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He had broken through from the body refinement realm to the qi refinement realm! Yuchis attributes had almost doubled!

Yuchi was capable of defeating an A grade beast tamer when he had 5000 points.

He now had 10388 points!

“Im more or less equivalent to an S grade beast tamer.”

“If I go all out, I might be able to kill an S grade soul beast.”

In contrast to Yuchis current meek and calm appearance, his current strength was incomparably terrifying.

From a martial arts perspective, he had already entered the qi refinement realm.

In the ancient records, martial arts warriors were not differentiated between the body, qi and soul refinement realms.

Martial arts warrior was a catch-all term used for all cultivators.

There was no complicated reason behind this.

The fact of the matter was that the body refinement realm was the peak that 99.999% of martial arts warriors could reach in their lifetime.


Virtually no martial arts warrior could surpass the body refinement realm!

Therefore, in martial arts, there were two meanings to being called a martial arts warrior.

The first referred to the body refinement realm martial arts warriors, while the second referred to cultivators who had gone beyond that realm.

Thinking about it, it was such a sad thing.

There was clearly a qi refinement realm, and a new name could clearly be used to refer to that realm, but since so few people could break through to qi refinement realm, the term “martial arts warrior” was actually used to sum up everyone who practiced martial arts.

It was inevitable that he felt a little sad.

At this moment, Yuchi had already entered a new realm.


He browsed through the ancient records.

People who practiced martial arts trained their bodies.

Martial arts focused on strengthening ones blood essence.

This would allow them to circulate the blood essence to strengthen the body and perform feats that were beyond the grasp of normal humans.

This was the essence of martial arts.

Those who refined qi nurtured qi within their bodies.

Qi was the root of martial arts.

The counter flow of qi would form “fire”, which was attack-oriented and thus, considered a “Yang” force.

Therefore, if Yuchi were to follow this line of thinking, the term “martial arts warrior” was incorrect for his present status.

Instead, at this time, he should probably be called a “martial flame cultivator”.

Martial flames harmed the body and was an offensive technique, which stood to reason, as Yang was close to fire and was more invasive.

It was completely different from the path of nurturing ones body.

Yin force on the other hand, was symbolized by water and was a defensive technique.

The pinnacle of martial arts was to strive to become the overlord of this world and, in ancient times, a martial flame cultivator was already qualified to preside over a city.


Yuchis attributes had all surpassed 10000 points.

According to his understanding of beast tamers, his current attributes placed him almost on par with an S grade soul beast!


What terrifying physical capabilities!

This was the result of fighting against these ancient monsters for such a long time.

Other martial artists could not fight against such existences in the ancient era.

They could not use battles against monsters to continuously temper their bodies to activate the blood essence in their bodies.

However, he, Yuchi, could!

Being unparalleled in the world and finding it difficult to find an opponent was a great sorrow of martial dao path!

These ancient monsters were powerful and terrifying.

Fighting against these ancient monsters was equivalent to fighting against the heavens.

If one fought against the heavens and emerged victorious, one would definitely reap bountiful rewards!

Yuchi then opened his right palm, and a ball of hellfire slowly condensed in the palm of his hand.

Thanks to the infusion of true qi, his skill was enhanced and had reached a new realm of power!

An eerie green netherworld flame coated with the fiery-red core!

The fiery-red core in the center of the hellfire surged, emitting “putong, putong” sounds, which made it seem like the hellfire skill had been reborn!

Accompanied by Yuchis explosive shout, the hellfire instantly surged forth!

The fierce ball of flames was hurled out from his hand, and a brilliant light illuminated a hundred-meter radius!


A thunderous roar came soon after.

The entire Netherworld Sea prison island reverberated with the sound of its explosion.

The prisoners all fell into a dazed state.

They saw the sky brighten for a split second, and then they heard a loud roaring sound!

The rumble of the roar was earth-shattering, as if signifying the anger of a demon god!

All of the prisoners were terrified and did not dare to move.

It was only when the continuous shaking of the glass windows stopped after three seconds that they heaved a long sigh of relief.

“It should…”

“Its that big shot, right”

The prisoners did not dare to leave their rooms out at this time.

They knew that there was an expert hiding somewhere around the prison.

The expert was probably responsible for the strange phenomenon out there.

It had to be him!

On a certain day.

“To be honest, I dont even know why you decided to go to the Netherworld Sea prison.”

“They are prisoners, so theres no need for you to take their requests seriously.”

“Why did we have to agree to the prisoners request and come all the way here Do you know how dangerous this whole venture is”

A helicopter was flying above the Netherworld Sea.

Its destination was, of course, the Netherworld Sea prison.

Through the radio channel in the helicopter, a woman was asking in confusion.

Not far opposite her, there was another woman with a gentle face and beautiful appearance.

The woman was wearing a white coat and sitting upright in the passenger seat of the helicopters cockpit.

The origins of this 22-year-old woman were unknown, but her face was as bright as her heart.

With just a glance, one could already sense the warmth in her heart.

The woman did not answer the question posed to her on the radio channel.

She just looked at the Netherworld Sea prison calmly.

Her eyes were as calm as still water, and her breathing was steady.

The prison island in front of her was floating in the strange Netherworld Sea, isolated and helpless.


“A psychologist”


While Yuchi was fishing by the sea, he looked at the prisoner beside him with a slightly surprised expression.

He had just watched the helicopter enter the Netherworld Sea prison, but had thought that it was nothing special.

This was how the Netherworld Sea prison usually was anyway.

People came, people stayed, and people left.

It was an endless cycle.

There was nothing surprising about helicopters coming and going.

However, this time, a prisoner had suddenly come over to him happily, saying that the psychological treatment request they had made for Yuchi had actually been approved.


A psychologist had really come to the Netherworld Sea prison!

“Aiya, dont worry about it too much!”

“It took us a long time to find this psychologist for you.

We wrote a letter and co-signed it together.

We didnt have much hope at first, as we hadnt received a response for a year.

Weve finally got some good news though.

The psychologist is here now!”

“You can go over and chat with her!”

“Anyway, the psychologist who came to our prison this time is really beautiful, but we cant have any evil thoughts about her!”

“Shes a really kind beauty!”

“In this world… someone like her is really rare!”

When the prisoner said these words, he was really emotional.

The other prisoners also agreed with him.

Anyhow, they were sure that Yuchi really had some kind of mental illness.

This kind of illness would usually result in one being slandered as weak by stupid or bad people.

In fact, mental illness was the most easily overlooked illness in this world.

As the saying goes, the sickness of the heart is the hardest to cure.


As for why they were so sure that Yuchi was suffering from a mental illness, the reason was very simple.

Yuchi was usually more of a background character in the Netherworld Sea prison.

Sometimes, he would also go to the prison to get some compressed dry rations to eat.

Yuchis face was kind and amiable, and he was also a rather easy-going person.

However, sometimes, he would suddenly be consumed by random thoughts, and then his whole expression would turn crazy.

It was as if there were two personalities living in his body.

On one hand, he was as calm as a mirror.

On the other hand, he was maniacally crazy.

In addition to that, the prisoners had witnessed his performance during the incident at the Netherworld Sea prison.

At that time, Yuchi was so scared that he rolled on the ground in a fetal position in full view of the public.

This further confirmed the prisoners thoughts.

Yuchi was sick.

This was not something embarrassing, but rather an illness that had to be treated.

Although they did not have much confidence in saying this…

Prisoners should probably be considered humans too.



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