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“You want to spar with me”

Yuchi looked at the woman in front of him in surprise.

Of course, this woman was obviously Wanqi Yanhuo.

Just as Yuchi was eating with the girls, Wanqi Yanhuo, an uninvited guest, came over.

Yuchi had initially mistaken her to be Fengyis friend.

After all, she seemed to be decently strong.

However, when he noticed her gaze, Yuchi realized that this did not seem to be the case.

He did not say much and left the table and the restaurant with the other party.

“Senior, Ive heard of your strength a long time ago, and that you dont often stay in the human races territory.”

“Ive been secretly waiting for your return.”

“When you last returned, I was in the process of breaking through, so I missed you then, but I cant let this opportunity pass me by.

Please spar with me.

I want to know the gap between our strength, or whether Ive surpassed you.”

After Wanqi Yanhuo finished speaking, she looked at Yuchi with a serious gaze.

It was obvious that she acknowledged Yuchis strength, but that she was also confident in her own strength.

However, just as Yuchi was about to nod in agreement…

Yu Shengyun came to his side with a smile, “Whats wrong, husband Is there anything I can help you with”

Although Yu Shengyuns words were directed at Yuchi, her eyes were on Wanqi Yanhuo.

The reason was very simple.

This time, Yuchi had sent her and Ershania here on her behest, so she did not want any untoward incidents to pop up.

If they had chosen to go back to the angel races territory instead, no one would have dared to challenge or bother him.

Yuchi laughed in a relaxed manner, “This is Wanqi Yanhuo.

She came here wanting to spar with me.”

Yu Shengyun nodded.

Seeing that Wanqi Yanhuo did not say anything, she smiled and said to her, “If its possible, Im willing to spar with you instead.”

Yu Shengyuns words were very straightforward.

It was obvious that she was helping Yuchi intercept this sparring request.

Of course, Yuchi did not mind this.

The sparring meant nothing to him.

In any case, since Yu Shengyun seemed to be in the mood today, there was no problem.

Wanqi Yanhuo took this opportunity to speak up at this point.

“If my request has offended you, then Id like to apologize in advance.”

“To clarify, my strength has already reached SSS grade, and I know that I have yet to reach the peak of my strength.”

“That being said, I think I have the strength and qualifications to challenge Senior.

Dont worry, I dont plan on going overboard either.”

Wanqi Yanhuo felt somewhat confused as to why his wife had stepped out to accept the challenge instead, so she tried to explain herself.

Yu Shengyun responded calmly, “Its fine.

If you can defeat me, then you can spar with my husband.

In any case, Im weaker than he is.”

This was unexpected.

Although Wanqi Yanhuo was suspicious, she finally nodded and said, “Alright, as long as Senior doesnt mind, then I have no reason to refuse.”

“Shengyun, you guys go ahead.

Ill go back first.

Little Hanjiang still needs me around.”

Yu Shengyun smiled and nodded.

Before Yuchi left, he whispered something in her ear.

Yu Shengyun paused for a moment.

She understood what needed to be done.

Yuchi then went back to eat with little Hanjiang.

This was the first time little Hanjiang had come to a human city, and she was quite obsessed with meat buns.

It was hard to imagine that a monster born with a Dao heart would actually be very interested in meat buns.

In the restaurant.

Ershania sat beside Yuchi and asked curiously, “Where did Sister Shengyun go”

“Shes dealing with some minor stuff,” Yuchi said.

“Shell be back soon.”

This piqued Ershanias curiosity.

On the other side of the table.


“Hanjiang, keep eating those buns!!”

“Since youre here today, Ill buy you all of the buns you can eat.”



“How can you be so cute”

Fengyi handed bun after bun to Little Hanjiang.

Her eyes were filled with stars, especially when she looked at Little Hanjiangs chubby face.

She was so cute!

So cute that she could die!

Yue Hanjiang nestled in Yuchis arms.

She ate the steamed buns happily and said, “Thank you, big sister.

I need to eat more and work hard on my cultivation.

Otherwise, I wont be able to catch up to Master.”

Fengyi laughed out loud.

Qin Lanyu was also smiling.

Children nowadays were so cute when they spoke.

The words seemed odd coming from a child, but Little Hanjiangs cuteness made up for it.

Fengyi smiled and asked Yue Hanjiang teasingly, “So, Little Hanjiang, how strong are you now”

“About three times stronger than you are,” Hanjiang blurted out.

Outside the restaurant, Wanqi Yanhuo and Yu Shengyun left together.

Yu Shengyun had a kind smile on her face from the beginning to the end.

She looked at Wanqi Yanhuo, who was walking in front of her in a hurry, and suddenly asked, “Miss Wanqi, where do you think the end of the martial arts path is SSS grade, or even further”

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