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323 Changing Tacks

The man spoke politely, but his tone was arrogant.

While this person was speaking, he was also sizing up Yuchi, who was still sitting at the bow of the boat and fishing.

When he realized that Yuchi did not seem to exude any Dao aura whatsoever, a twisted smile appeared on his face.

Yuchi, on the other hand, completely ignored him.

He did not care about this persons existence or his purpose.

Originally, he was prepared to leave this place with Hanjiang to avoid the conflict.

He was tired of dealing with these people.

However, shortly after, he realized that this situation would repeat itself no matter where he went.

Whether it was the pirates from Sky City, or these random people, things would never change.

What he could change was his attitude.

‘I should learn from Cofuran.

Instead of being annoyed by all of this, I should just go with the flow and find whatever fun I can in it.

‘It should make my life a little more interesting.

Thinking this, Yuchis expression changed.

He still had a very calm appearance, but he introduced in a rather amiable tone, “This place is called Ancient God sea.

As for the other stuff, Im afraid I dont know much.

Im not a native of this place.”

After he finished, Yuchi turned to continue fishing.

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Although he had not caught a single fish in the past twelve months, and he had not even seen any fish, the feeling of holding a fishing rod and sitting by the sea made him very comfortable.

The man frowned a little after hearing that, and his eyes displayed a hint of curiosity.

He thought,This guy is really interesting.

Does he think Im an idiot

‘Does he not see the huge flying ship in the sky

‘Under such circumstances, he still pretended to be a foreigner.

‘Hes just an ordinary person, so theres no way he traveled here from afar.

It was really a joke.

Indeed, there was no lack of fools in this world.

‘If he had told me the situation, I might have been lenient and spared his life.

But now, brother, dont blame me for not showing mercy.

Still, although this person was very weak, and even though he was also an inexplicable fool, there might be some stronger people in his race, so there was no rush to kill him.

He still had to figure out how strong the race behind him was.

After seeing Yuchis fishing rod and the way Yuchi was fishing, the man showed no intention of leaving.

Instead, he looked at Yuchi and said with doubt, “Friend, youre fishing here, but I dont see the hook or bait.”

Yuchis current fishing rod only had a faintly visible line.

There was no hook at the end of the line, nor any bait at the end of the line.

Could he catch a fish like this How could that be possible

Yuchi squeezed out a smile that he had not seen for a long time.

“Although there is no hook or bait, there will still be all kinds of prey.”

From Yue Hanjiangs point of view, she found those words rather interesting.

His masters meaning was very obvious.

He did not even use a hook or bait when he was fishing, yet these random people got hooked and came up to him anyway.

Were they not the prey

The man cursed Yuchi under his breath for being so pretentious.

Then, he asked Yuchi, “Friend, do you have something on your mind”

“If you tell me, I might be able to help you.”

“How about this You can take us directly to your race.”

“We came here in peace, so wed like to work things out with the races nearby.”

“You should stop fishing.

Youre really not going to catch anything here like this.

Weve got delicious food on the flying ship, so why not join us up there and let us send you home.”

“Just look at our flying ship.

Doesnt it look magnificent Riding on it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

This man was really very proud.

Yuchis face still sported that same faint smile.

“Im sorry, Im not a native of this place.

I just happened to pass by here.

You can ask someone else.”

After the other party heard it, he believed Yuchis refusal to be due to fear.

“So thats how it is Do you really think Ill believe what youre saying”

“I dont know if youll believe me or not.

But its the truth.”

“It seems like youre really not willing to cooperate with us.”

“But I really am.

I really am just a passerby.

No matter what you ask me, I wont be able to help.”

After Yuchi finished speaking, he laughed, which left the man dumbfounded.

Haha! This guys expression of disbelief was really something else!

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