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On the shore outside the Netherworld Sea prison, Yuchi had already sat back down.

He was holding the fishing rod in his hand.

His back was facing the Netherworld Sea prison, and he looked rather calm.

If someone could see his face at this time, they would see that the corners of his mouth were almost stretched to the base of his ears!


He revealed a smile that would make ones hair stand on end!

His eyes were curved up into a half-moon shape, his nose was wrinkled, and his teeth could be seen through the wide smirk on his mouth.


Yuchi loved to fight!

Though he had expressed his love for battle more than once, if he was not fighting, he was a very calm person.


He could be gentle and harmless but, at the flip of a switch, he would begin to burn with uncontrollable excitement, driven by the thrill of the hunt!

He felt the same way about fishing.

Before he started fishing, his mind was usually quite stable, but when he fought it out with the fish, his heart was burning with excitement.


At this time, if one got close to him, they would be able to hear a series of strange sounds.

He was singing some strange-sounding aria!


No one knew what or why he was singing at this time!

The current situation looked just as strange.

Covered by the thin mist, a lonely figure sat by the sea with a blood-red fishing rod in his hand.

However, his facial expression was like that of an innocent child, and one would be able to sense his joy bubbling forth from the depths of his heart.


This was the joy of the hunt.


He had obviously already regarded Feng Yi and the others as his prey.

However, it would be too boring if he simply crushed his prey with force.


The essence of hunting was not about the results, but the process!

“It seems like Im gradually becoming more and more familiar with the rules of this world!”

“This world really is a suitable place for people like me to live in!”

“Its really such a perfect world that it makes me want to scream with excitement!”

“All kinds of oppression, all kinds of hatred, all kinds of killing.

When all these things come together, its a carnival!”



His deep voice rumbled.

He was willing to reveal his true nature during the process of hunting.


He would be strongest while in this state.

He would be so strong that he would shock the regular him post-incident.


The uninhibited blood essence and qi of a human, the cruel aura hidden under the appearance of a weak scholar…

This was the true nature of the human race.

They were a race that could only rely on morality, knowledge, and education to hide the violence, brutality, and killing intent in their hearts.


The human race was really good.

However, why did such a race repeatedly fall into a disadvantageous state in the battle between the ten thousand races


“Could it be that they were too cruel to their own kind”

“Should humans not lie to each other”

“Should the entire human race be united”

Yuchi looked at the Netherworld Sea prison behind him, which was in tatters, and thought about the fancy suits and leather shoes that Feng Yi and the others were wearing.



It was true.

There was a reason for their decline after all.


Over the next 20 days, Zhang Tiancheng and the other two experienced the darkest days of their lives.

They did not dare to sleep in the middle of the night.

Every night…

Every f*cking night…

There would be rocks suddenly flying in from the window!

It was impossible to guard against!

The whole situation was too terrifying.

Falling asleep was a very easy thing to do.

In the end, they had barely slept a wink before being suddenly woken up by a sudden attack!

The clarity of mind and alertness could last for about half an hour, but when it faded, what followed was a heavy sense of fatigue!

In the end, he didnt dare to sleep at all.

The other party seemed to be a devil of the night who did not know the meaning of the word sleep!

When night fell, the devil became invincible!

It was almost as if the devil had bat-like wings on his back, flapping them ceaselessly and he soared through the sky and wreaked havoc.

The entire Netherworld Sea prison was his territory!


“Youre not allowed to sleep.”

That was the message the devil was conveying to them.

“Youre not allowed to sleep.”

“Without my permission, without my approval, without my mercy… None of you are allowed to sleep.”

How terrifying was this!

What kind of absurd rule was this

At this moment, it was daytime.

It was drizzling, and the sky was overcast.

Zhang Tiancheng was leaning on his soul beast, the golden eagle.

His eyes were tired and bloodshot.

He had even lost a lot of weight!

A B-grade beast tamer like him, who was originally full of energy, was now in such a sorry state to the point that he could even be compared to a beggar!

The fear in his eyes was evident.

His eyes looked out of the window listlessly and miserably.

Even if a bird or two flew by occasionally, the shadow of the passing bird would make him shrink back in fear.

There was no time to replenish his soul power.

Each day felt like a year to him.

This was also true for his golden eagle soul beast.

Its golden feathers had already become extremely dull.

It was dejectedly perched amidst the rain motionlessly, as if it was dead.

Inside the room, Feng Yi was holding a worn-out quilt.

She cowered in the corner of the room.

Her tears had long dried out.

She mumbled some words.

No one knew what she was saying, but her mouth kept opening and closing like a fish that had been drowning for a long time.

She felt completely defeated.

Noble, influential, famous, and so on, all of the statuses her identity had been built upon were destroyed, leaving only her solitary status as a human.

She was struggling at deaths door.

In another corner of the prison, Captain Chens face was full of fear.

He was out of his mind.

To be honest, in the past 20 days, he was the only one who had not been attacked.

Still, he was really afraid!

“Its true!”

“If he stood up and killed us, then this would just be a bowl-sized scar!”

“But hes completely immersed in his own world!”

“This is a lunatic! A lunatic with a mental illness!”

“I understand!”

“I finally understand!”

“I finally know why he stayed in the Netherworld Sea prison despite being so powerful.”

“Hes a madman!”

“Only a lunatic could be so powerful!”

“Only a madman can completely ignore everything else and devote himself to cultivation!”

Captain Chen was already on his knees.

As he kowtowed, he looked at the light rain around him.

He cried, “I know Ive done wrong.

I know Ive not done my job well.”

“Im begging you to spare us!”

“Please, Im begging you!”

“Please let us live!”

The prisoners were not out and about because of the rain today.

Compared to the three peoples miserable state, the prisoners were not hurt at all.

Looking at Captain Chens current state, they, who were standing by their windows, felt their hearts ache.

To be honest though…

He asked for this.

There was nothing wrong with them displaying hatred for him despite his pitiful state.

“They did this because of the soul beast that was placed underneath our prison!”

“Thats right, they were really smart, eh They ignored our safety and wellbeing and placed a soul beast under our prison.”

“Weve recently investigated and discovered that there were times when people went missing in the prison.

They were eaten by this soul beast!”

“Not to mention that incident that happened a year ago.

There were so many of us who were massacred by those hunters!”

“When the hunters were killing us, where were these so-called righteous people”

“Were they not still enjoying fine wine and food”


“And this time, the soul beasts disappearance is also our fault!”

“If it wasnt for this senior protecting us in the dark, who knows what kind of unfair treatment we would have suffered!”


“You all are regretting it now, eh”

“Why were you guys so arrogant earlier”

The prisoners were busy chattering with one another.

They did not care about what was going on.

After all, they did not believe that they had done anything wrong.

Sure, before we came to the Netherworld Sea prison, even if we were slandered and falsely accused, well admit it.

We can readily admit that we are prisoners.

However, we received our prison sentences and are now serving time.

You guys, on the other hand, tricked us like this! Not just once, too! Honestly, it seemed like you guys were really familiar with scamming people.

Since you all did not treat us like humans, why should we sympathize with you

They really asked for it!

“But I have to say, this senior is really amazing.”


“He even came up with such a scheme to give them sleepless nights and attack them psychologically.”


Everyone respected Yuchi, who was helping them from behind the scenes.

At least after this incident, they would not be bullied anymore.

The Netherworld Sea prison might be able to regain its peaceful state.


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