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316 Gu Changheng And Gu Yushen

The mans name was Gu Changheng, and the womans name was Gu Yushen.

After Gu Changheng asked about Yuchi and the battle, he was a little confused as to how the fight had even taken place.

Sure, the City Lord was a half-step Dao heart realm cultivator, but that was meaningless in the fact of an actual Dao heart realm cultivator.

Yuchi, as a Dao heart realm cultivator, would be clearly aware of this.

Therefore, the conflict had definitely been instigated by the City Lord

Why had the City Lord deluded himself into thinking that he could compete with a Dao heart realm cultivator

There was clearly no chance of winning.

He was brought back to his senses by Gu Yushens question.

“These people dont know where hes gone, but perhaps those from Sky City might know.”

Gu Yushens fiery eyes were filled with many different emotions when she heard this.

After some thought, she asked, “Do you think this man called Yuchi will choose to face it with us”

Gu Changheng did not answer Gu Yushens question directly.

They did not know what kind of person Yuchi was, nor what he looked like.

All they could determine was that he was a bona fide Dao heart realm cultivator.

He turned and glanced at the cultivators trying to glean insights from the traces of the battle, and shook his head.

It was futile.

They might glean something from traces of Adrians attacks, but not Yuchis.

Yuchis attacks were derived from his own Dao heart, and had no relation whatsoever to the Heavenly Dao.

These people were just wasting their time.

As Gu Changheng flew up, he said, “We dont know what kind of person he is.

After all, Dao heart realm cultivators are all somewhat eccentric.

Still, I think theres still a 90% chance of him accepting if we invite him cordially.”

“90% That probability is a little high.” Gu Yushen smiled faintly.

Gu Changheng was Gu Yushens disciple, and their relationship was similar to that between Yuchi and Yue Hanjiang.


Gu Changheng was another jinx.

There was more than one jinx in the world, and different jinxes were distributed in different regions, like the Tiandu division branches.

Of course, compared to the 100,000-mile radius of each Tiandu division region, jinxes were far more sparsely and randomly distributed.

“Say,” Gu Yushen said, “Do you think I can beat him into submission if I cant convince him”

“He would make a good servant.”

A servant

Gu Changheng was a little surprised.

Even he could not comprehend how his master thought sometimes.

He mulled the question over.

His master had fought tens of thousands of times, but had never been defeated.

Although he should be 100% confident, he knew that the world was full of mysteries, especially once one reached the Dao heart realm.

Although Yuchi seemed to have just reached the Dao heart realm, his comprehension of the Dao heart realm was already quite impressive.

Still, it did not seem that Yuchi had created any skills.

His attacks here had been simple and straightforward ones.

Thus, he replied accordingly, “I think Yuchi will be wise enough to join, especially after Master shows off some of her strength.

If not, then I guess he should be satisfied with the identity of a servant.”

Hearing this, Gu Yushen laughed.

Although being flattered was nice, the source of her confidence was her own strength.

Gu Changheng looked at his masters carefree smile and was a little dazed.

It had been a long time since he had seen his master so happy.

It seemed that she was really looking forward to meeting Yuchi.


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