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Yu Shengyun had already finished praying.

She stood up and looked at the small tree in front of her.

Yu Shengxuan, who was standing beside her, said in a serious tone, “My disciple, this time, you might really be leaving the angel race for good.”

“Based on what you told me earlier, you probably wont be coming back for a long time.”

Yu Shengyun nodded after hearing that.

Her eyes were filled with a sense of reluctance.

“Yes, were going to the Moon Goddess Sea this time.

Its quite far away.

If I wasnt with Yuchi, I would never dare to travel there alone.”

“I might not be able to return for five, perhaps even ten years, so you must take good care of yourself, master.”

“If I really get pregnant one day, Ill need your help to take care of me.

That man really knows too little about these things, and I dont know much about it myself.”

In terms of population, the angel race was not a particularly large race.

Incidentally, if an angel wanted to get pregnant, the process was different compared to humans.

Angels had to be nourished by a special formation while they were pregnant.

At the same time, they also had to take many special potions.

It was impossible for an angel to bear a child without the assistance of the abovementioned requirements.

Yu Shengxuan nodded with a smile.

She hugged Yu Shengyun in her arms.

She had been responsible for delivering Yu Shengyun when she had been born.

In the blink of an eye, twenty to thirty years had passed.

Time really passed by quickly.

Yu Shengxuan could sense her reluctance, “Recently, the outside world is not very safe.”

“Theres a headhunter whos considerably dangerous, so you should not leave Yuchis side.”

This headhunter had only appeared in the recent year, and no one had any idea which race this guy was from.

However, according to rumors, this guy liked to collect the heads of different races and display them as his prized possessions.

His strength was also very terrifying.

The Tiandu division had sent people to surround and assassinate him two or three times, but they had returned without success.

He was a very cunning and devious person, and he especially liked to hunt the females of the various races.

Yu Shengyun nodded seriously after hearing that.

She leaned into her masters arms and said in a muffled voice, “Master, there are actually many things that I havent told you, but you can rest assured that since Ive already made the decision to be with Yuchi, I will stick to it.

Even if I die, I will die with him.”

Then, Yu Shengxuan seemed to have sensed something different from Yu Shengyuns words.

“Actually, I know that Yuchi did not really like me that much.

The only reason he chose to be with me was to prove to himself that he was still a normal person through me.”

“That period of time was really rough.”

Yu Shengxuan was shocked.

“But its all good now.

Not only does he care about me on the surface, but I can also clearly feel that, although hes not good at expressing himself, he does actually love me.”

“At least I managed to conquer this man to a certain extent, which makes me quite happy.”

Yu Shengxuan had mixed feelings.

She did not know much about Yuchi either.

She just felt that Yuchi was a person who was hard to understand.

“Its good to hear you tell me your true feelings, “Yu Shengxuan said, “But you should have told me about this from the beginning.

After all, we have been master and disciple for many years.

If you had told me about your relationship with him from the start, I might have been able to give you some advice, even though I dont really understand love.”

She gently stroked Yu Shengyuns hair.

Finally, she said, “Alright, lets go back.

Dont let your man wait too long.”

Yu Shengyun nodded seriously.

Then, she said in a relaxed tone, “If one day Yuchi and I really have a child, I wonder if he will really take our child around with him while killing people.”

“In the past, he would have done this, but who knows what will happen in the future”

“Hes also slowly changing.

After all, time changes everyone.”

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