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In a rather luxurious human city, there was a rather neat-looking villa.

To be able to own a villa in such a crowded city, it could be seen that the family itself was still very well-to-do, especially given the scale and grandeur of the villa.

It was as luxurious as a hot spring vacation home.

The layout of the entire villa was well thought out and extremely elegant.

One had to know that, in order to fully express ones ideas and concepts in the construction of a villa, one needed money, ability and power.

In the villa, an elegant-looking gentleman was reading a book.

“Martial arts is ultimately an evil path.

Its inhumane to torture oneself like that.”

“No wonder martial arts eventually declined.

Theres a reason for everything,” the man muttered to himself.


A travel-worn young man barged in from outside.

“Uncle, Ive come to visit you!”

The young mans expression was full of pride.

The man instantly frowned.

He hated it when someone disturbed him while he was reading.

His gaze followed the sound of the voice.

When he saw the young mans appearance, he immediately smiled.

“So its nephew Chengyun.”

“Come in.”

“Have a seat.”


30 minutes later.

Feng Chengyun frowned and asked in disbelief, “Feng Yi actually dropped out of the academy Whats going on”

“Didnt she have good grades in the past”

“Didnt you prepare a C-grade soul beast for her Why did she drop out of school all of a sudden”

Feng Chengyun was Feng Yis older cousin.

He was 28 years old this year, and the two had met when they were young.

Feng Chengyun lived in another human city most of the time.

The distance between two human cities was quite far, and many people never left the city they resided in for their entire lives.

The reason for this was that the outside world was too dangerous.

All the other races were brutal, and there was killing and evil everywhere.

Feng Chengyuns visit to this city was mainly to pay his respects to his uncle, and at the same time to discuss some matters regarding their families “cooperation”.

In the end, he suddenly heard the news of his cousin dropping out of the academy from his uncles mouth.

He was shocked.

Feng Yi was indeed a proud daughter of the heavens.

She was extremely beautiful and was a rather famous young lady among those with power and influence.

She had countless suitors!

These pursuers were not ordinary people either.

They were all sons of the rich and powerful!

In the end, even though Feng Yi ignored all of them, these guys still did not give up.

It could be seen that Feng Yi was indeed famous among the upper class social circles!

Yet, at this time, Feng Yi had actually withdrawn from the academy.

One had to know that the academys yearly tuition fee alone was more than 3 million! That was representative of how prestigious and noble the academy was!

The man confirmed Feng Chengyuns surprise, “The process should have been very simple.

I prepared a C-grade soul beast for her in the Netherworld Sea prison.

When it was about time, I asked her to go to the Netherworld Sea prison to tame the C-grade soul beast and officially become a beast tamer.”

The man then told Feng Chengyun everything that happened in the Netherworld Sea prison.

After 5 minutes, Feng Chengyun finally understood the situation.

His expression gradually twisted, and then he failed to hold it in anymore.

He finally laughed, “Hahahaha, this is really interesting, really very interesting.”


“Im dying of laughter!”

The man frowned and looked at him coldly.

‘What was so interesting about this kind of thing Why dont I find it funny

Feng Chengyun did not care about what the man thought.

He said leisurely, “Thanks to the beast tamer in the Netherworld Sea prison, Feng Yi suffered great psychological trauma.

At the same time, the beast tamer named Zhang Tiancheng that followed her there directly terminated his contract and quit his position as a guest guardian after the incident!”

He mumbled to himself, and then suddenly smacked the table and laughed.



It was really too funny.


To be honest, if this matter had not come straight out of this mans mouth, and he, Feng Chengyun, heard this story from somewhere else…

He really would have died of laughter!

The great Feng family had actually been suppressed by someone in the Netherworld Sea prison.


How laughable!

What kind of place was the Netherworld Sea prison

Feng Chengyun knew.

It was a place where human trash was thrown away!

Under such circumstances, there was still a beast tamer hiding among the trash of the Netherworld Sea prison.

Furthermore, it seemed that this beast tamer could defeat a B-grade beast tamer


“I really admire him!”

“Hiding in a garbage dump like the Netherworld Sea prison.

He doesnt seem to mind being among trash.

Looks like theyre birds of a feather.”

Feng Chengyun was really amused.

He laughed wildly.


The man also sneered at Feng Chengyuns mocking expression.

Feng Chengyun was not only mocking the hidden beast tamer of the Netherworld Sea prison, but also mocking his own incompetence!

As expected, they truly were part of the same ruthless family!

However, the man did not care about his nephews behavior.

He took a sip of tea and said calmly,”Didnt you come here to get some resources from us”

“Thats not a problem.”

“Bring the Netherworld Sea prison beast tamer to me and I will agree to your request.

I will give you a lot of resources!”

Feng Chengyun immediately waved his hand after hearing this.

“Uncle, youre treating me like an outsider.

This is my cousins matter.

As her cousin, how can I not do something about it”



Feng Chengyuns cheeky smile instantly turned serious and greedy.

“Ill do as you say, uncle!”

“Ill head to the Netherworld Sea prison now!”


“Ill bring him to you.

Please keep your promise and give me those resources.”

As Feng Chengyun spoke, he was already filled with disdain.

Were the Feng familys branches all so weak now

His uncle was really useless.

He was really trash!



You were beaten up by some unknown beast tamer in the Netherworld Sea prison It was simply a joke!


You bunch of trash! Trash would only be defeated by trash!

Seeing Feng Chengyuns disdainful expression, the man was extremely unhappy.

His heart was filled with resentment, and his hands that were holding the teacup started trembling.

He was really angry!

This junior was behaving arrogantly and disregarding seniority.

He had no etiquette at all!

Feng Chengyuns disdain was too obvious.

He actually looked down on him, his uncle

‘Completely lacking in respect!

However, the man could not say this out loud as he had no choice.

He was busy dealing with all sorts of things, so he had no time to think about settling things in the Netherworld Sea prison.

Feng Yi had been cultivated by him.

According to his plan, Feng Yi would be given to those officials and nobles in the future in return for certain favors or resources, but in her current state, she would not fetch a good price!


Under such circumstances, he could only make use of his nephew.

The latter would go to the Netherworld Sea prison and find the hidden beast tamer!

As long as he could find the beast tamer, Feng Yis problem could be solved.

Once the matter with Feng Yi was settled, he could immediately sell Feng Yi off and exchange it for a large sum of resources.

He would definitely make a fortune from this.

Thinking this, the man glanced at Feng Chengyun again.

At this time, Feng Chengyun was drinking tea as if nothing had happened, and his dirty shoes were placed on the wooden coffee table.

His expression was extremely arrogant!

He pointed at the air with his other hand and said aggressively, “Dont worry.

Ill cripple that trash later!”


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