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315 Mysterious People

“Who are you people What business do you have with our fox race Are you friend or foe”

After spotting Yuchi, one of the patrolling guards immediately questioned him.

The spear in his hand was directed at Yuchi and Yue Hanjiang.

From his stance, it was obvious that he was very afraid of these two uninvited guests.

Yuchi turned around and displayed a kind smile.

“Ive just arrived here, so you have my apologies for disturbing you.

Im just passing by and will be leaving soon.

Dont be nervous, I dont have any ill intentions towards your race.”

The guards obviously did not believe him.

The area in which their race was residing was hidden and remote.

For hundreds of years, no one had come here.

How could it be a coincidence that an outsider had suddenly arrived

One of the guards immediately motioned for his companion to slowly encircle Yuchi with him.

The two of them felt like they were facing a great enemy.

They slowly moved toward Yuchi, spears in hand.

At the same time, they said to Yuchi, “Your simple explanation does not convince us.

Please come back with us.

Once we are sure that you are just passing by, we will definitely let you go.

Otherwise, please dont blame us for being impolite.”

Yuchi sighed.

This was troublesome.

It was really troublesome.

Therefore, he simply left.

To the two guards, it was as if he had vanished instantly.

They rubbed their eyes.

“Whats going on How did those two people just disappear”

“Did we encounter a ghost in broad daylight”

“Or were they so powerful that we couldnt even track their movements”


One of the guards blew the bugle hanging on his waist.

Hearing the sound of the bugle, the fox race citizens in the city were momentarily confused.

Then, they immediately started moving, as if preparing to face a great enemy.

Outside Sky City, many people were still looking at the traces left behind in the battle between Yuchi and the City.

They believed that looking at the traces of battle would increase their comprehension of the Heavenly Dao.

The cultivators here, the weakest of which were first-grade Dao realm cultivators, were all meditating on the traces of the battle without interfering with each other.

However, at this moment.

Two figures appeared.

A man and a woman.

The man was about 1.2 meters tall, and the woman was 1.4 meters tall.

Although short, the man and the woman were clearly not ordinary people.

The mans body was extremely well-proportioned, a standard human appearance.

His eyes were extremely narrow and pointed upwards, within which hid a red pupil.

In addition, the mans earlobes were extremely large, about the size of his palm.

There was a hole in the earlobe, from which hung a beautiful flower pendant.

Furthermore, his skin was extremely pale.

Both him and the woman were wearing bright red clothes that were inscribed with complex golden symbols.

The womans figure was even more unique.

The diameter of her waist was only about 10 centimeters, and there were many golden ribbons on the back of her neck, which kind of looked like a huge golden flower.

There were many red patterns on her neck that looked like red flowers, and her facial features were similar to that of the mans.

The strange feeling they exuded seemed to indicate their extraordinary origins.

The members of the myriad races present could tell that they were not to be messed with.

As soon as the two of them appeared, everyone became silent.

No one dared to discuss who these two people were, and only speculated inwardly as to their identities.

“Ill go ask.

Please wait here for a moment,” the man said to the woman.

“Okay.” The woman nodded.

The man came to a member of the myriad of races and asked, “May I ask what happened here Could you please tell me”

As the man spoke, there was a small box in his hand, within which there was a very bright jewel.

This jewel was not an ordinary item.

It was a mineral that could greatly increase ones cultivation.

When that person saw the jewel, his eyes lit up.

He immediately told the man what had happened, and the man smiled and gave the box to him.

By the time the man returned to the womans side after asking a few more people questions, the woman had already placed her palm on one of the stone spikes left behind from the battle.

Her eyes were slightly intoxicated.

“I can sense his presence.

He has just broken through to the Dao heart realm, yet already possesses such strength.

Inviting him to join us will be a wise decision.”

“How about it Did you find out where he is” she asked softly.

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