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Chapter 280: Ill Be Waiting For You In Sky City

In Sky City, Adrians children were sitting at a table and eating.

While they were eating, there were servants from other races waiting on them.

Every servants face was filled with fear, afraid that they would be killed because of a moment of carelessness.

They did not want to live in such a place, but they did not have the right to choose.

They had been sold to Sky City by their own race.

Adrians sons had very serious expressions on their faces.

The eldest son cut a piece of meat with a knife and said to his brothers, “I dont even know what the old man means.

After Guishen died, he looked so depressed.

Is that old man really going to die Is there something special about Guishen”

The second son put a piece of meat into his mouth, chewing while talking, “We dont need to bother about this kind of thing.

In any case, the old man doesnt have many years left.

We just have to avoid making any mistakes.

If we anger him at this time, the consequences are not something we can bear.”

The third son looked at the eldest sons obviously unhappy expression.

He took a piece of meat with his furry hand and handed it to his eldest brother, “Alright, alright, big brother.

Dad wont say anything anyway, so why should we bother Later, we brothers will go look for women together.

I heard that another batch of goods has arrived in Sky City recently.

The quality of this batch of goods is quite good, and there is even a clan leader among them.”

The fourth son was surprised.

He wiped his oily hands on the servants clothes and said, “Theres such a thing Why was I not aware of this Which trashy race is that clan leader from”

The fifth sons hair was very short.

He was leaning on the chair with his legs crossed.

The servant behind him was slowly massaging his back.

He said, “It seems to be some sort of rabbit race In any case, they are the same as the Tian Luo race, the kind with extremely strong reproductive abilities.

It is said that the clan leader of this race has more than 2,000 descendants.”

The sixth son was amused by this, as was the seventh son.

“Im a little interested.

Why did this race come to our Sky City”

“Its because of supplies.

Honestly, its already good enough if two or three descendants of this race can survive, and they usually die at the age of seven or eight.

By the way, why are you talking about this Are you really not going to talk to the old man”

“Whats there to say I was almost killed by the old mans gaze.

Anyway, Im just informing everyone to see if anyones interested.”

The fourth son and the others chimed in.

“I am very interested in this rabbit race.”

When the servants heard this, they did not dare to speak at all.

They did not even dare to raise their heads.

In fact, they despised them in their hearts.

Adrian was very powerful, so they could accept him as their slave owner.

Furthermore, Adrian had treated them pretty well.

Other than the lack of freedom, their daily necessities were taken care of.

However, it was clear that Adrian had encountered some problems in the past few decades.

He had not gone out for a long time, and it was said that there was a major problem with his cultivation.

These children of his were only able to show off due to their fathers status.

Although they were strong in their own right, around the eighth-grade of the Dao essence realm, this level of strength was simply insufficient to command respect in Sky City.

Thus, this group of servants laughed at them behind their backs.

Just as the seven of them were getting more and more into the discussion, two constellation race women suddenly walked in.

These were two of Adrians 98 wives.

Their reason for coming to this place was very simple.

“The City Lord has a mission for you guys,” one of the women said.

“You seven brothers can go and handle this mission together.”

The eldest son immediately frowned after hearing this.

“What kind of mission is it”

The other woman replied, “He wants you to go after a man who killed a member of Sky City.

His strength has been confirmed.

He is only a first-grade Dao realm cultivator.”

The brothers were confused.

Did a first-grade Dao realm cultivator have the ability to kill someone from Sky City

The woman had anticipated their confusion.

“The captain was an idiot.

He left his own flying ship.

He was intercepted and killed.

By the time the crew reacted, the other party had already run off to god knows where.

The crew on the ship didnt think about avenging their captain immediately, and instead fled back to Sky City, asking us to seek justice for them.”

Everyone immediately scoffed after hearing that.

“They really are a motley crew.”

“Yeah, they dont even have the guts to take on a first-grade Dao realm cultivator.”


“They dont deserve to be members of Sky City.”

“And they even want us to clean up for them.


The woman, on the other hand, reminded them when they were making a ruckus.

“Now, we only have the soul outline of their leader and know his strength.

We dont know exactly how many people the other side has.

Thats why we asked you all to go over.

We want to catch them all in one fell swoop.”

“You guys just need to make some simple preparations.”

“Hurry up and move out.”

“Dont make the City Lord angry.

He doesnt take failure lightly, especially for a simple mission like this.”

That was all she had to say.

Anyway, she was just a messenger.

Once the two of them finished passing on the message, they left.

The brothers were speechless.

Although the seven brothers were unhappy, they still did as they were told.

The formation on the flying ship could easily search for the soul outline, so they grabbed one and quickly left Sky City.

Meanwhile, in Sky Citys palace, Adrians cloudy amber eyes looked at the flying ship that was leaving the port.

His eyes were indifferent as he muttered to himself, “Friend who killed Guishen, I dont know if youll like the gifts Im giving you.

Ill give you the lives of my children.

Will you come and talk to me Ill be waiting for you in Sky City.”

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