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Yuchi instinctively wanted to defend himself, but after careful observation, he realized that this thing did not seem to be targeting him, so he did not take action.

Instead, he sat not far from the cabin, fishing rod in hand, frowning and quietly waiting for something to happen.

No matter what, this thing bore great malice and gave him a feeling of unnaturalness.


The snake-like creature arrived at the edge of the coastline and leapt into the air.

It laughed loudly as it flew over Yuchis head, disappearing from the Moon Goddess Sea in an instant.

It was clear that it was charging toward somewhere inland like a trained hunting dog.

“This is truly unprecedented.”

“My understanding of the myriad races has been single-handedly changed by this thing.

I should rethink my definition of normal.”

In the small cabin.

Yu Shengyun was cultivating.

Recently, her cultivation had progressed very smoothly, and it would only be a matter of time before she broke through to the Dao essence realm, perhaps even within the next hundred years.

Dual cultivation truly was very good, though it did make her feel embarrassed as well.


While Yu Shengyun was cultivating, she suddenly sensed a very brutal, and also somewhat disgusting, aura.

It was as if something extremely evil was heading in her direction.

She immediately opened her eyes.

When she saw Yue Hanjiang, running toward the door, Yu Shengyun panicked and quickly pulled Yue Hanjiang into her arms.

“Hanjiang, dont run around on your own.

This place isnt safe right now.”

“Masters wife, theres a big bug flying past outside.”

“Big bug”

“Thats right.

Its a super, super big bug.

Its so ugly.”

Yue Hanjiangs heartfelt words made Yu Shengyun laugh.

If even such a young child called it ugly, then it had to be disgusting.

She looked into the distance.

Not far away, Yuchi was still sitting quietly by the shore.

When she looked in the direction Yuchi was facing, she could see a flying ship approaching them at high speed.

“Whats going on”

Yu Shengyuns heart tightened.

“Could it be that the people from Sky City have discovered us ”

She walked over to Yuchis side.

Yue Hanjiang was very, very fond of Yuchi, so she immediately climbed up into his arms.

While looking at the ugly giant python, she said, “Master, that thing is looking for me.

It wants to eat me.”

The little girls voice was childish, the meaning behind her words was heavy.

Yuchi remained calm.

“Its fine.

With me by your side, theres no need to worry.”

Yuchi fixed his gaze on the flying ship while rubbing her head.

Little Hanjiang nodded her head happily.

“Master is the best.”

Yu Shengyun smiled bitterly.

It was good for a child to be so carefree and trusting.

Not far away.

On the flying ship, a slender black figure was looking in Yuchis direction, and soon met Yuchis gaze.

The thin ghostly figure stood beside the other crew members.

His face, which was full of greed, gradually changed, and his eyes were filled with surprise.

“I didnt think Id encounter an opponent whos on par with me in this place.”

“It seems like this world is still full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.”


When the other pirates saw Yuchis group, they were also very surprised to see people out here in the wilderness.

The natural inclination of these pirates was to immediately go over to dobusiness with Yuchi.

However, because of the slender black figure, no one dared to mess around, especially after they saw that mummifiedchild turn into a disgusting giant python.

Just seeing its true form made them want to retch and vomit.

The slender black figure spoke up at this point.

“Theres no need for you to stay by my side.

If you want to go about your business, you can do so.

I wont stop you.”

The crew members were pleasantly surprised.

This included the captain of this ship.

Would he really not take offense


If so, then this was a good opportunity.

They could make use of this experts presence on their ship to threaten those people down below.

That would really feel great.

The crew members quickly jumped down from the deck of the ship, eager to get down to business.

After they did, the slender black figure disappeared from the deck of the ship and appeared in front of Yuchi.

“Friend, Ive brought you some prey.

I hope youll appreciate my kind intentions.”


After he finished speaking, he flew away in the direction that the giant python had gone toward.

Yuchi did not speak.

He simply watched the other party leave with a meaningful look on his face.

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