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Within just a few short seconds, he appeared in front of Yuchi, who was already calmly standing in the same place waiting for him.

Yuchis gaze fell on Yu Shengyun.

As he handed Hanjiang to Yu Shengyun, he glanced at the small cabin.

Yu Shengyun understood.

Hanjiang, on the other hand, was making a fuss, wanting to see what was going to happen next.

Yu Shengyun patted her little head gently.

Only then did Hanjiang obediently follow Yu Shengyun back.

“Master, a kind person must be backed up by strength, otherwise others will not listen,” Hanjiang said to Yuchi.

Yuchi smiled knowingly.

At this moment, Guishen was already eagerly expressing his inner yearning to Yuchi.

“Friend, although I dont know what you know about jinxes, the reason why shes called a jinx is because she herself is the embodiment of evil.”

“Her favorite thing to do is to pretend to be pitiful, just like that little girl just now.

She acts very innocent and helpless, just like how a little girl in your mind should be.”

“In fact, its all a lie.”

“Shes lying to you to get you to raise her.”

“And if you really do that, once the jinx is strong enough, shell turn on you.”

“Shell repay your kindness with evil.”

“So before that happens, the things you dont want to do, and the things you cant bear to do, Ill help you do them.

Just make the request.

No matter what it is, as long as you choose to give me this jinx, everything can be discussed.”

Guishens gaze was already fixed on the small cabin not far away.

As long as Yuchi agreed, he would eat Hanjiang in an instant.

He had a pleading look in his eyes as he knelt in front of Yuchi.

Yuchis reply was very simple.

“Lets go.

The two of us can choose a spot to fight.

Theres nothing to discuss.

If you can kill me, then she wont be able to live either.

At that time, you can do whatever you want with her.”

Guishens eyes were filled with confusion.

“Why are you stopping me Im helping you, so why are you stopping me Dont you know what this jinx represents Do you know how severe the consequences would be if you were to nurture it”

As he spoke, he suddenly burst into tears and rolled around on the ground like a spoiled child.

Yuchi kicked him more than 3,000 meters away and watched as Guishen disappeared over the horizon of the Moon Goddess Sea.

Yuchi glanced at the thousand-handed dead python.

The thousand-handed dead python whimpered, and then followed after Guishen.

Yuchi did no stay any longer.

It had been a long time since he had fought someone strong.

Perhaps this battle would be as tough as the one against Cofuran

He did not know.

In any case, this was also an unavoidable battle.

Guishen was hovering in the sky and rolling around, covering his ugly face with both hands.

After some time, he finally regained his senses and looked up at the clear sky.

Not far away from him, Yuchi had already arrived and was watching him and waiting.


A bloody battle began.

Guishen and the thousand-handed dead python attacked Yuchi together.

Kigami Ichiro laughed wildly and took out a saber that was more than 10 meters long and was extremely flat.

The width of the saber was no wider than a strand of hair, and seemed to be very flexible.


With a violent swing, dazzling flashes of light descended.

They brushed past Yuchi and disappeared into the sea below.

The sea surface did not seem to be affected, but all the fish under the sea were cut in half.

Wherever the light flashed, the water turned red as dead, bisected fish floated to the surface.

The thousand-handed dead python attacked Yuchi in a rather direct manner.

It twisted and moved very quickly, opening its mouth as it tried to bite Yuchis hand in a rather savage manner.

It tried to pull Yuchis arm off, but Yuchi kicked it into the sea below, creating a huge splash.

“You deserve to die!”

Guishen was completely enraged.

Every second, there would be hundreds of thousands of attacks hurled toward Yuchi.

Yuchi was like a small boat amidst a storm.

No matter how violent the storm was, he stood tall.

Then, Guishen uttered a shrill cry.

His neck elongated, and a 30-meter-long golden saber appeared from his mouth and stabbed toward Yuchis chest,

At the same time, a sword also appeared in Yuchis hand, which flicked away the golden saber.

Yuchi was not in a hurry to kill Guishen directly.

He was simply observing Guishens every move, allowing the latter to attack as he pleased.

Then Guishens skin slowly broke apart, and the real Guishen finally appeared.

His black hair fluttered in the wind, and waves of dense death energy erupted from his body.

He was like a demon who had been dragged into the abyss and then released.

Guishen and the thousand-handed dead python launched a simultaneous attack on Yuchi, turning the sky black.

Guishens razor-sharp strands of hair were like a wire net, enveloping the surroundings.

Not even light could pass through.

It formed a cocoon-like space.

Then more strands of hair appeared in his hands, which contained dense Dao aura.

The hair struck out like whips hundreds or thousands of times in a second.

Yuchi was expressionless as he faced the other partys continuous attacks.

The sword in his hand casually flicked away the other partys attacks.

The strands of hair that had been sent flying landed on Guishens body, and blood spurted out from his body.

He was wailing and crying as he attacked with all his might.

Steel needles imbued with Dao aura were spat out from his mouth, which bounced off Yuchis body.

With a wave of his hand, Yuchi hurled all of those steel needles back.

Yuchi had also completely ignored the thousand-handed dead python.

Its attacks were not worth mentioning, as it was significantly weaker than Guishen.

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