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Yuchi did not know who the person was, nor which race he originated from, so he turned to Yu Shengyun questioningly.

Yu Shengyun shook her head.

“Ive never seen a race like that before.”

“Alright,” Yuchi replied.

If even Yu Shengyun did not know what kind of race the other party was, then the other party should be special.

Little Hanjiang, who was in his arms, was very afraid of the persons aura.

It felt unnatural and wild.

“What does that ugly python have to do with him”

“Are they really here to find Hanjiang”

Yuchi frowned while he thought about it.

In the meantime, those pirates were arrogantly approaching Yuchis group, unaware that they were gifts that the slender figure had given Yuchi.

“Hello, friends.

Fancy meeting you out here.”

“We are traveling merchants and have a lot of wares to sell.”

“Take a look.

Since we met by chance, you should take this opportunity to pick something that you fancy.”

Yuchi was not bothered by their blabbering, and simply turned to look at the leader of the group.

“Who is that person What is his purpose in coming here”

When the leader heard the question, he burst out laughing.

“You actually dared to ask about Senior”

“You have no idea who he is or how powerful he is, do you”

“Dont ask about things you shouldnt.

Just pretend you didnt see him.”

Yuchi shrugged.

It did not seem that he would get anything out of them in their current state.

Perhaps he should help them to understand the situation better.

He waved his hand, and a bunch of pilots exploded into a shower of flesh and blood.

When the pirates saw this, the arrogant smiles on their faces froze.


It was an expert!

The captain was the first to react.

“Just you wait!”

He signaled the flying ship to activate the formation and fire the cannon at Yuchi.

“You dared to kill people from Sky City”

“Prepare to be annihilated!”

However, before he could continue, the flying ship exploded.

This time, it was not Yuchi who did it, but Yu Shengyun, who flew over to the ship the moment the captain issued the order.

When Yu Shengyun returned to Yuchis side, Yuchi got back to the point.

“Who is that person What is his purpose in coming here”


They were shell-shocked.

Their ship had been destroyed just like that

Fear gripped the pirates hearts.

Why were there such powerful people out here in the wilderness

Since he had not gotten a reply, Yuchi casually killed two more people, waking them up from their stupor.

Then …

The captain instantly kneeled on the ground, and the remaining three pirates followed suit.”

“Sir, please spare our lives.

We didnt know anything.”

“Were from Sky City, so please forgive our offense.”

“Sky City will be very grateful if you do.”

They kept talking about Sky City, trying to rely on its name to subtly threaten Yuchi.

Yue Hanjiang widened her adorable eyes in surprise and stared at Yuchi without blinking.

Her master was really powerful.

She clapped happily as she wiggled around in his arms.

Yuchi spoke up again, slightly impatient, “For the third and final time, who is that person and what is his purpose in coming here”

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