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326 Who Are You

This idiot did not even have a hook or bait!

Was he hoping that fish would simply jump into his arms

Furthermore, there were no fish in the Ancient God Sea

Hu Yiyi was feeling rather helpless.

Still, this was no time for her to chide him.

There was something more important to deal with,

“Hello, Im the fox races Saintess.

Is there anything I can help you with”

The man from the dragon-phoenix race pridefully responded, “Hello, Im Xiang Zihong!”

“Im from the dragon-phoenix race.

We just happened to pass by this place, and want to visit your races territory.”

“However, I met this person by chance, and it seems that this person doesnt like us very much, and doesnt want to cooperate.”

“From his behavior, I have a feeling that there are many more fox clansmen who share similar sentiments.”

After Xiang Zihong finished speaking, he looked at Hu Yiyi aggressively.

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Hu Yiyi remained silent.

When the guards behind her heard that the other party was from the dragon-phoenix race, they could not help but feel a sense of fear.

Although the fox race was hiding, they had maintained contact with the outside world.

They constantly stayed up-to-date on the most dangerous races that resided within their region, and slightly beyond.

The dragon-phoenix race was one such race.

They knew how brutal this warlike race was, and had heard horror stories of the many people that had perished by their hands.

Furthermore, because their clan leader was the chief of the regions Tiandu division, they had never been punished, and everyone was forced to ignore their atrocities.

Their presence here was an absolute disaster!

Hu Yiyis heart was in turmoil.

However, it was best not to directly involve outsiders in this situation.

The other party was clearly here for their fox race.

Therefore, she took the opportunity to clarify things.

“Senior, youve misunderstood.

This person over here really isnt a member of our fox race.

He really just is a passerby, so his words and actions have nothing to do with the fox race.

As the Saintess of the fox race, I hope we can discuss things amicably.

In order to facilitate this discussion, our fox race is willing to welcome you into our territory.”

Hu Yiyi herself was a ninth-grade Dao realm cultivator, so she could tell that Yuchi was an ordinary person.

Since this was the fox races calamity, it was best not to drag innocent passersby into it.

Xiang Zihong frowned after hearing this.

Could it be that what this fellow said was true Was he really not a member of the fox race

Could it be that this fellow was really just passing by chance

This should not have happened.

Why would someone who was not from the fox race be in this region

Just as Xiang Zihong was about to speak, Yuchi, who had been silent all this time, suddenly said to Hu Yiyi, “Saintess, youre finally here.

I was really scared.

Now that youre here, Im finally safe.”

As he said that, Yuchi even threw away the fishing rod in his hand, then looked at Hu Yiyi with a rather grateful expression.

Hu Yiyi was stunned.

What was going on

Why did he say those words

Was he trying to frame the fox race

Could it be…

Could it be that this person was collaborating with the dragon-phoenix race

Was this a trap

Hu Yiyi was very angry.

“Senior Xiang Zihong, we dont know this man at all.

Look at him, he doesnt have any of the physical characteristics of our fox race.

Hes clearly trying to make things difficult for us by saying that hes a member of our race in this situation.”

“Senior, please dont listen to him.”

“Saintess, why wont you acknowledge me I was asked by you to guard this sea area.

Are you going to abandon me now”

After Yuchi finished speaking, two fox ears popped out from his head, and a fox tail popped out as well.

“Senior, Im a member of the fox race,” he said to Xiang Zihong.

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

Hu Yiyi was stunned.

How could this happen

If he was a member of their fox race, how did he hide his ears and tail

None of the other fox race members could do it!

Yue Hanjiang was silently applauding her masters performance.

That furry tail and ears were completely identical to Hu Yiyis.

Xiang Zihong, on the other hand, was confused.

Was this man in front of him really a member of the fox race

He had denied it at first, and then the Saintess of the fox race had backed him up.

At that point, Xiang Zihong had believed him.

Yet now this person had made a U-turn and admitted to being a member of the fox race.

He suddenly even showed off his fox ears and tail.

What the hell was going on

Was this some sort of practical joke

Xiang Zihong turned to Hu Yiyi and said, “Are you toying with the dragon-phoenix race How dare you do this to us! Since you dont respect us, then dont blame us for not showing any mercy!”

Hu Yiyi felt like she was about to cry.

She did not even recognize Yuchi, so how could he be one of them

Why could he retract his tail

Why could he retract his ears

“Who are you” Hu Yiyi asked Yuchi.

She was on the verge of despair.


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