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“Are you guys crazy”

“Im going to the hospital to see a patient.

What identity information do you want me to show you Whats the problem Im not a bad person.

I dont care if youre from the Department of Inspection or not, please make way for me!”

Fengyi was very angry.

She had not even changed her clothes.

After receiving Qin Lanyus message, she immediately dropped what she was doing and headed over.

However, she ended up being stopped at the entrance of the hospital.

How infuriating!

Just as she was about to fly into a rage, the people who were secretly guarding the hospital let her in.

At the same time, the director of the Department of Inspections curses could be heard in their earpieces.

“Is there something wrong with your brains I asked you to secretly guard the hospital, not to set up a roadblock!”

“Are you guys f*cking trying to seal off the hospital”

“Just keep an eye on the troublesome ones and shoo them away!”

The director of the Department of Inspection felt disgusted by his mens incompetence.

This bunch of fools!

Fengyi did not know that the man who stopped her just now had been scolded.

She just looked at him unhappily, and then entered the hospital.

After taking the elevator all the way to the designated floor, she finally found Qin Lanyu.

At the same time, there was a girl opposite Qin Lanyu.




So pretty!

Fengyi walked over and greeted Qin Lanyu in a friendly manner, “Sister Lanyu, Im here.”

“Whos this”

“Nice to meet you.

Im Fengyi!”

Yu Shengyun turned to look at Fengyi with a smile.

“Hello, Im Yu Shengyun.”

Fengyi immediately came over and stuck to Yu Shengyuns side, “Hello, Sister Shengyun, youre really super beautiful.

Where are you from This is the first time Ive seen someone as beautiful as you.”

Then she turned to Qin Lanyu, who was sweating profusely, and said, “Sister Lanyu, look! Shes so pretty!”

Qin Lanyu: …

She did not even know what to say.

‘My good little sister!

‘You did not know who she was, and yet you happily came over and chatted her up.

‘Also, why are you so happy The old man in the ward is about to die, and Yuanyuan is here too.


‘Read the room!

However, Fengyi did not realize this at all.

Her optimism was her defense mechanism against the troubles of the world.

Without it, she would have committed suicide long ago.

She smiled and waved at Yu Shengyun.

“Miss, Im going to visit the patient.

Dont leave, Ill treat you to a big meal later.

Dont worry, Im a good person.

I dont have any ill intentions!”

Yu Shengyun could not help but laugh.

She was really an interesting girl.

In any case, even if she did have ill intentions, Yu Shengyun was far stronger than she was.

“Go ahead.” Yu Shengyun nodded with a bright smile on her face.

Just as Fengyi was about to slip away to chat with his old man, Qin Lanyu grabbed her hand.

Then, when Fengyi stared at her, confused, Qin Lanyu whispered,”Hes back.”

“Who is” Fengyi asked curiously.

“Yuchi,” Qin Lanyu said.



“Ah, the man I like back” Fengyi was pleasantly surprised.

“Lemme go see.

I havent seen him in a long time!”

Qin Lanyu was at her wits end.


‘His lover is here.

How could you say such things!

Yuanyuan, who had been watching the whole time, also overheard her words, and no longer seemed as sad.

Senior was back!

After that, just as Fengyi was making a fuss about looking for Yuchi, the person in question came out of the ward.

Seeing the other disciples surprised gazes, he nodded kindly, “Ive already finished.

You can go in now.”

The disciples immediately nodded.

However, they were also shocked.

They had heard Yu Shengyuns earlier conversation with Qin Lanyu.

This guy was actually going out with this outrageously beautiful girl

How blissful!

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