At least there was someone here who was on the right path!

At the side, Feng Chengyuns expression instantly turned ferocious!

Right now, his cousin, the young lady of their family, was actually standing on the side of their enemy

She was actually openly going against them

This caused him to lose all face!


Fine then!

Have it your way!


Feng Chengyun gritted his teeth and then said, “Feng Yi, trust me.

I will burn him to ashes in front of you!!”

Feng Chengyuns sense of possessiveness was extremely strong, and he could not tolerate the feeling of the woman he was about to hold in his arms trying to escape from his hands!

“What is it”

“Are you planning to betray the family and ask the enemy to protect you”

“Do you think that will work”

“The blood that flows in your veins is the blood of our clan.

We are ferocious by nature.”

Fengyi did not answer.

Whether he was alive or dead…

‘I just want to see him one more time…

When she thought about this, she looked apologetically at Yuchi, who was standing quietly in the crowd.

Feng Yi vaguely recalled Yuchi.

She remembered turning a blind eye to this young mans cry for help back then.

‘Sigh, its gonna be hard to explain my actions like back then.

She really felt sorry for him.

Yuchi was a little surprised by the change Feng Yi had undergone.

He did not really have a deep impression of her, but he vaguely remembered her existence.

Still, that was not important now.

“Theres a new beast tamer here now.”

“And hes an A grade beast tamer to boot”

“So, all my efforts were in vain.

In the end, someone still came over to disturb my cultivation in the Netherworld Sea prison.”

“I guess it wasnt really all for nothing.

It can only be said that the effect of my efforts was minimal.”

Yuchis gaze fell on Feng Chengyun.

After seeing his soul beast, he silently disappeared into the crowd.

At the last moment before he disappeared, the corners of his mouth were already trembling.

Not out of fear…

Instead, he was trying his best to suppress the excitement and joy in his heart.

After all…

Another hunt had just begun.

An A grade soul beast and an A grade beast tamer…

This was the first time he was seeing one!

Would it not be a waste if he did not make the most of this opportunity and enjoy the upcoming battle

The seconds ticked on.

“One minute left.”

Captain Chen did not dare to open his mouth.

It was Feng Chengyun who looked at his watch and shouted at the prisoners, his tone laced with killing intent.

“Last minute!”

“If you dont bring this person to me in one minute, Ill completely destroy this island of yours.”

“And I mean what I say!”

The prisoners were speechless.

After hearing Feng Chengyuns words, they began to panic again.

What was going on

Were they not just told that they were not in danger anymore

Why did things change again

Was he trying to scare us…


It was for real!

Feng Chengyun was not joking.

This was a blatant threat!

He can really kill all the prisoners here with ease!

Damn it!

He was being serious!

The prisoners gazes instantly fell on Fengyi, and there were many questions and pleas for help in their eyes.

Just as Feng Yi was about to speak, Feng Chengyun cut in.


“You bunch of ants, what are you still thinking about”

“Dont think that just because Feng Yi promised you that theres no danger that youre safe.”

“Shes just a woman.

What right does she have to speak in the family”

Feng Chengyuns loud laughter spread throughout the field.

The firebird beside him also let out a cackle!

They were all mocking her.

“Cant you guys tell”

“Shes just a pawn that weve bought!”

“If you have enough money, you can all join in!”

Feng Chengyun shouted unabashedly, as if he was a peddler selling his goods by the roadside.

However, the item he was selling was Feng Yi!

The prisoners were completely flustered.

They were finished!

Feng Yis words held no weight.

They were really finished!

If the hidden expert did not show himself this time, then they were as good as dead.

Had it been the Feng Yi from a year ago, she might have retorted with a few words, or even argued with Feng Chengyun.

However, the current her just quietly took the information in stride as she started to think about the current situation.

She was trying to find a way!

Her long eyelashes slightly trembled, and her gaze fell upon the soul beast next to Feng Chengyun.

This soul beast was not very big.

It was about 1.8 meters tall!

However, although its size was not particularly imposing, she knew that this soul beast was terrifying!

It was like the legendary phoenix!

Its entire body was red, its legs were golden, and its sharp beak was like that of an eagle.

There was even a single fiery red feather on its head!

The feather was burning slowly.

Even so, one could sense the boiling hot and violent aura concealed within its body!

Feng Yi knew the name of this soul beast.

It was called the flame feather!

Since the flame feather was an A grade soul beast, all of its attributes should have at least reached 5000 points!

These attributes were determined by a specialized soul beast detector.

In other words, an A grade soul beasts overall attributes were between 5000 to 6000 points.

Although there were huge differences even between soul beasts of the same species, the flame feather in front of him was obviously in a good state.

Therefore, even if Feng Yi could not determine its exact combat strength, its overall attributes were definitely above 5000 points.

5000 points in all attributes! That number alone made the flame feather a shocking existence among soul beasts!

‘I dont even know what its skills are like!

For beast tamers, different soul beast grades were not only based on their attributes, but also on the soul beasts skills.

The final evaluation would be decided based on the weightage of a soul beasts attributes and skills!

For example…

If two soul beasts with the same attributes of 200 points were compared…

Where one soul beast had a skill and the other did not…

Low-level soul beasts without a skill were not worthy of a grade!

As for the soul beast with a skill, depending on the quality of its skill, it might be graded as a C or even a C grade soul beast!

After all, not all soul beasts possessed excellent attributes.

Some soul beasts were very fragile, but had astonishingly destructive skills! The skills destructive power was one of the standards used in the grading process!

The damage would be calculated and simulated using artificial intelligence!

Putting aside the higher ranks for now, one should first talk about the lethality of soul beasts below S-grade.

All skill evaluation criteria were the same, which was how many people the soul beast could kill in 10 seconds after activating the skill!

A C-grade skill would kill one person in 10 seconds.

A C grade skill would kill 50 people in 10 seconds.

A C grade skill would kill a 100 people in 10 seconds!

Going higher…

B-grade skill, 1000 people!

B grade skill, 5,000 people!

B grade skill, 10,000 people!

A-grade skill, 100,000 people!

A grade skill, 500,000 people!

A grade skill, one million people!

‘For this flame feather to be rated A , it has to either have extremely high attributes or extremely powerful skills.

Or it could even be a combination of both!

‘This means that it is capable of wiping out a town in 10 seconds!

‘Thats how destructive it is!

Feng Yi looked at the flame feather soul beast and clenched her fists.

Feng Chengyuns soul beast was truly powerful!

If a human town with a population of 500,000 people did not have the protection of a powerful beast tamer, they would be completely annihilated in 10 seconds if they suddenly encountered such a monster!

Since that was the case for a town with a population of 500,000 people, what more this tiny Netherworld Sea prison.

If Feng Chengyun desired it, there would be no survivors in the Netherworld Sea prison.

Thinking this, Feng Yi felt a little nervous.

“Senior,” she mumbled softly.

“How strong are you”

“An A grade soul beast is here!”

Once time ran out, she saw a familiar figure in the crowd!


“Its him!”

The man that she had been thinking about day and night had finally appeared in front of her.

Feng Yi almost jumped up in excitement!


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