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After Yuchis battle with that woman, he would occasionally ponder on matters related to her.

Her skills had originated from him, so it was very likely that this woman had been by his side from the very beginning, which was how she had learned those skills.

Yet there was no trace of such a person.

Furthermore, in order to learn those skills, this mysterious woman had to defeat those ancient beings, and also deal with the remnant souls in the form of demons and ghosts in her sea of consciousness.

How had she done this

Was there really something that had accompanied him from the beginning until now

The answer could only be one thing, which was the fishing rod in his hand.

After figuring this out, Yuchi kept a closer eye on the fishing rod while fishing.

He began to carefully sense how the fishing rod communicated with the ancient era and how it functioned.

In the end, today, he finally understood how it worked.

It turned out that there was a soul residing in his fishing rod.

This soul turned into the bait at the end of his fishing line, and would open up the passage to the ancient era underwater.

Just now, when he was fishing, he had been watching closely.

Once underwater, the soul had attached a divine flower onto his fishing line.

Moreover, her actions were really careful, as if afraid that he would notice.

She was like a little kitten that had stolen a fish.

As for why she could only communicate with the ancient era once a day, it seemed that it was because she was under some kind of restriction.

She only had one chance to leave the fishing rod every day.

If the fishing rod lost her soul, it would no longer be able to communicate with the ancient era.

“Therefore, I can now be completely sure that there is a soul residing in this fishing rod.

Although Im not completely sure of this souls identity, all clues point to it being the mysterious woman from before.”

“All these years, Ive been dunking her in and out of the water.

It somehow feels like Ive been using her.”


Yuchi really wanted to have a good talk with the other party.

At the very least, he needed to find out if his conjecture about the souls identity was correct.

There was a high probability of this being true in his opinion.

Otherwise, there was no plausible reason why that mysterious woman had managed to master all of his skills.

In the end, the other party did not respond, and the surroundings remained silent.

“It seems like youre not going to give me a direct answer,” Yuchi continued indifferently.

“Fine then.

If you wont respond, then Ill stop fishing until you do.

You can forget about learning any skills in the future.”

After he finished speaking, Yuchi waited for five seconds, but there was still no response.

In that case, there was nothing else to say.

Just as Yuchi was about to put away the fishing rod, the mysterious woman finally appeared in front of him.

“You despicable fellow,” the woman said angrily.

Yuchi laughed.

This mysterious woman was clearly still injured.

The womans face and body were blurry, it was as if she was covered by an invisible veil.

It was the same as when he fought with the woman back then.

He did not know what she truly looked like.

Yuchi was not in a hurry to speak.

The womans appearance had proved his conjecture to be correct.

As unbelievable as it seemed, there was someone residing in his fishing rod.

Who would have thought that he had been fishing using this woman as bait

This really was something else, and it was also quite embarrassing.

“It wasnt easy for me to figure out your existence,” Yuchi said awkwardly.

In the small cabin, Yu Shengyun did not know who Yuchi was talking to.

She looked around carefully, but she could not see the mysterious woman who had appeared next to Yuchi.

In any case, Yuchi did behave strangely sometimes, so Yu Shengyun was already used to it.

She pretended not to hear him.

Compared to this kind of thing, she felt that she should be focused on increasing her strength.

Only then would she be able to help Yuchi in battle.

She did not really want the last incident to repeat itself, where she could only remain in the cabin and cook dinner.

“Gambatte, Yu Shengyun!” Yu Shengyun comforted herself.


She started to cultivate.

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