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Inside the prison, in a certain room, Yuchi was sitting upright.

He was trying his best to appear calm and normal.

As for why he had agreed to see the psychologist now, it was mainly because the prisoners had done a lot for him.

He was not even afraid of those ancient monsters, so how could he be afraid of a mere psychologist.

Would she hurt him

Nay, it was impossible.

Yuchi also saw another woman in the room from the corner of his eye.

Compared to the psychologists gentle gaze, this womans eyes were obviously full of contempt and disdain.

However, it did not matter.

If his state of mind could be affected by this womans gaze, then he was not worthy of being called a martial flame cultivator.

“Hes the prisoner with the mental illness Although hes not bad looking, he doesnt look like a good person either.”


The woman stood behind the psychologist.

She was holding a camera in her hand.

She was the psychologists assistant, and was mainly responsible for recording the treatment process for teaching purposes.

“Hello, Im Qin Lanyu.

Im here to help you.” Qin Lanyu had already tied her long hair into a simple ponytail.

She was holding a notebook in her hand and had a gentle smile on her face.

Yuchi nodded.


“Then Id like to ask you a few questions.”


“What do you think of life in the Netherworld Sea prison”

Their every move was being recorded by the camera and, on the small screen of the camera, Yuchi, who was wearing a prison uniform, did not hesitate to answer.

He said, “I think this is a pretty relaxing place…”

Many prisoners were standing in the courtyard of the Netherworld Sea prison.

They looked at the building in front of them.

The surface of the building had traces of being smashed by rocks, but there were still rooms that could be used.

They were now whispering to each other.

“I dont know what psychological treatment is like.

After Yuchis treatment is over, I also want to try going for treatment.”

“Haha, do you think I wouldnt understand your true intentions Do you really want to go for treatment You obviously just think that the psychologist is very pretty.”

“Dont say that.

Im definitely grateful this time!”

“Theyre thinking about us prisoners for once.

How can we even think of bullying them Well definitely respect them while theyre here.”

“Haha, thats true.”

“To be honest, I used to live in the city.”

“When I lived in the city, I never felt that prisoners should be treated fairly.”

“However, when this kind of thing happened to me, I suddenly realized that being abandoned is so disheartening.”

“Theres no choice.”

“You have to admit your mistakes.”

“But I didnt do anything wrong.

I was wrongly accused.”

“Haha, everyone here says that.”


The prisoners were chatting excitedly with each other.

At this moment, another man who seemed to be the head of the prisoners stood up.

He crossed his strong arms and looked at the dilapidated building in front of him with his head held high.

“It seems that the scar-faced man was really kind and righteous!”

As soon as he said that, the other prisoners also cast curious gazes over.


“Whos scar-face”

“Ive never heard of him.”

Many of the new prisoners did not even know that such a person existed.

“Hes that prisoner who was taken away by the Department of Inspection more than a year ago.”

“He said he helped us drive away the hunters who attacked us.” The head of the prisoners obviously knew something about what had happened back then.

The whole thing was quite simple.

After the scar-faced man left the Netherworld Sea prison, he followed some people from the Department of Inspection.

Although he was forced to submit to them, at least he was allowed to live.

The reason why Yuchi had access to a psychologist this time was partly because the prisoners had jointly written a letter, and partly because Scar-face had helped him behind the scenes.

Scar-face received the letter and contacted a non-profit organization.

It was only then that the non-profit organization found out about the Netherworld Sea prison.

Otherwise, this letter would have been like a stone cast into the sea.

“So thats how it is.”

“What was his name”

“Yes, what was his name Hes a good person.”

“And hes really concerned about Yuchi!”

The prisoners asked one after another.

The head of the prisoners shook his head.

“He never told us what his name was.”

“Although he did not usually converse with Yuchi, he did what he said he would and got him a psychologist.”

“He can be considered to be a man of his word.”

“At least from the current situation, it seems that this psychologist really wants the best for Yuchi, right”

The prisoners were quite touched.


“Shes such a gentle lady.”

“What will happen to Yuchi in the end”

“I dont know.”

“He gives off a very strange aura.”

“I dont think theres a problem.

Doesnt he usually talk to us with a smile”

“Im not sure.”

“Im not a psychologist.

I just think that hes a little scary when he suddenly goes crazy sometimes.”

As the prisoners spoke, their eyes were fixed on the building.

Inside the room, Qin Lanyu displayed a rather beautiful smile and stood up.

“Yuchi, we know about your mental state.

Dont worry, youll be fine.”

“Alright,” he said.

Yuchi heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, there was no problem.

Otherwise, it would be quite troublesome.

After that, he thanked them and left calmly.

He then stood in the courtyard and chatted with the prisoners.

When the other prisoners heard that Yuchis psychological assessment had gone smoothly, they also heaved a sigh of relief.

Although they were not afraid of Yuchi, they were quite worried about him.

After all, they could talk about their family sometimes, but Yuchi had never mentioned that he had any family members in the city.

It was as if he was living alone in this world.

If they, who were also prisoners, did not care about him, then who would Many, many evil demons gradually developed due to constant negligence!

“You guys continue chatting,” Yuchi said as he turned to head back to the beach.

While fishing, he looked up and saw a helicopter leaving the Netherworld Sea prison.

From Yuchis point of view, this sudden psychological treatment session was over.

It was finally over.

In the helicopter.

Qin Lanyus expression tightened and her brows furrowed tightly together.

Her face was full of worry, especially when she saw Yuchi sitting alone by the sea.

Her heart tightened.

“This time, we have to report to the higher-ups immediately after we return.”

“Im going to take him away from the Netherworld Sea prison to the hospital for long-term treatment.”

“His mental state is not suited for the Netherworld Sea prison.

If his condition is allowed to develop in the prison, the consequences will be unimaginable!”


Qin Lanyu turned her head and spoke to her assistant.

The reason why she did not tell Yuchi about this psychological evaluation was mainly because psychological treatment required long-term intervention.

The Netherworld Sea prison was too far away from the human cities.

Under such circumstances, if they could not send Yuchi from the Netherworld Sea prison to the hospital for treatment, then one or two conversations would not make any difference.

Therefore, if she told them the truth directly, it was inevitable that the prisoners would start to look at Yuchi with prejudice.

Although the assistant was biased against all the prisoners, she did not try to refute Qin Lanyu when she discovered that there was actually a psychological problem.

She knew that Qin Lanyu was a professional and very capable.

Qin Lanyus conclusions had never been wrong!

When she heard Qin Lanyus evaluation of Yuchi, she was really shocked.

“Is his psychological problem that serious”

“But hes still a prisoner.”

The assistant mumbled to herself.

She then immediately said to Qin Lanyu, “Doctor Qin, you must be careful about this matter!”

“After all, it involves the prisoners!”

“And prisoners are looked down upon by all other humans.

The Department of Inspection will likely not give their approval.”

“Furthermore, hes just an ordinary person, not a beast tamer.”

“As such, its impossible for the Department of Inspection to provide the funds for his treatment.”

This venture was quite dangerous.

No one in the city would care about the life and death of some random prisoner.

As for spending money to treat the prisoner That was almost impossible!

Qin Lanyu simply said, “If we dont help him, then no one will.”

The moment she said that, there was only silence on the radio.


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