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Chapter 286: Sisters

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

Ershanias cultivation had advanced during this time, from the ninth-grade of the Dao realm to the eighth-grade of the Dao realm, which was simply astonishing by normal standards.

Of course, this was all thanks to Yuchishelp.

It would have been impossible for her to accomplish this by herself.

She stood behind the window of the cabin in a daze.

She could barely understand how, why or what happened that night.

Everything seemed like a dream.

Recalling how Yu Shengyun had guided her throughout the process, she felt so embarrassed that she could not even lift her head.

However, the burning sensation of breaking through to the next realm was still vivid in her mind.

Dual cultivation was truly amazing.

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the humming sound of a flying ship up above, which bore the insignia of Sky City.

“Pirates! From Sky City!”

Ershania immediately felt great fear.

The memories of being pursued and hunted down a few months ago were still fresh in her mind.

However, just as she was about to shout out to Yu Shengyun and the others to leave, she suddenly remembered that she had Yuchi.


There was yuchi.

What was there to be afraid of

She was now his woman, so she had to behave in a fitting manner.

It was better to worry about whether or not she could withstand the burden of dual cultivation with him than to worry about these pirates.


As she stared at the insignia on the flying ship, she recalled the legends about Sky City.

It was said that it was a city that floated in the sky, powered by various formations.

It was the hub of countless pirates who believed themselves to be merchants.

Many flying ships entered and departed its ports daily.

“I wonder if the pirates who pursued me were from Sky City.”

“If so, then we cant stay here for long.”

The more she thought about it, the more nervous she became.

She did not want to be the cause of conflict between Yuchi and a super faction like Sky City.

Although she felt safe around Yuchi, she did not want to be a burden.

Just as she was thinking about this, Yu Shengyun walked over.

“Sister, you dont have to worry about this.

Weve encountered pirates from Sky City a few times before, and weve emerged unscathed every time.”

“Honestly, even if we do die, well die together.

Thats not such a bad thing, is it”

Ershania was surprised by this.

Several times

How had they survived without being hunted down then

Still, Yu Shengyun was right… No, wait, her sister was right…

Now that they shared the same man, they addressed each other as sisters, though she was the younger sister in this case.

It was just as her sister had said.

The worst case scenario was that they would die here with Yuchi, which was not a bad ending.

“Just trust Yuchi and let him deal with it.”

Ershania held Yu Shengyuns arm tightly and nodded firmly.

“I understand, sister.”

In the sky.

The flying ship carrying Adrians sons had finally arrived in the vicinity of the Moon Goddess Sea.

“Alright, alright.

Everyone, please get ready.

Weve already traced the other partys soul outline.”

“Its time for the fun to begin.”

“But first, we should uphold the traditions of Sky City andnegotiate terms with him first.”

As they spoke, the atmosphere around the ship became lively.

Everyone was already impatient to see blood.

“Its a good day for hunting.

No, its a good day for trading!”


They were having fun, but had no idea that they had been sold out and given as gifts.

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