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307 Powerless (Part 1)

“The City Lord of Sky City was killed by Yuchi”

After Yuchi and Cofuran left toward the primordial sea, the chief of this regions Tiandu division revealed himself.

It was Tian Luohe!

Tian Luohe happened to be passing by and had decided to drop by Sky City to discuss some matters with Adrian.

However, just as he was about to reach Sky City, he suddenly sensed a slight aura fluctuation.

This aura fluctuation came and left very quickly, like a bolt of lightning on a clear day.

By the time he noticed it, it was gone.

Someone was fighting in Sky City!

He immediately rushed over to the scene.

He did not approach the battlefield directly, but watched from a distance.

When he arrived, he could barely contain his shock when he saw who the combatants were.

“Its actually a battle between City Lord Adrian and Yuchi!”

However, his shock only intensified as the battle went on.

This battle redefined the meaning of absolute suppression, as Yuchi simply crushed Adrian.

To most, Adrian was already an invincible existence, an existence that many chiefs of the Tiandu division wanted to curry favor with.

Adrian was famous for his three skills, which were blood moon, blood wolf and wolf mane.

At the beginning of the battle, Adrian had already summoned the blood moon.

The moon above him seemed to be soaked in blood, and a sheen of demonic and terrifying blood-red light suddenly appeared on the ground.

Before this blood-red light, all living beings trembled, whether it was the worms that were hiding deep underground, the animals on the surface, or the birds.

When these animals sensed the arrival of the blood moon, they fled frantically.

Tian Luohe himself was affected, and his blood essence froze.

He could barely circulate his power to counteract this mysterious skill.

If he did not suppress his blood essence, it would have dried up, much like what was happening to the other living beings around this place.

Those who could not run far enough withered away from the inside, and their blood started floating upwards toward the blood moon, almost like rain in reverse.

Once the blood moon was activated, Adrians body grew several times larger as he drew upon the absorbed blood essence.

While all this was going on, Yuchi had placed Yue Hanjiang on the ground next to him and told her not to run around.

Yuchis calmness astounded Tian Luohe.

It did not seem like he, nor the little girl, were affected by the blood moon at all.

Opposite those two, Adrian erupted with a brutal aura, as he leapt into the sky and then hurled himself back down toward Yuchi like a burning meteor.

The blood wolf also followed suit, as they flanked him.

The sheer energy fluctuations from the attack terrified Tian Luohe, but he soon witnessed something even more terrifying.

Yuchi just casually waved his hand, and the resulting gust of wind blew both of them away.

The sky, which had been turned dark by the advent of the blood moon, suddenly became bright again.

The dark clouds that covered the sky were swept away, and sunlight poured in.

Adrian and his blood wolf had used the blood moon from the get-go in an attempt to launch an all-out attack to kill Yuchi.

However, it was all to no avail.

The strength gap between the two was beyond immense.

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