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Chapter 282: Im Not That Strong

Yu Shengyun looked at Ershania, who was staring at Yue Hanjiang.

She could roughly guess what was going on, so she smiled and said, “By the way, I forgot to tell you that this child is his disciple.

Her name is Yue Hanjiang.”

“Ah, so, she is Seniors disciple.”

Ershania had really thought that Yue Hanjiang was Yuchis child.

Thankfully, the misunderstanding had been resolved.

“I know that you must have a lot of questions right now, so ask away.”

Feeling the warmth that wrapped around her hand, Ershania was extremely touched.

She turned to look at Yuchi, who was still outside.

He was still dressed as she remembered him, in ordinary gray clothes, and barefoot.

He did not look the slightest bit like a cultivator.

Still, she did not want to ask about his affairs for now.

Instead, she shifted her gaze back to Yu Shengyun and asked, “What level of strength have you reached, Sister”

Asking about someones strength was not exactly polite, but she felt that she had to know.


Eighth grade


Yu Shengyun smiled and nodded, “Im not that strong.

Im just a first-grade Dao realm cultivator.”

Not that strong


Ershania sat there in shock.

She knew how difficult it was to increase ones cultivation level.

After all, she had only been SS-grade not too long ago.

Cultivation was an endless journey, and even though she felt that she was already very lucky to have found a lot of natural treasures that allowed her strength to increase rapidly in a short period of time, when she reached the Dao realm, she realized how pitiful her level of strength was.

She did not even know if she would be able to reach the eighth grade of the Dao realm, yet this woman in front of her had actually reached the first grade of the Dao realm.

Oh my god!

She did not look even that old, so how could she be so powerful

It was no wonder that Senior liked her.

Yu Shengyun looked at the dazed look on Ershanias face.

This girl seemed to be somewhat scatter-brained.

Still, this added to her appeal.

“Theres no need to be so excited,” she continued with a smile.

“Im from the angel race.”

“I used to be the Saintess of the angel race, so most of the resources of the angel race were allocated to me.

Thats how I managed to obtain this tiny bit of strength.”

Yu Shengyun felt that this was reasonable.

Others had to search for treasures and opportunities, but those things were simply given to her.

She did not have to waste her time searching for such things.

Ershania looked at Yu Shengyun in disbelief.

The Saintess

It was simply unbelievable!

Also, were angels not supposed to be three meters tall

Why was she even shorter than her

Could it be that…

Was it for the sake of Senior

It seemed so.

Even her wings were retracted, and she looked completely human.

Senior was truly capable!

He had completely won over the Saintess!

All of this was too exaggerated!

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