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Earlier, Yuchi had been pondering his existence here in this world.

Was he just a passerby here

What was the point of all his efforts

Was there any meaning to his existence in this world

In the end, he decided not to worry or consider these things.

It was better to live in the present and just be himself.

“No matter who is looking at me, and no matter how they look at me, I wont care.

I am me.”

“I have my own plans and arrangements.”

He would keep things simple and straightforward.

In the desert that could no longer be called a desert, Tian Luohe was still standing motionless.

Recalling Yuchis appearance and his slightly embarrassed expression as he apologized and left, he was shocked!

What was going on

He was already prepared to be exploited by Yuchi and forced to make sacrifices to ensure the safety of his race.

However, in the end, Yuchi only wondered why he was here!

It was a miracle!

Feeling grateful and relieved, Tian Luohe decided to examine the traces of the Heavenly Dao left behind after the battle.

Although most of it had dissipated, it was still a great opportunity for him.

He immediately sat down and started to cultivate.

Cultivating here was even more effective than consuming dozens of heavenly treasures and herbs.

He quickly calmed himself down and focused his mind on cultivation.

‘If even the traces of the Heavenly Dao here are this strong, then how terrifyingly strong is he”

The feeling of escaping death was really great.

He even felt like crying.

In the Heavenly Palace of the angel race, Yu Shengyun was chatting with her master.

Her expression was currently one of surprise.

“Master, you said that despite our clan leader going over to help the red snake race, they were unable to resolve the situation over there”

By right, the angel races status as one of the top myriad races should have been sufficient to smooth things over, at the very least to the point where both sides could approach the negotiation table.

Yet, in the end, things had not gone as planned.

Even after Yu Huaqing arrived, the other party kept attacking and isolating the red snake race, which was one of the smaller races.

If this situation continued, it would likely result in the complete annihilation of the red snake race.

Yu Shengyun was confused as to how things had turned out like this.

Was the other party really disregarding the angel races status

It did not make any sense.

Yu Shengxuan looked at her disciple, before saying, “Im not sure how it happened like this either, but if this isnt resolved, it will damage the dignity of the angel race as well and make it difficult for the smaller races to trust us and become our vassals.”

“Well be looked down upon due our inability to help the red snake race, and even other major races might not take us seriously when we approach the negotiating table.”

“Without sufficient vassals, our tribute revenue will decrease, which will have a direct impact on the resources we can allocate to members of our race.”

Yu Shengxuan suddenly looked at Yu Shengyun and asked, “My dear disciple, have you given your chastity to Yuchi”

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