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Chapter 287: What Are You Guys Even Doing Here

“Hey, look, this guy is still fishing by the shore.”

“Did he give up on struggling after seeing our ship arrive”


“Still fishing It seems that hes even more relaxed than we are.”

The seven men on the ship were all smiling at each other.

This was an easy mission.

Then, after instructing the ship to remain on standby, the seven of them disembarked and walked over to Yuchis side.

“Im sorry to disturb you.

Were from Sky City and were here looking for someone.

You have our apologies for interrupting your fishing.”

The other six men burst into laughter when they heard that.

“Big brother, your acting is really good.

If I didnt know better, I would really think that youre a gentle and good person.”

“A masterclass performance, big brother.

That tone of voice and those mannerisms were simply sublime!”


“Enough, enough.

Youre making big brother look bad.

Hes playing a game.”

“Alright, alright.”

“Big brother, you can continue.

Just pretend that we dont exist.

Lets go and take a look around.”

The leader of the group was the eldest of the seven children.

When he saw that Yuchi was not responding to him, he was displeased.

He kicked a stone, which landed on the calm surface of the moon god sea, causing some ripples to appear.

Some of the fish in the sea were so frightened by this that they swam back into its depths.

“Im sorry, my friend,” he said in a strange tone, “I accidentally kicked a stone into the sea.”

“You wont be angry with me, right”

Then, as the man was talking, the other six spotted Yu Shengyun and Ershania.

“Not bad! Youre still able to find beautiful women out in the wilderness!”

“These two are quite the catch.”

“It seems that fishing bro has taken good care of them too, haha.”

“He brought two beautiful women to the Moon Goddess Sea to enjoy a carefree life.”

“You two ladies should come with us to the flying ship later.”

“We have a lot of delicious food on board.”

“Well even take you to Sky City.”

They burst into sarcastic laughter.

It was obvious that these people were already prepared to make a move on Yu Shengyun and Ershania, but wanted to mock them before doing so.

Yu Shengyun, on the other hand, was very calm.

She held Ershanias hand and told her not to worry.

At this moment, Yuchi slowly stood up with a confused look on his face.

When the brothers turned to look at him, he said, “Excuse me, but I dont really get it.

Why are you here”

Yuchi did not understand why Sky City had sent them.

If Sky City had sent powerful experts after him, he would have happily fought them, but these guys were weak!

What did they hope to achieve by coming here

This was completely different from what he had expected from Sky City.

The brothers looked at Yuchi with incredulity before bursting into laughter.

“Hahaha, this guy is still confused as to why we came to find him!”

“Is he pretending to be innocent”

“I really admire his acting skills.

If we didnt know about this beforehand, we might have believed it.

“Maybe his acting is how he snagged these two beautiful women.”

“I guess our acting pales in comparison to his, huh.”

Yuchi was frustrated.

He walked over to one of the seven men and casually slapped the latters chest.

The mans heart flew out of his chest.

Then, with a casual wave of his hand, the man was turned into a bloody mist.

His face was expressionless as he did this.

He was already tired of facing fools.

Guishen had been far better.

Sure, he might have had a screw loose, but at least he had the strength to back up his words and attitude.

Yuchi let out a heavy sigh.

The remaining six people were stunned.

Yuchi asked helplessly, “I just want to know.

What are you guys even doing here”

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