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Chapter 290: Breaking Through

It took Sky Citys flying ship about three months to travel from the port to the Moon Goddess Sea, but it only took half a month for the fourth son to return.

It was obvious that the fourth son had escaped frantically.

He was completely terrified.

When he returned to Sky City, he completely ignored the looks and puzzled expressions on the faces of the other members of Sky City and rushed over to his father Adrian.

He knelt in front of his father and told him everything that had happened at the Moon Goddess Sea.

In the half a month he had been fleeing back to Sky City, he could not figure out what had happened, nor why it had happened.

They were only supposed to hunt down a first-grade Dao realm cultivator.

Even if their target had some allies, it should not have been a problem for him and his brothers to deal with them.

However, the information had been completely wrong, and he was the only one who survived.

Why did this happen

How could the information provided be incorrect to that extent

Sky City even had that persons soul outline.

There should have been no way that they incorrectly gauged the targets strength!

The man cried and said to Adrian, “Father, Im the only one who survived.

The other brothers were all killed by the enemy.”

Although he cursed his father behind his back, his father was still his strongest pillar of support during critical moments like this.

He was hoping that Adrian would stand up for him.

However, in the end, Adrians words were indifferent.

“One of you actually survived I thought he would kill all of you.”

“After all, your arrogance should have annoyed him to no end.”

“It seems like hes placed your life and death in my hands instead.”


Then, while his fourth son was stunned, Adrian slowly stood up from his throne.

He looked like an old man, and with every move he made, the sound of bones creaking could be heard.

He walked over to his fourth son.

As tears and puzzlement appeared in his sons eyes, Adrian patted his sons shoulder.

“You still dont understand what happened.”

“Im quite disappointed in you.”

“However, this is also within my expectations.

Your life should have ended with the others.”

“From today onward, I will have one less headache.”

His eyes were fixed on the clouds in the distance as his thin fingers plucked the mans head off.

Blood gushed out incessantly.

He threw his head, along with the spine that came along with it, to the crimson wolf, which started to eat the head and spine while making loud crunching noises.

Adrian, on the other hand, was thinking about another problem.

“Ill be waiting for you in Sky City.

I wonder when youll come.

I hope youre a wise man.”

Yuchi had obviously given his fourth son a chance to live, but he had lost it himself by coming back to Sky City.

[Past: Moon Goddess Sea – Human flower]

[Difficulty: Second-grade of the Dao realm]

[Race: Divine Flower]

[Technique: Lunar Flow]

[Introduction: A flower from the depths of time.

A broken soul lives in this flower.

The soul believes in the Moon Goddess Faros.

When the surface of the sea is filled with divine flowers, the Moon Goddess Faros will once again descend upon the world and bring light to the world.]

Yuchi gave the flower a simple once over.

He had been in the Moon Goddess Sea for many years, and it had been three months since the last sky city ship had arrived.

He was able to fish up different divine flowers every day.

However, today, Cofuran had told him that this was the last variant.

There were a total of 1364 different types of divine flowers in the Moon Goddess Sea, and they had all been collected.

In other words…

If Yuchi wanted to become the second coming of Faross, it would be a very easy task.

He only needed to plant these divine flowers all over the world.

In any case, Yuchi was also ready to officially set off.

His cultivation realm that had been stagnant for a long time was finally about to advance.

He held the fishing rod firmly with both hands.

This was a matter of great importance.

As Yuchi slowly closed his eyes, Cofuran appeared next to him to guard him.

“I wonder what kind of Dao heart he will obtain”

“I think it should be a battle-type.”

“He doesnt seem like a mediocre person.”

Cofuran crossed her arms and looked at Yuchi.

Yuchi was in the process of breaking through to the Dao heart realm.

His heart had gradually stopped beating.

From a distance, he looked like a statue sitting on the edge of the cliff.

One could see a faint golden light falling from the sky, trying to illuminate his body.

When it touched his body, it changed color to a faint black.

It was like strands of black silk thread, spinning around Yuchis body like an enchanting dance.

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