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“Im sorry to have disturbed you.”

“The main reason I brought this child with me on this ship is that I dont want to disturb his rest.”

“This child is quite sensitive to certain things and has a very bad temper.

Even if I were to serve him, I cant be sure that hes always in a happy state, so I let him board your ship.

Your ship is slower, so the journey would not agitate him as much.”

When the crew members heard the person speak, they looked at the black figure in front of them in fear.

What the hell was this black figure talking about

What did he mean by this child

You call that ugly thing wrapped in bandages a child

That was a living corpse, and a very loud one to boot!

If even he did not dare to be around it too much, why the hell did he put it on their ship

The crew was terrified.

“The reason why I came to talk to you is actually because my child is hungry.”

“If you guys didnt make any mistakes, I wouldnt have killed you.”

“But you were talking about my child behind his back, which made him very sad.”

“When he is sad, he wants to eat.”

“Unfortunately, the only source of food here is you guys.

My condolences.”

After the thin black figure finished speaking, he killed the crew members who had been badmouthing thechild instantly, shattering them into bite-sized fragments.

He casually waved his hand, and then the fragments flew toward thechild.

When thechild sensed the fragments of flesh and blood coming to him, he let out a ghostly laugh.

Many small hands appeared under the bandages, which almost seemed like vines.

Hundreds of these small hands dragged the fragments of flesh into the bandages.

After the fragments of flesh were all eaten, the hands were retracted back into the bandages, which then proceeded to spit out some bones.

This scene was witnessed by the black figure and the remaining crew members.

He then turned to the remaining crew members and said, “Oh right, theres something I forgot to tell you guys.”

“This child of mine is rather voracious.

If I didnt bring you guys with me, then I would have to use my own flesh and blood to feed him.”

“If this could satisfy him, then I would have done it.

Unfortunately, hes obviously tired of my flesh.”

“Theres no other way.

I was forced to kill them.

In any case, my child likes the taste of your flesh and blood.”

The crew members were so frightened by this guys words that they almost jumped off the ship.

What kind of child is this


What kind of mission did Sky City issue them this time

The crew members were so scared that they retreated to the corners of the ship.

They did not dare to speak loudly.

The slender figure took out a thin hand and placed it on the side of his round head.


“Did you guys hear that”

“My child is smiling.”

“Hes complimenting the taste of your flesh and blood.

Hahahaha, hahahaha, hahahaha, hehehe, hehehehe!”

When this thing laughed, it would never stop.

When the other crew members heard this, they did not dare to say a word.

How had they ended up with these two demons

Now, all the crew members wanted to do was to quickly complete this mission and leave this damn place.

They really did not want to be on the same ship as this thing.

At the edge of the Moon Goddess Sea.

Yuchi was sitting on the beach with a fishing rod in his hand.

The bait was doing its job.

Cofuran was using her special ability to open a passageway into the ancient era.

Yuchi felt a little bashful.

A woman had been doing his work for him this entire time.

Still, she had been the one willing to do so.

He had not instructed her to help him.

After all, prior to this, he was not even aware of her existence.

Cofuran noticed Yuchis gaze and said, “Dont get weird ideas.

Im not helping you for your sake.

I just want to obtain strength for myself..”

“Thats good,” Yuchi smiled.

Cofuran was stunned.

“I hate that youre an idiot,” she cursed.

After she finished speaking, she disappeared.

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