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303 Adrian (Part 1)

In Sky City, there was an older-looking man next to Adrian.

This old man was also a highly-respected senior of the constellation race.

He was Adrians first teacher and now held a rather high status in the race.

“My disciple, do you think that person will come to Sky City”

He had found out about what had transpired, which shocked him.

Even if Adrian was a rather special person, he did not expect that he would be willing to sacrifice his offspring.

Why did his disciple want to meet that person so badly

If anything were to happen to his disciple, then the constellation race would be in deep trouble.

Adrian smiled and said, “He will definitely come.

Hes a man of his word.”

The old man nodded slowly when he heard that.

Then, he looked at Adrian and asked, “Is the jinx by his side”

Adrian replied affirmatively, “That was Guishens target after all.

Its almost certain that Guishens killer and that person are one and the same.”

When the old man heard this, he became even more worried.

“To be honest, Ive been trying to scry the secrets of the Heavenly Dao regarding this matter, and had a premonition that you would be killed by this person.”

Adrian was silent.

The old man continued, “The reason I came to find you is to ask you if it was possible to avoid this battle Is the jinx really that important to you”

“I have a really bad feeling about this.

That person is the jinxs guardian.

You know as well as I do that the Heavenly Daos criteria for the guardian.

It will only pick those whose strength it acknowledges.

Im afraid that its unlikely that youll be able to defeat him.”

“When has the Heavenly Dao ever made a mistake If you really fight him, the outcome is already set in stone.”

“If you die, the constellation race is finished in Sky City.

This is something you definitely are aware of as well.”

“My disciple, please reconsider your decision.”

The old man looked at Adrian nervously, waiting for a response.

He did not want to see his disciple fight a hopeless battle.

History was a clear indicator.

Whenever the Heavenly Dao chose a guardian for the jinx, that guardian would not be able to die until their duty of care for the jinx was complete.

The Heavenly Dao itself would act to ensure this.

Adrian, on the other hand, glanced at the old man indifferently.

“Master, do you think this is the world we want”

Adrian did not care about the development of his race at all.

He had no sense of belonging to the constellation race.

To him, races would rise and fall.

It was all fated.

Death and life were part of the cycle of the Heavenly Dao, and no one could live forever.

The Heavenly Dao would create chaos in order, and order in chaos.

It was a neverending cycle.

So what if the constellation race was exterminated

The world would still operate as it should.

Even if all the races in the world were to be exterminated, would the world be destroyed

It would not.

The world was the world, and living beings were living beings.

The two were not the same.

Until the Heavenly Dao changed, the world would remain the same.

Adrian stood up.

“Alright, Master.

Hes here.

Ill go receive him.”


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