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[Name: Yuchi]

[Constitution: 15.72 million]

[Strength: 14.93 million]

[Speed: 20.39 million]

[Dao essence realm: first-grade (3%)]

[Skill 1: Dragon spine (Level 11).

Like the Vast Sea Dragon King, your spine is extremely strong, and can disperse the soul of the opponent!]

[Skill 2: Netherworld bloodsucking (Level 11).

Like a Nether Swordfish, when you kill an enemy, you can extract the blood essence from your enemys body to increase your own strength!]

[Skill 3: Hellfire Dance (Level 11) Like a Nether Swordfish, you can summon a hellfire tornado to attack the enemy.]

[Skill 4: Dragon Palm Strike (Level 11).

Like the Vast Sea Dragon King, your fists possess extremely immense physical strength.

A single palm strike can destroy a city.]

Although Yuchis cultivation level had not been mentioned recently, it had already reached an unimaginable level.

Fishing was not the only way he increased his strength.

His comprehension of the Heavenly Dao had already reached a rather profound level, which meant that he would not encounter a bottleneck when he advanced to the Dao heart realm.

In addition, during this period of time, he had also taken the time to strengthen his techniques, which had now reached level 11.

Now, his hellfire dance was more than 100, or perhaps even 1000, times stronger than before.

Cofuran stood in front of Yuchi, staring blankly at the man in front of her.

What was he doing

Then, when she saw Yuchi start cultivating, she was instantly enraged.

She shouted at Yuchi angrily, “You heartless person! Im still standing right here yet youre going to ignore me and cultivate”

Even though her body had not fully recovered, she swung her sword fiercely at Yuchi.

Yuchi did not have any intention of dodging.

He let the sword pierce his chest.

With the sword in his chest, he stared at the furious woman curiously.

“Just say what you want to say.”

“If you keep it all pent up, theres no way I will know what youre going on about.”

“I cant read your mind.”


She became even more furious.

She took out another sword and stabbed it into his head.

Yuchi was speechless.

What was going on with this woman in front of him

It was inexplicable.

Why was she behaving like a petulant child

Then, Yuchi also used his comprehension of the Dao heart realm to disperse the two swords.

His wounds also recovered instantly.

Then, an idea suddenly popped up in Yuchis mind.

He stretched out his hand to stop her before she launched her third attack, and said, “Wait a moment.”

“I think I might know why youre so angry.”

While Cofuran was hesitating, Yuchi asked curiously, “By any chance, do you like me Are your actions due to jealousy”

Cofuran was speechless.

Yuchis conjecture was not born from narcissism.

Cofuran had been beside him from the very beginning.

Although he had never seen her, she had been constantly helping him, and acting as a guide.

In a sense one could say that Cofuran had watched Yuchi grow up to become what he was today.

It probably had nothing to do with actual love, but rather a form of selfish possessiveness.

In other words, from her point of view, he was her personal belonging.

Now that her personal item was no longer her own, she felt a strong sense of betrayal, which was probably why she wanted to kill him.

“I dont think your hatred comes from my improving strength.”

“Its because my relationship with Yu Shengyun has been getting better and better, right”

Yuchi continued, “Now that I think about it, previously, when I saved Yu Shengyun during the hunt, I felt your gaze become more severe.

And it got even worse when I went to the Eye of Black Ice with Yu Shengyun.”

He smiled bitterly.

“You should have told me earlier if you had such thoughts.

When I was fishing in the Netherworld Sea, you should have shown yourself.

Then, this situation wouldnt have happened.”

After a brief period of confusion, Cofuran angrily said, “Did you even bother asking me back then!”

A sharp cross-shaped longsword appeared in her hand as she stabbed Yuchis chest again and again.

“Did you think I was a tool this entire time!”

“Yes,” Yuchi replied.

Cofuran exclaimed, “Ah! Im going to kill you!”

It was just as she said.

He had always treated her as a tool to communicate with the ancient era.

Logically speaking, he had no idea of knowing that she was a living, thinking being, nor one that was so jealous.

It was all quite strange.

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