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321 The Flying Ship

The weather above the Ancient God Sea was very good.

There were few clouds, and it was a sunny day.

This made it all the easier to spot the huge flying ship, which was more than 30 kilometers long and shaped like a cigar.

There were even building-like structures on the flying ship!

It was an awe-inspiring sight.

If one looked up from beneath, it was as if a mountain range was hanging overhead.

In fact, this airship belonged to a race, who were refugees.

Their home and territory had been destroyed due to some special circumstances, so they had fled here.

They were searching for a relatively safe area in which they could slowly develop again.

It would be best if there were no outsiders in this area.

Judging from the current situation, this unknown sea seemed to be a pretty good place to do that.

Aboard this 30-kilometer-long flying ship, there were a total of 9.2 million people, which far surpassed the actual capacity of the ship.

However, emergencies did not allow them to make the necessary arrangements to provide comfort.

They were in survival mode.

Many people were standing behind the railings of the ship, looking down at the Ancient God Sea with hope and anticipation.

“I think this place is very good.

No one will disturb us here, and we can slowly recover our strength.”

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“Thats right.

Once weve fully recovered, well teach those people just how terrifying we are.”

Then, they spotted a fishing boat floating on the surface of the sea, which piqued their curiosity.

“Theres a fishing boat there.

Come and take a look.”

“Does this mean that there are people living around here”

“Theres a man sitting at the bow of the fishing boat and fishing.”

“He seems to be enjoying himself.”

“He should be the native of this area, right”

They laughed relaxedly.

The feeling of standing above others and looking down on them was quite satisfying.

It made them feel superior.

Finally, when the flying ship arrived above the small boat, it cast a wide shadow over the boat.

From below, it almost seemed as if night had descended.

Yuchi raised his head and looked at the flying ship.

Then, on the edge of the airship, there were many people who were throwing stones at him to interrupt his fishing, creating ripples on the surface of the sea where the stones landed.

It was not only stones, but all kinds of garbage and scraps.

The water in his surroundings became dirty.

However, all of this did not have any effect on Yuchi as he continued his comprehension of the Heavenly Dao.

To the onlookers, it seemed that he was still fishing happily.

In any case, it was like a bunch of ants trying to threaten an elephant.

Yuchi did not feel angry.

On the contrary, he wanted to laugh.

It seemed that the world was still the same.

Cofuran stood by Yuchis side, ignoring what was going on around them.

She was still stunned by the fact that Yuchi had created his own skill so quickly.

“If I ask you to teach me that Dao heart skill, you wont refuse, right”

Because she had suffered grievous injuries while dragging Yuchi out of the sea of spacetime back then, she no longer had any way of creating her own techniques.

She had to rely on Yuchi for this, as they were intricately connected in that sense, which was how she had used all of his skills back then.

Yuchi laughed.

“Youre actually being so polite and asking me this time.

Its kinda cute.”

“I was just asking to be nice and to see what you would say!”

“Im going to ignore you now!”

“Ill figure out how to use it myself!”


She promptly returned to the fishing rod.

Yuchi smiled and shook his head.

It seemed that her attitude toward him was improving.

“Dont keep throwing stones at people.

Its very impolite, do you know that”

“If you guys hurt someone, well have to apologize to them.”

“After all, were new here, so we shouldnt bully the natives.”


Everyone was laughing.

“Yes, we have to give the weak the right to live.

Otherwise, wouldnt we be too cruel”

They had a strong sense of confidence and pride in their own strength, and the strength of their own race.

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