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Chapter 284: How Should We Deal With Him

Ershania chose to stay with them for the time being, as she did not have any plans.

She would cultivate and then decide what to do next.

Incidentally, she became Yu Shengyuns disciple.

Yuchis life was not disturbed by Ershanias presence, though he did discover that there were more dishes to eat.

The taste was pretty good…

Now, he was eating the delicacies of the elves and the angels.

He thought about it.

It had been a long time since he had tasted the delicacies of the human race.

‘Ill go back and eat some when I have the chance, Yuchi thought to himself casually.

His daily routine did not change.

As he fished, he also cultivated.

He was currently stabilizing his Dao essence realm cultivation foundation, which had reached 99%.

[Name: Yuchi]

[Constitution: 28.72 million]

[Strength: 27.93 million]

[Speed: 38.39 million]

[Dao essence realm: first-grade (99%)]

[Skill 1: Dragon spine (Level 12).

Like the Vast Sea Dragon King, your spine is extremely strong, and can disperse the soul of the opponent!]

[Skill 2: Netherworld bloodsucking (Level 12).

Like a Nether Swordfish, when you kill an enemy, you can extract the blood essence from your enemys body to increase your own strength!]

[Skill 3: Hellfire Dance (Level 12) Like a Nether Swordfish, you can summon a hellfire tornado to attack the enemy.]

[Skill 4: Dragon Palm Strike (Level 12).

Like the Vast Sea Dragon King, your fists possess extremely immense physical strength.

A single palm strike can destroy a city.]

All of his attributes had increased by more than 10,000,000, mainly due to the outcome of the battle with the thousand-handed dead python, which had also been at the peak of the Dao essence realm once it fused with Guishen.

Yuchi had extracted and absorbed the attributes of the thousand-handed dead python, nearly doubling his own attributes.

That being said, physical attributes no longer meant much to him at this level.

Ones comprehension of the Heavenly Dao would determine the victor in most battles.

Still, it would become a dealbreaker when both sides were evenly matched.

His current comprehension of the Heavenly Dao had already reached 99% of the first grade of the Dao essence realm, and he was on the verge of breaking through to the Dao heart realm.

However, he was not in a hurry, so he continued to stabilize his cultivation foundation.

Somewhere in the sky, a flying ship had officially left Sky City with Adrians children.

After getting tired of playing around, they stood on the deck drinking and chatting.

“Hey, how do you think we should deal with this guy after we catch him”

“How are we going to deal with him Of course were going to torture him to death.”

“Thats a given, but what Im asking is how were gonna torture him and what methods well use.

Should we try out some more creative methods of torture”

“Why dont you just behead him”

“Hell no! Thats not interesting at all!”

“Then what do you suggest we do”

“Haha, that depends on whether or not the guy looks similar to our constellation race.”

“If his looks are passable, then I wanna try an interesting experience.”

“Tsk, tsk, look at you.

Youre like this all day.

Cant you be a little more serious”

“Haha, then how do you want to do it”

“In my opinion, lets tie this guy to the bow of the ship and torture him until he breaks.”

“Thats fine.”


The brothers became happier as they talked.

The Moon Goddess Sea.

The sky was clear and the mountains in the distance were green.

Over the past few days, Yuchi had been thinking about the Heavenly Dao.

From the origin of the Heavenly Dao itself to the creations of the Heavenly Dao, like the mountains and rivers of the world.

Though there was not really much to go on, thinking about such things was a start.”

“Based on my current understanding, the path of martial arts is still divided into before and after the Dao realm, where one can start to sense the Heavenly Dao.”

“That being said, its still all about perfecting and tempering ones body and mind.”

Yuchi sat on the edge of the cliff.

In the small cabin behind him, Yu Shengyun was teaching Ershania about cultivation, while Yue Hanjiang was cultivating naturally.

She had her own innate cultivation techniques.

Yuchi turned his head and looked at the harmonious scene behind him and smiled slightly.

Then he looked at Yue Hanjiang, who was also looking at him.

There was a hint of affection in Yuchis eyes.

A jinx

Who said that

When did the world become so black and white

Yue Hanjiang called out in a cute voice, “Master, master, youre so awesome.”

“Hanjiang, youre very cute too.”

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