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The coin had already disappeared.

Yuchi looked at the woman who was pressed to the ground with one hand.

He said calmly, “Im very curious.

How did you master the exact same techniques as me Where did you get these techniques from If you can answer my question, I can spare your life.”

In simple terms, this woman was like his clone, but somehow the strength of this clone was ten times stronger than he was!

Were it not for the fact that her comprehension of the Heavenly Dao was lacking compared to his, he would definitely be the one pressed on the ground right now.

As such, he wanted to know…

Why was it that all her techniques were the same as his Moreover, they were strengthened versions of his techniques.

There was something very strange about all of this.

When Yuchi was fishing, although he could not be sure that no one had seen him fishing at all times, there was definitely no one who had watched him fish from the very beginning and learnt all of his techniques.

That was impossible.

There had to be a secret behind all of this, which was why he kept this woman alive.

When the woman heard Yuchis words, she laughed loudly.

It was a very crazy and sorrowful smile.

In the end, this woman actually gave Yuchi a light kiss on the lips, with an expression that was full of contempt.

Although she did not say anything, her actions indicated that she absolutely would not reveal any information to Yuchi.

“Alright then,” he said.

Yuchi stood up and, at the same time, the woman in front of him instantly scattered to ashes, dispersing with the wind.

Yuchi was left alone in the desert, looking at the flames and lava surrounding him.

He remained silent for a long time.

The current situation was too unusual.

This woman clearly exhibited killing intent toward him, which had been undisguised this entire time.

Yet her gaze also contained many other emotions.

He could only say that she was a strange person.

Right now, Yuchi was not in a hurry to leave this area.

His body was seriously damaged.

He had taken quite a beating before finally figuring things out.

“Ill figure it out in the future, so theres no need to be anxious now.”

“After all, I didnt completely kill her.”

“She ran away.”

At the edge of the desert, Tian Luohe stood motionless.

The battle just now had been extremely dangerous and terrifying, even as a bystander.

To be honest, if he had not been a third-grade Dao essence realm cultivator, even the shockwaves from the battle would have killed him.

“Fortunately, the battle is finally over.”

Tian Luohes heart was gripped by fear, and he was trying his best to suppress his shock.

When he finally did, he walked toward the center of what used to be the desert, step by step.

As he walked over, he released his aura openly.

This was an obvious act of goodwill.

He did not want to be mistaken for someone who had come to launch a sneak attack.

In any case, releasing his aura would tell the person that he was no threat.

After all, he was vastly weaker than the other party.

After an hour, Tian Luohe finally caught sight of Yuchi.

A young man in rather ordinary, ragged clothes was sitting in the crater, where it was the deepest, without moving an inch.

Tian Luohe could not feel any pressure from this young man, and it was because of this that he felt extremely afraid.

This meant that the other partys strength far exceeded his.

He did not dare to move.

He only dared to stand ten meters away from the young man and wait quietly.

Yuchi opened his eyes in confusion.

His eyes fell on Tian Luohe, as he smiled and asked, “Whats the matter”

Tian Luohe stuttered out a reply.

“My lord, my name is Tian Luohe.

I hail from the Tianluo race, and I am the clan leader of the Tianluo race.

Your battle just now was quite terrifying.

As the clan leader of the Tianluo race, I had to make my way here to see if you needed any help.”

“Of course, the Tianluo race has no intention of going against you, my lord.”

“As the clan leader of the Tianluo clan, I swear this is true.”

“We will definitely not interfere in your affairs.

We simply want to strengthen our own race and live peacefully.”

Yuchi smiled bitterly and helplessly, “Theres no need to go to that extent.

Since this is the territory of your Tianluo race, I will leave.”

By the time Tian Luohe raised his head, Yuchi had already disappeared.

He was shocked and surprised.

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