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Yuchi and Yu Shengyun had finally left the angel races territory and were on the way to the Moon Goddess Sea.

However, something unexpected happened.

While Yuchi was flying in the sky with Yu Shengyun, he halted in mid-air.

He stood in mid-air with a slight frown.

Yu Shengyun looked over with curiosity and concern.

“Shengyun, I think there are still some private matters that I need to deal with among the humans.

However, you should come with me this time,” he said.

Yu Shengyun was shocked.

Some time ago, Yuchi had gone back to the human races territory to deal with personal matters, but it was not actually to deal with personal matters.

Yu Shengyun was very clear that he had obviously gone there to fight.

In the end, he won.

He did not tell her the details after he came back, and she did not ask about it either.

However, it seemed that it was for real this time.

Yu Shengyun nodded.

Yuchi then continued, “Whether I admit it or not, Im from the human race.

I dont have many friends within the human race, but theres an old man who doesnt have long to live.

Hell pass away in a while.”

“Thinking about our trip to the Moon Goddess Sea, I reckon we wont be back for a long time, so I should drop by for a visit.

I also want to see how the cultivation of martial arts among the human race is developing, and clear up any doubts they might have.”

Yu Shengyun replied with a smile, “I wanted to take a look at the human race previously, but you didnt want to take me there.

Im still curious about it, so Im happy to tag along.

After all, Ive only heard about the humans through passing rumors.”

“Lets go,” he said.


In the human city.

Yuanyuan had grown up to be a fine adult, but recently, she had been quite depressed.

Her grandfather had been sick for a long time, and the hospital had given him very little time to live.

Originally, he should not have been able to make it through last night, but a miracle happened last night.

The old man, who had been struggling to speak or even breathe, was now full of energy.

It felt like the last radiance of the setting sun.

This incident had really shocked the doctors.

Could there really be a miracle

In reality, the reason was simple.

When Yuchi left the human city the last time, he had also left a wisp of Dao aura in the old mans body.

This wisp of Dao aura was rather weak, but it would help the old man avoid death at a critical moment.

It was not that Yuchi did not want to impart more of his Dao aura, but rather that the old mans body could not withstand it.

After all, it was not the old mans own Dao aura.

Such a thing was beneficial in small quantities, but poisonous in large quantities.

However, this state would not last for long.

At most, he could only hold on for a month.

After that, when the Dao aura dissipated, he would die.

Qin Lanyu stood beside Yuanyuan, who was crying in the corridor.

She picked up her phone and glanced at the message on it.

It was from Fengyi.

She would immediately rush back from another human city.

After Yuchi left, they had bonded with each other, and Qin Lanyu had given up her profession as a psychiatrist to explore the martial Dao with Fengyi.

Although she was not particularly talented, her hard work still gave her some measure of success in this field.


“Fengyi will be back soon!”

“Dont worry! No matter what happens, well definitely be here by your side!”

Yuanyuan was touched, but still sad.

She nodded and said, “Thank you.

Youre both really good people.”

It could be said that Qin Lanyu and Fengyi had watched Yuanyuan grow up.

Although the lifespan of martial artists was generally longer, there was also a basic requirement for that premise, which was that the martial artists path must be correct.

The old mans situation was a little special.

He had practiced too many random cultivation techniques in the past, which caused his body to be riddled with hidden problems.

Not far away, two figures appeared at the top of the stairs.

Qin Lanyu and Yuanyuan did not notice the two figures when they first appeared.

After all, the hospital was full of people.

Then, Qin Lanyu caught sight of the two figures when they passed by them.

A nurse was leading them forward.

This appearance!

She could not help but stand up.

It was him!

He came back

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