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In Peach Tree Village, a man was anxiously pacing back and forth in the courtyard.

His wife was giving birth.

The other relatives were also waiting outside with taut expressions.

Due to an evil curse, no one in Peach Tree Village had given birth successfully in 12 years.

The babies were either miscarried during pregnancy, or died at birth.

It was as if they had been cursed and abandoned by god.

The man was sweating profusely.

It was not until he heard the sound of crying from the room that the worry left his face, and joy filled his eyes.

“Our Peach Tree Village finally has a newborn child!”

“Thank the heavens!”

The midwife quickly came out with a baby in swaddling cloth.

After seeing the baby crying in swaddling cloth, the nearby villagers rushed over.

Their bodies had suffered different degrees of damage.

Some of them had wounds on their heads, some had their arms infected by some kind of plant, while others had lost their lower bodies and had to rely on their upper bodies to crawl over.

Everyone had one thing in common, which was that they were living beings who struggled bitterly against death.

Amidst the cheers, an old man with a missing ear suddenly asked, “Village chief, whats her name”

The man holding the child in his arms instantly panicked.

He had never imagined that he would have the opportunity to name the child.

“Yue Hanjiang!”

He finally came up with a name.

He hoped that this child could live on and become as strong as the Hanjiang river!

Furthermore, the entire village would work hard to ensure she grew up strong.

Yue Hanjiangs birth brought joy to the entire Peach Tree Village.

There were over 100 villagers in the village, and their faces were filled with smiles.

They had brought out all of the treasures in their homes.

They knew that their bodies would not be able to hold on for long.

In this cruel and merciless world, they were simply struggling at deaths door.

What was the use of keeping such treasures at home in such a situation

The blood of a greedy wolf, spider poisons, and all kinds of powder and liquids were brought over!

On the second day after Yue Hanjiangs birth, they had already gathered all of these things in the village chiefs courtyard.

A large wooden basin was already set up in the courtyard.

The big wooden basin looked like it was made of some kind of wood, but it was not.

It was the decapitated skull of a tree demon, and one could still see the lifeless wooden eyes of the tree demon.

Yue Hanjiang was carried over carefully.

Then, together with the middle-aged man, they stood next to the tree demons skull.

The priests in the village had already begun their preparations.

All kinds of strange and mysterious things were placed in the wooden basin.

Finally, the basin was soaked in divine water, turning it dark green.

One could see some Gu worms wandering around inside it.

“Village chief.”

“Are we really going to start the refinement of this Gu worm”

“Hanjiang is only two days old!”

This was a rather brutal body tempering method, which was to place a child directly in this medicinal bath, following which the medicinal properties of this medicinal bath would condense into a shape similar to that of a Gu worm.

Generally speaking, it was very effective in strengthening children and would allow them to grow rapidly within a short time.

However, was it not a little too early for the baby girl, Yue Hanjiang, who had just been born two days ago

Normally, only 10-year-old children would be able to undergo this baptism.

The middle-aged man looked at Yue Hanjiang.

The swaddled Yue Hanjiang did not utter a single sound.

She just closed her eyes and fell into a state of deep sleep.

The middle-aged man said, “This is also for the good of this child.

This child will definitely become a very powerful expert in the future!”

“Soak her in it quickly.

Later, Ill bring her to the Moon Goddess Sea to pray for blessings!”


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