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302 Reality

Yu Shengyun returned to the restaurant.

When she came back, Yuchi stood up with Yue Hanjiang in his arms.

He also kissed Yu Shengyuns forehead gently.

“Shengyun, you and Ershania can cultivate in the human city for the time being.

Ill be leaving first.”

Yu Shengyun looked at the man in front of her lovingly.

She leaned her head gently on Yuchis shoulder.

After three seconds, she smiled and nodded, then turned to Yue Hanjiang.

“Hanjiang, remember to eat more fruits every day.

When youre growing, dont be picky about your food.”

Yue Hanjiang nodded obediently.

Then, Yuchi smiled and nodded to Ershania, and finally turned to glance at Qin Lanyu and Fengyi.

Then, he left.

He did not know what would happen at Sky City, but there was a good chance that it would be dangerous.

Logically speaking, he should not have brought a child like Hanjiang with him, but Hanjiang was special.

As a jinx, she would become the target of countless experts, which would then bring calamity down upon the human race.

Furthermore, he did not want her picking up bad influences from the humans there.

Yue Hanjiang obediently lay in Yuchis arms as he flew through the sky.

She saw the beautiful rivers and mountains whizzing by underneath her feet.

“The latest news is that Yuchi has already left the city.”

“He left”

“However, his two wives stayed behind.”

“Ah Whats the meaning of this”

“I dont know.”

An hour after Yuchi left the human city, the Department of Inspection received the news.

Then …

Three days later.

The directors of the Department of Inspection could no longer restrain their desire to figure out what had happened.

Right now, Wanqi Yanhuo was standing in front of them.

Wanqi Yanhuos expression was somewhat indifferent.

She simply said, “If you want to ask me about my understanding of that fight, the straightforward answer is that I am nowhere close to her level.”

The directors of the Department of Inspection were stunned.

They did not expect her to be so upfront about it.

Wanqi Yanhuo ignored their reactions and continued, “I didnt even get her to reveal her strength.

All it took was a pat on the shoulder to end the fight.”

“I was like a weak child in front of her.”

Wanqi Yanhuos three sentences were like three steel needles that directly pierced the hearts of the directors of the Department of Inspection.

These men and women who wielded great power and influence in the human city could only look at Wanqi Yanhuo with blank expressions.

She was the strongest force in the human race, but had failed to even scratch the opponent.

Was this really happening Was this a dream or illusion

Finally, Wanqi Yanhuo said slowly, “If she wanted to destroy the entire human race, no one here can stop her.”

“Were pretty much equivalent to ants in her eyes.

Thats how powerful she is.”

“Also, theres one more thing you need to know.

She said that her strength was like a drop in the ocean in comparison to Yuchis.”

“Now that you know this, please dont disturb my cultivation anymore.

Ive gained a lot from this battle.”

“From this, you should understand that the strength were so proud of is just a joke to them.”

Wanqi Yanhuo left immediately after she finished speaking.

Although she had no idea what the extent of Yuchis strength was, at least Yu Shengyun had given her a goal to strive for.

It was drizzling, and the citys billboards were shining brightly with neon lights.

As she walked the streets, Wanqi Yanhuo sensed the respectful gazes of the passersby when they saw her.

However, those gazes no longer filled her with pride and confidence.

These people, and the human race, might think that she was powerful, but her eyes had been opened to the truth now.

‘To think that I thought that I could defeat Yuchi.

‘SSS grade isnt even the tip of the iceberg in this vast world.

‘Im nothing in comparison.

Wanqi Yanhuo had suffered a great shock, and it would take at least half a year to recover her mental state.

However, this was a learning experience for her, and she now knew that there were greater heights ahead of her to strive for.

As for the directors of the Department of Inspection…

Their faces were red.

The conference hall they were in was majestic and imposing.

It was something that represented their status and power.

However, it was now an expression of their meaningless pride.

It seemed that they really had to reflect on themselves.

Did they truly have the qualifications to lead the human race forward

A director of the Department of Inspection left the scene gloomily.

The proud and smug expression on his face had disappeared.

His hunched back made him look like a person who had suddenly aged by more than 30 years.

There was a sense of pain brought by a great enlightenment.

The other directors of the Department of Inspection were the same.

There was a mans photo on the big screen in front of them, which was of course Yuchi.

In the photo, Yuchi had a faint smile on his face.

His eyes were looking at his wife lovingly.

It was a photo of a seemingly harmless man.

However, they now knew that Yuchi had reached a level that could not even fathom.

How could they compete with someone whos strength they could not even understand

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