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On the mountain inside Yuchis sea of consciousness.

Yinguan Luoying and Medusa had been rapidly restoring their souls.

Based on their current rate of progress, this would be completed in ten years at most, which was mostly due to Yuchis ever-growing strength.

Otherwise, it would take hundreds of years.

Slovins arrival, however brief it might have been, interrupted their daily routine.

Before Slovins soul was completely devoured by these demons and ghosts, he had a taste of what it felt like to be torn apart by thousands of demons and ghosts.

Truly a fitting end.

When his cries finally disappeared, Medusa looked at Yinguan Luoying, who was slowly walking toward a little rabbit and said helplessly, “Hey, why are you bullying those rabbits again”

Yinguan Luoying turned to look at her.


You sensed that blue energy too.

Do you really think we have a chance against him I just want to restore my soul and body and run away to the ends of the earth.

Theres no point in deluding myself that I can beat him.”

“Still, before that, I want to beat up some rabbits in his sea of consciousness while I can.”

After she finished speaking, she kicked a little rabbit off the mountain.

The little rabbit was knocked flying thousands of meters before finally landing on the sea of clouds.

It was obvious that it had not suffered any injuries.

As for the blue energy that she mentioned just now, it was the power that Yuchi had obtained from the divine flower.

This power had already far exceeded the limits of their understanding of the Heavenly Dao, though they were unaware that Yuchi had chosen to reject the power due to its corruptive influence.

They only knew that a man wielding such power was not someone they could defeat.

He was truly an undefeatable existence.

Medusa thought about what she had said in the past.

She no longer had the confidence in her ability to deal with Yuchi.

“Its been dealt with.”

After Yuchi was done, the Moon Goddess Sea returned to its usual peaceful state.

He then returned to have dinner with Yu Shengyun.

He did not mention what he saw on the flying ship, only praising Yu Shengyuns cooking.

Yu Shengyun seemed to have sensed something as well.

After the meal was finished, she walked over to Yuchis side.

Her fingers gently rested on his shoulders as she leaned into his arms, locking gazes with him.

Her voice was sweet and soft as she whispered to Yuchi, “Are you really full”

Yuchi laughed.

A saintess was still a saintess after all.

She was rather adept at reading his mood and expression.

Their days returned to normal.

Yu Shengyun had stopped cultivating, but her cultivation speed was somehow increasing, especially when she was with Yuchi at night.

Her cultivation level rose hundreds of times faster than when she cultivated alone.

‘Could this be the benefit of the legendary dual cultivation union


‘It might be!

‘I can sense the Heavenly Dao through him.

This is something completely unexpected and new to me.

Yu Shengyuns face was red.

She turned to look out the window, where Yuchi was sitting quietly at the edge of the Moon Goddess Sea.

It had been almost half a year since the incident with Slovin.

This entire time, Yu Shengyun had been wondering when the people from Sky City would come and attempt to exact revenge.

However, they had not appeared.

‘Did they choose to ignore this incident

‘I dont get it.

Sky City values the reputation as vicious and vengeful people.

By right, they should have arrived a long time ago.

The answer to her question was actually very simple.

When Yuchi destroyed the flying ship, he had also confined the Dao aura around the ship, preventing it from transmitting any information.

In other words, Sky City did not know that Slovin had been killed.

The reason why Yuchi did this was very simple.

He did not have time to deal with Sky City just yet, especially in the past few months.

After staying in the Moon Goddess Sea for some time, he had gained an understanding of the identity of the mysterious woman he had fought.

Yuchi sat at the edge of the cliff.


He spoke to the cliff in front of him in a calm and casual manner, “How long are you going to hide Do you think that youll never see me again”

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