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298 We Are The Hope Of Humankind

After Wanqi Yanhuo obtained Yuchis current position, she immediately set off.

The director of the Department of Inspection revealed a meaningful smile.

“After so many years, theres finally someone who wants to challenge him.”

“Now, well finally find out how strong he is.”

“If he isnt as strong as he used to be, then theres no reason for us to fear him.”

“Then, our Department of Inspection can once again stand at the peak of humanity.”

Every time Yuchi came back, the people of the Department of Inspection would feel like they were sitting on pins and needles.

Yuchis existence was a ruthless reminder that there was someone stronger than them, and of how insignificant they were.

It was not a good feeling, especially for these people who used to be tyrants and bullies, and was a frequent cause of anger and frustration.

The Department of Inspection was the most powerful force in the entire human race.

All of the power was concentrated in their hands, and no one would dare to oppose them.

Yet, there was always a knife hanging over their head.

“Right now, Wanqi Yanhuo is a chess piece of our Department of Inspection.”

“As long as she can defeat him, then we humans will no longer need to fear him.”

The director of the Department of Inspection was very happy, and quickly informed the other directors of the other branches of the Department of Inspection.

Soon, they had all gathered together online for a meeting to discuss this matter while waiting for the results.

Perhaps the years of grievances the Department of Inspection had suffered at Yuchis hands would finally be resolved and settled.

“Since were all here.

Why dont we make our guesses as to the final result of this fight”

“Alright, everyone, go for it.”

“Weve been old friends for many years, anyway.”

“Ill go first.”

“I feel that Wanqi Yanhuo wont be his match, at least not for the time being.”

“After all, he has experience and time on his side.

Although Wanqi Yanhuo is talented, and has obtained many ancient cultivation techniques thanks to our Department of Inspection, I still think the gap is too large to be covered in such a short time.”

“I have the same thoughts as you.

At most, Yuchi has a 70% chance of winning, and Wanqi Yanhuo has a 30% chance.”

“Yes, it should be fairly evenly-matched.

Weve given her quite a lot of resources secretly, and the ancient cultivation techniques of our human race are still very powerful.

Given her talent and strength, its unlikely that shell suffer an outright loss.”

Some thought that Wanqi Yanhuo would lose, but there were naturally some more radical directors of the Department of Inspection who thought that Wanqi Yanhuo would win.

“Youre all still too cautious.

I think its time for us to walk out of the shadow of that incident.”

“How many years since that incident Youre underestimating how strong we humans are now.”

“I feel that Wanqi Yanhuo might really be able to win.”

“Yes, I think so too.

We humans may have been on the wrong path previously, but weve learned from our mistakes.

Wanqi Yanhuo is the culmination of our efforts.”

“We wont lose!”

“Perhaps were still lacking compared to the myriad races out there, but at least in our own pocket of the word, I think were invincible!”

“After all, Wanqi Yanhuo has already reached the SSS grade!”

“That is the pinnacle of martial arts and our hope for a new future!”

“Yuchi has been alone this entire time.

How strong do you think he could have become”

“As humans, our strongest trait is our ability to adapt.

Weve left those dark days behind, and have now reached new heights!”

“This battle …”

“We might really be able to beat Yuchi.”


“I agree with the conclusion of the few above.

There are so many people in our human race, and we have put so much effort into cultivation.

How can we not be better than Yuchi ”

“We are the hope of humankind!

“We are the Department of Inspection!”


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