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313 The Primordial Sea

Medusa was silent.

She did not know how Yinguan Luoying had found her.

“I think you dont know how strong Yuchi is right now.

Do you actually think you can surpass him” Medusa asked.

Yinguan Luoying smiled.

“I do know.

Hes the one who killed that City Lord, and has reached the Dao heart realm.”

Medusa looked at the relaxed manner in which Yinguan Luoying spoke.

She was a little puzzled.

As the snow slowly fell from the sky, she asked suspiciously, “Since you know that he has reached the Dao heart realm, do you think that youll also be able to reach the Dao heart realm yourself someday”

“Yes,” she replied calmly.

Medusa, on the other hand, was helpless.

“You dont believe me”

Medusa nodded with certainty.

“I think you just dont know how terrifying the Dao heart realm is.”

“Even back then Dao heart realm cultivators were rare, and anyone who could reach that realm was a first-class expert.”

“In the present, the Dao heart realm represents the pinnacle of cultivation.”

“So yes, I definitely dont believe that you can reach the Dao heart realm.”

Was there something wrong with Yinguan Luoyings brain Why was she so delusional

Yinguan Luoying suddenly asked, “How about we make a bet”

“If I can reach the Dao realm in the future, then you will become my woman.”

“Since you dont dare to pursue Yuchi, then you might as well become my woman.

We can also live together happily ever after.”

Medusas face turned slightly red as she looked at Yinguan Luoying and said angrily, “You idiot.”

“Coward,” Yinguan Luoying laughed.

Medusa stood up.

“Im not going to talk to you anymore.

Im afraid of being contaminated by your idiocy.

Im leaving.”

“Wait for me,” Yinguan Luoying replied as she chased after her.

She was all smiles.

“Lets work together! As the dark forces from the ancient era, well join forces and defeat the great demon king Yuchi!”

“Lets unite all of the ancient era experts of the world!”

“Defeat Yuchi!”

Elsewhere, Cofuran had finally figured out the route to the primordial sea.

They would arrive in less than a day.

At this moment, she was briefing Yuchi on what the primordial sea was.

“Yuchi, what kind of place do you think the primordial sea is”

“The origin of life,” Yuchi replied without hesitation.

This was Yuchis understanding of the ocean and the seas in his previous life.

It was the origin of life.

Everything originated from the ocean and the seas.

However, Yuchi had never seen an ocean or a sea in his previous life.

He lived in the city, so his understanding of such places was limited to what he read on the internet.

Godzilla nodded.

“Thats a common perception.

There are all kinds of unique lifeforms and fish in the ocean, and it always makes people feel a sense of novelty.”

“However, the primordial sea is the exact opposite of that conventional perception.”

“You can think of the primordial sea as a black hole.

It essentially devours instead of creates.

Under such circumstances, the primordial sea will never give birth to any creatures.

In the deepest part of the primordial sea is the main culprit of all this, the sea hearts.”

“These sea hearts are like Dao hearts, and represent the existence of the primordial sea.

In that sense, the primordial sea is no longer controlled by the Heavenly Dao, but by the sea hearts.

Therefore, the Heavenly Dao has no way of creating living beings in the primordial sea.”

“If you can obtain a sea heart, itll be very useful to your cultivation.

Also, by taking away the sea heart, youll be able to turn the primordial sea into a regular sea.”

“It looks like the divine flowers you encountered in the Moon Goddess Sea.

Oh, in addition, dont underestimate your ability to summon the divine flowers.”

“Thats not something derived from the Heavenly Dao.

If you really turn into the Moon Goddess Faros one day, youll discover that this world is far more complicated than you think.”

“When that day really comes, I hope that your Dao heart can withstand it.

Otherwise, youll have to return to the sea of spacetime with me.”

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