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300 My Master Is Super Strong!

Wanqi Yanhuo was confused by Yu Shengyuns question, and also about why she would suddenly ask her that.

She shook her head.

“I dont know where the end of the martial arts path is, but I know that if I cant defeat Yuchi, then it doesnt matter.

However, I also believe in my efforts thus far.”

“Also, even though I dont know how strong you are, I wont show any mercy in the battle later.

I hope you wont mind,” she said seriously.

Yu Shengyun smiled and gestured for Wanqi Yanhuo not to worry.

“If you defeat me, and then defeat him, that will make you the most powerful person in the human race.

Is that your goal”

Wanqi Yanhuo thought for a moment, and then replied, “Yes, to some extent.”

Yu Shengyun continued, “Then, can you lead the human race forward Will you help them step onto the battlefield between the myriad races”

Wanqi Yanhuo was confused.

“I dont know what you mean.

I only care about the battle itself.”

“Also, weve already arrived.

Well be fighting in that dojo in front of us.”

“Sure,” Yu Shengyun smiled gently.

In the restaurant.

Little Hanjiangs unintentional outburst made Fengyi realize that things were not as simple as they seemed.

This little girl did not seem to be joking at all.

Was it possible that this tiny girl was actually three times stronger than she was

That was not possible, right

Little Hanjiang noticed her confusion, and said happily, “Hanjiang is not joking.

Sister Fengyi, youd better focus on your cultivation.

Otherwise, you wont catch up.

You have to eat more too, or youll be too thin too.”

She then raised her chubby hands to grab Yuchis arm adorably.

“Of course, my strength is like a drop in the ocean in comparison to Master.

Master is the strongest!”

Yuchi smiled bitterly.

His disciple was buttering him up, even though she was just a child.

Fengyi was incredulous.

She asked Yuchi, “Senior, is what Little Hanjiang said true Dont tell me that I cant beat a small child”

Qin Lanyu was also quite concerned about this answer.

Yuchi pondered for a moment and finally decided to tell the truth.

“Yes, its true.”

Fengyi felt like fainting.

Yuchi immediately continued, “Actually, you shouldnt compare yourself to her.

This child is rather special.

Honestly, if I didnt have a head start, her cultivation speed would probably leave in the dust as well.”

When Hanjiang heard this, she nudged Yuchi.

“Master, youre so annoying.

Hanjiang will always be your disciple.

Hanjiang definitely wont be as strong as my invincible master!”

“My master is super strong!”

This little girl was really mischievous, but also very cute.

Fengyi and Qin Lanyu believed him.

Yuchi had never bothered with lies.

Still, the thought that this little girl was so strong was shocking!

In that case, why had Wanqi Yanhuo approached Yuchi just now

Was she here to spar with Yuchi

Fengyi and Qin Lanyu were not acquainted with Wanqi Yanhuo, but the latter was famous on the internet, and was a well-known super expert.

If she was here to spar with Yuchi, why did she leave with Yu Shengyun

In any case, it did not matter.

If Yuchi was not worried, then they would be wasting their time worrying.

They also knew that Yu Shengyun was terrifyingly strong, and had reached the Dao realm.

In the Department of Inspection, the directors were watching the live broadcast.

They were very relaxed now.

The staff behind the scenes were quickly switching between the various cameras on the street, tracking Wanqi Yanhuo and Yu Shengyun the entire time.

“Who is this woman Wanqi Yanhuo was supposed to spar with Yuchi.

How did she end up with this woman instead”

“Does she think that she is a match for Wanqi Yanhuo”

“What a joke!”

“Shes probably delusional about her own capabilities after being around Yuchi for too long.”

“I seem to remember that she came back with Yuchi last time, but she left with him soon after.”

” Did you find out the name of this woman ”

“No, we dont have any detailed information on this woman in our database.”

“Still, its a pity to see such a beautiful woman beaten up by Wanqi Yanhuo.”

While the directors of the Department of Inspection were conversing with each other, the entire video feed was being recorded.

If they were satisfied with the final outcome of the battle, they would upload the video to the internet.

Of course, if they were not satisfied, they would also try to selectively pick and edit parts to fit their narrative.

These people were very curious about how badly Yu Shengyun would lose to Wanqi Yanhuo.

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