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Chapter 273: Is He A God

Within Yuchis sea of consciousness, Medusa and Yinguan Luoying were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Unlike Yu Shengyun, who could not clearly see what was going on during the battle, these two were directly affected.

During the fight, Yuchis sea of consciousness had been severely damaged several times, and they had been shaken out of it into the world outside.

Fortunately, their divine souls had recovered to the point where they could exist in the outside world without dissipating for some time, at least until they managed to return into Yuchis sea of consciousness.

Now that the battle was finally over, and she was safe within Yuchis sea of consciousness, Medusa could finally rest easy, though she found it difficult to calm down.

She recalled the terrifying scene of the thousand-hand dead python that kept splitting itself endlessly.

She looked at the equally shocked Yinguan Luoying and said, “Why do I feel that the power of that thing just now was even more terrifying than the creatures Ive encountered before”

Yinguan Luoying immediately nodded.

She held the little rabbit that was gradually condensing in her hand.

“Ive met a lot of powerful opponents before.

In fact, some of them are stronger than that thing just now, but that thing has a different kind of strength.

It exuded a horrifying aura that seems to run contrary to living beings.”

What kind of feeling was this

In human terms, it was akin to the difference between the physical and the supernatural.

Guns and modern weaponry were indeed terrifyingly powerful, but they did not exude a sense of horror and the unknown like ghosts and spirits.

The thousand-handed dead python obviously belonged to the latter.

It felt like a calamity-bearing evil creature.

“Still, Yuchi was actually able to kill that thing.”

Medusa let out a sigh as she watched Yinguan Luoying kick the little rabbit once more.

“Hes indeed very powerful.

But what surprises me more is his lack of fear.

I wonder if that word even means anything to him.”

Once she closed her eyes, the battle between Yuchi and the thousand-handed dead python was reenacted in her mind.

The intensity of this battle had far exceeded her imagination.

How strong was Yuchi now

She was not sure, and did not even dare to think about it.

Yinguan Luoying was beating up the rabbit again.

After she finished, she looked up at the white expanse above and said, “It doesnt matter how strong he is.

It has no bearing on my life or what I do.”

Medusa shook her head.

What had the little girl been up to all these years

Why did she behave and think like a child

Forget it.

She closed her eyes and thought to herself,Ill slowly cultivate.

The road to recovery is almost complete, but Im not certain what to do after Ive been resurrected.

‘Yuchis strength is beyond my imagination.

Ive really watched him walk step by step to this level.

‘What a monster.

‘Is he a god

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