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319 Cultivating Little Animals!

On the primordial sea, Yuchi and Hanjiang were on a boat.

As usual, he was fishing.

It had been a year since he arrived here, and he had been separated from Yu Shengyun this entire time.

He had built this small boat, which was only about 5 meters in length.

There was a simple cabin at the back of the boat, where they slept.

Yuchi felt like an actual fisherman, sitting on the bow of the boat and fishing peacefully.

There was an indescribable sense of leisure in fishing, and he was enjoying his current life very much.

This particular primordial sea was called the Ancient God Sea, a name which had been coined by the fox race.

Based on their legends, there was a god in this ocean, and this god was the ancestor of their fox race.

Therefore, they believed that living here would grant them their ancestors protection.

Incidentally, this information had been gathered by Cofuran, who seemed particularly interested in the fox race, and why they were here.

Now, she finally knew.

It turned out that the primordial sea had a natural suppressive effect on many dangerous demons and monsters, which kept them away, and allowed the fox race to live in relative peace.

As for the fact that their lifespans would be shortened under such circumstances, that was not within their consideration.

They believed that it was because their fox race was cursed.

A visible danger was a danger, while an invisible danger was not a danger.

In any case, this had nothing to do with Yuchi, who was searching for the sea heart of this primordial sea.

To find it, he had to slowly sense the flow of the Heavenly Dao to deduce its location, after which he had to infuse his Dao aura into it to reveal its true appearance.

It sounded simple enough, but finding it was the tedious part.

As a soulless Dao heart, it simply blended in with its surroundings.

There was no way to rush things.

That was why Yuchi was drifting along in this small boat, slowly searching the depths of the Ancient God Sea.

As it so happened, as a primordial sea, the Ancient God Sea had no living beings, either in the past or present.

Therefore, Yuchi could not actually fish, and was only doing so out of habit.

Instead, he used this time to sort out his Dao heart.

He wanted to create his own skills; ones that were aligned to his Deathmatch Dao heart.

He focused his mind.

Right now, in Yuchis sea of consciousness, there were many, many little rabbits and small animals.

These little rabbits and animals looked harmless, but in fact, they were all the manifestations of Yuchis comprehension of the Heavenly Dao.

Before the Dao heart realm, these little animals were harmless and useless, but now it was different.

These little rabbits were cultivating!

Inside his sea of consciousness, under the watchful eye of the mountain and the illumination of the black gilded sun in the sky, the little animals shone with a golden divine glow.

They were like Yuchis avatars, which had independent thoughts as they explored different insights.

Currently, these little animals were trying to make a breakthrough in different ways.

In essence, they were helping Yuchi find a way forward.

As long as they discovered something viable, his main body would pursue the actual thing relentlessly.

This was a very smart move.

Alone, he might not be able to achieve much within a short period, but with this many independent avatars, however weak each one might be, he would be able to chart his way forward.

There were more than 10,000 animals in Yuchis sea of consciousness!

“Thinking back, those two women could have made use of their presence in your sea of consciousness to glean insights from your cultivation.

Sadly, that opportunity has now passed them by.”

The one who spoke was naturally Cofuran.

“Still, it probably helped them inadvertently.

Perhaps one day they will realize this.”

Cofuran could easily enter and exit Yuchis sea of consciousness.

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