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In the cabin, Yu Shengyun was watching.

“My man is really too strong!”

“An attack that could have easily killed me was dealt with so effortlessly.”

“Hes amazing!”

After that, she walked out of the cabin and called out softly, “Hubby, dinner is ready.”

Yu Shengyuns voice wasnt loud, but she knew that Yuchi would definitely be able to hear her.

Even though she had been with Yuchi for a long time now, her words still made her tremble with shyness.

Yu Shengyun glanced at the pirates in the distance, who were now looking at her with pleading expressions, seemingly asking for forgiveness.

Yu Shengyun did not want to get involved in this, but since their gazes had met, she could only say, “I cant help you with this.

If you had been a little more restrained from the beginning, things would never have come to this.

Honestly speaking, if you really want to bully someone, you should at least be completely certain that hes weaker than you.”

“I can only say that you guys have no brains.”

She could see that these pirates were now thinking of taking her hostage to threaten Yuchi.

She sighed softly.

“Dont waste your time.

Even though Im not as strong as he is, Im a first-grade Dao realm cultivator, so you guys cant beat me.

Just sit there and wait.

I dont want to get my hands dirty.”

After she finished speaking, she went back to continue preparing dinner.

Slovin was terrified.

Why were both of them so strong

What were these two powerhouses doing out here in the wilderness

“Why did I run into such anomalies Am I destined to die here”

Slovin was drowning in despair.

This feeling of waiting for death was extremely terrifying.

The fear of impending death could be seen in everyones eyes.

They began to pray…

For a miracle!

On the flying ship.

When the crew on the ship saw Yuchi arrive, they retreated in panic.

Their invincible attack had failed!

Yuchi was like a tiger that had entered a sheep pen.

When the sheep saw this terrifying tiger, they all began to back away.

As for Yuchi, he took a rough look around the flying ship.

The entire flying ship seemed to be made of a unique type of wood.

On the wood panels, he could see some rather complicated patterns.

These patterns seemed to contain Dao aura, which was probably why this hundred-meter-long ship was able to fly.

The ships furnishings were quite luxurious.

There were all kinds of items that were considered priceless treasures by others.

Yuchi, on the other hand, was not interested in such things.

He examined the ship with his divine sense.

Then, he frowned and walked down the deck of the ship.

There was a prison under the deck, and many members of the myriad races were locked up here.

However, most of them were either dead or injured.

There were also some who were obviously very young.

Their limbs were broken, and pustules were festering on their open wounds.

There were even bugs swimming in the yellow pus.

In this dark prison, a pungent smell assaulted his nose.

Yuchi frowned as he looked at the scene in front of him.

To most humans, this could be described as hell.

It seemed that cruelty was something that ran in the blood of every race in this world!

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