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318 What Kind Of Person Do You Think Yuchi Is


With a loud roar, they charged toward Gu Changheng!

Gu Changheng chuckled as his body erupted with violent energy.

A vertical slash!

One opponent was split into two!

Then he swung it to the right, slicing another man and his weapon in two.

He picked up the hilt end of his enemys broken weapon and hurled it, lodging it into someones face.

To seal the deal, he smashed his fist into the hilt to drive it home.


There was a loud explosion, and all sorts of gray matter splashed everything.

It was a massacre!

When he got down to the last attacker, whose weapon had already clattered to the ground, he asked lightly, “Is that it”

Then, step by step, he glided over to the last man.

‘Damn it!

‘Why did they meet this kind devil out of nowhere

However, his thoughts were cut short when Gu Changheng pulled his head out together with his spine.

Countless blades suddenly materialized around Gu Changheng, and quickly killed all of the onlookers in the room, leaving just one trembling child, who was a servant.

The child looked at the pieces of flesh and blood on the ground in front of him.

He did not dare to make a sound at all and covered his mouth with his arms.

He used the body parts on the ground to cover his body.

Tears were already flowing out of his eyes uncontrollably.

He was so scared that he had wet himself.

How could someone be so powerful

What kind of person was he

The childs mind was in a daze.

Was this a friend of the person who had killed the City Lord

Gu Changheng glided over the childs side, took out a treasure box from his sleeve, and showed the child the treasure within.

His tone was quite kind, as if he had not just killed so many people.

“From today onward, you are the City Lord of Sky City.”

“Now that youre the City Lord, can you tell me where Yuchi is or how to find him”

The child looked at Gu Changheng nervously.

It was obvious that he was still terrified.

As such, Gu Changheng used his Dao aura to calm the child down.

“Senior, we really dont know where Senior Yuchi went.

We only know that after Senior Yuchi killed the City Lord, he left.”

“We dont know where he is headed to either.

However, we heard from the people of the Tiandu division that Senior Yuchi is quite close to the angel race, so you can probably ask them about it.”

Gu Changheng was satisfied.

If he had known earlier, he would have done this long ago.

Why did he have to waste time with others Still, killing those people made him happy.

At least he knew where he was headed to next.

However, just as Gu Changheng was about to leave, he suddenly thought of something.

He turned to look at the little boy in the corner, who was holding the treasure box, and asked “By the way, what kind of person do you think this Senior Yuchi is”

The little boy was stunned when he heard that.

Then, a look of joy appeared on his face.

“I feel that Senior Yuchi is a very, very formidable expert, and is someone very worthy of respect.”

“If he hadnt killed the City Lord…”

“Then I would be imprisoned in Sky City for the rest of my life.

After Senior Yuchi killed the City Lord, he didnt even bother taking any of the treasures here, much less the position of City Lord.”

“If I can become someone as powerful as Senior Yuchi in the future, I will definitely emulate his character!”

Gu Changheng was also quite surprised.

The feeling Yuchi inspired in this kid was not fear, but respect

“Whats your name” Gu Changheng asked after some thought.

“Im Yuan,” the little boy replied instantly.

The little boy did not seem to be related to humans.

He was similar to the goblins in fantasy stories.

He was very short, and he had dark green skin.

“Alright then.

When I find Senior Yuchi, I will tell him about you.”

“Who knows You might even be able to become his disciple one day.”

“In the meantime, work hard and live well.

Make Sky City prosperous again.”

“Ive left a trace of my power in your body.

If anyone tries to harm you, Ill know.”

Gu Changheng patted the little boys shoulder.

Then, he flew away into the horizon, leaving the bloody scene behind.

The little boy finally came back to his senses.

He immediately felt a little vexed.

He had not gotten the mans name.


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