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Yuchi left.

While it seemed that Song Bei had been so seriously injured that he could never practice martial arts in the future, Yuchi had been kind enough to secretly heal some of his critical injuries.

The stuff that was left were just superficial wounds.

This child had to suffer a little to learn his lesson.

Otherwise, after the old man left, no one would be able to control this child.

The other students looked at Yuchis back as he left.

They did not dare to make a sound.

This barefooted man was terrifying!

Who was this person

Would Song Bei even survive

Despite suppressing his strength to Song Beis level, he had inflicted a crushing defeat on the latter.

Heck, Song Bei had not even managed to land one blow.

Now, that once arrogant person was curled up like a boiled shrimp on the ground, covered in blood.

Pain wracked his body, and his tears could not stop flowing.

In a small but clean restaurant, a few girls were sitting at a table.

There were some simple dishes on the table, and some lemonade on the side.

The girls were of course Yu Shengyun and the others.

While Yuchi was beating up Song Bei, she had been chatting with the girls, and had even dug up some old stories about Yuchi, which made her feel happy.

She felt that she now knew Yuchi a little better.

Qin Lanyu, though, was in a state of shock.

She knew that Yuchi had left the human races territory, but she had no idea what he had been up to.

Hearing the stories Yu Shengyun told, she was stunned senseless.

Had Yuchis strength already reached such a terrifying level

Furthermore, this beautiful girl in front of them was not a human, but an angel!

What kind of race was the angel race

She was clueless and had no idea what to make of the information Yu Shengyun shared.

It was beyond her scope of understanding.

On the other hand, Fengyi was her usual optimistic and bubbly self, as she kept nodding and cheering during Yu Shengyuns stories.

When Yu Shengyun was done, she could not help but say, “It turns out that the outside world is so dangerous.

Then, when I get stronger, Ill go out and explore the world myself!”

Yu Shengyun smiled and nodded.

“Sure, but if you want to be able to protect yourself in the outside world, you have to at least reach the Dao realm, or what you humans call SSS-grade.”


“As long as you dont go around and offend people, you should be able to live in some small sects and forces.”

Fengyi was speechless.

Yuanyuan was even more so.

SSS-grade combatants were already considered peak-level combatants among the human race.

This was the harsh reality.

How terrifying were the myriad races then

Still, Fengyi still wanted to do it.

She wanted to see the world and widen her horizons.

Then, she changed the topic.

“So, are you two together now Where are you guys going next”

“Yes,” Yu Shengyun nodded and replied, “Were indeed together now.

The next place were heading to is the Moon Goddess Sea, which is quite far away.”

Saying such things still made her feel quite bashful.

“When you girls get stronger, I hope you can come to the angel races territory as guests.

If you go over, ask them to use a secret method to contact me, and Ill make my way over to meet you all.”

Fengyi nodded.

“I have another question.

How big is the territory of our human race compared to all of the other races you know”

Yuanyuan and Qin Lanyu were also very curious.

Yu Shengyun was a little embarrassed.

“The answer to this question might be a little harsh on the ears.”

“Its alright.

Dont worry about it.

Just tell it to us straight.”

Yu Shengyun thought for a while before saying, “A grain of sand in the desert.”

A grain of sand in the desert

What a terrifying description this was! Then, how big was this world

Yu Shengyun continued in an embarrassed tone, “Even I only came here because Yuchi accompanied me.

If he wasnt by my side, I wouldnt have dared to act rashly with my current strength.”

“There are too many dangers everywhere in this world, and there is chaos everywhere.”

While Fengyi and the others were still in a daze, Yu Shengyun suddenly added, “So I think everyone here likes Yuchi.”

“Theres still a glimmer of hope, you know.

Even if Im by his side, I still have to increase my strength at all times.

Otherwise, Ill drag him down eventually and become insignificant.”

“Therefore, good luck!”

“I hope to have some competition,” Yu Shengyun said generously.

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