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294 Types Of Dao Hearts

Fighting, surrendering, and making peace

Yuchi was confused.

Cofuran said, “You just need to listen to me.

You dont have to force yourself to remember.

After all, these things are just theoretical.

When you encounter them in the future, you will naturally gain a basic understanding.”

Yuchi nodded.

It seemed that it was a very complicated theory.

“For now, you only need to understand the basic outline.

This will give a foundation to build upon.”

“After all, when you reach the Dao heart realm, you already experienced chaos and order.”

“If you encounter other Dao heart realm opponents in the future, then the factor that will decide victory is your Dao hearts.”

After saying this, she looked at Yuchi, who was sporting a serious expression.

“Ill give you a rough idea.”

“Lets focus on fighting first.

Ill cover the other two when we have time.”

“Its pretty straightforward to be honest.

In essence, its a battle-type Dao heart, which further branches out into three different categories, which are ferocity, balanced and defensive.”

“Lets talk about ferocity first.”

“There are a number of emotions someone with ferocity feels during a fight, which are joy, anger, and resentment.”

“Following the line of joy, there are the categories of fearless enjoyment, enjoying the horror and terror of others, as well as enjoying the taste of killing.”

“In your case, its fearless enjoyment.”

“There are three main types of fearlessness, which are fearless and reckless, fearless when smarter, and fearless when stronger.”

“Your Deathmatch Dao heart is a variant of the first type, a unique derivative.

In short, you are a big fool.

You dont care how strong you are, nor what abilities your opponents have.

You simply go at it.

You arent looking at killing the opponent per se, but the fight itself and what you will gain from it.”


Yuchi coughed a little when he heard this.

Was he a fool because he had the Deathmatch Dao heart

Hmm… interesting…

Cofuran rolled her eyes at Yuchi.

“Just look at you! Arent you a big fool I called you a big fool and youre still in the mood to snicker happily over there.

I dont know why Im so concerned about you.

Am I a big fool too”

“Forget it, lets not talk about such things.”

“You should have a rough understanding of some things by now.

Ones Dao heart is essentially a manifestation of ones different personalities.”

“Different dao hearts have different effects.

Obviously, your Dao heart is completely inclined to battle and wont augment your intelligence at all.”

“A combination of a brute and a big fool.


“If you have no one by your side to give you advice, then youd probably be used by others.

Youre so silly that youre cute sometimes, but also silly enough to be annoying and frustrating.”

There were simply too many types of Dao hearts, just like how there were many different personalities in the world.

Different personalities corresponded to different understandings of the Heavenly Dao.

Looking at the current situation, Yuchis comprehension of the Heavenly Dao was obviously an unconventional one.

When he fought for real, he did so without regard for his life.

Still, he was a normal person otherwise, just prone to sporadic outbreaks of lunacy.

His fighting style was very similar to those who had nothing to lose.

However, he was not someone with nothing to lose, which made his fighting style unusual.

“If you want to increase your strength in the future, its best that you follow me to the primordial sea.

There are many sea hearts there, and the quality and types of these sea hearts are completely different.

If you can obtain the protection of the sea hearts, it will be of great help to your current battle-type Dao heart.

At the very least, it can stabilize your Dao heart.”

“Oh, thats right.”

“Right now, all attacks below the Dao heart realm are ineffective against you.”

It had to be said that Cofuran was quite detailed.

Although Yuchi still did not fully understand what she was talking about, it was enough for him to be able to make some conjectures.

He asked, “In other words, the Dao realm and the Dao essence realm should be one realm, while the Dao heart realm is a completely different realm.

The difference between them should be the difference between the Dao realm and the mortal realm”

Cofuran shook her head.

“Theres the death realm, where there are lifeless things like stones, water, and other objects, and then the life realm, where things like plants, animals, and the like.”

“Its like turning from a stone into a flower, and then from a flower into a fish.

They correspond to the three realms of completely lifeless, living but without life, living in ignorance.”

“In the realm of living in ignorance, everything is based on instinct.”

“And after the realm of ignorance is the realm of knowledge, where you achieve self-awareness and start to cultivate.”

“After the realm of knowledge is the Dao realm, followed by the Dao essence realm, and the Dao heart realm that you have reached recently.”

“In any case, the Dao heart realm is a watershed.

You will start to feel that those below the Dao heart realm are insignificant.”

Yuchi was a little confused, but he indeed had sensed an inexplicable change.

His senses had changed.

When he looked at Yu Shengyun and Ershania, instead of seeing the person, he saw the Heavenly Dao aura around them.

However, Yue Hanjiang was different.

She was born with a Dao heart, which was a little scary.

It was just that this Dao heart had not fully matured.

This Dao heart was what Guishen had wanted to eat to break through to the Dao heart realm.

A jinx innately possessed a Dao heart.

It was kind of amazing.

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