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The path of cultivation was endless.

At the beginning, one struggled to refine and temper ones body.

Then, the cultivator had to pry into the secrets of the Heavenly Dao and enter the Dao realm.

After that, when the cultivators comprehension of the Heavenly Dao increased, the cultivator would enter the Dao essence realm, allowing the cultivator to create their own techniques and decipher the Heavenly Dao fragments of others.

Beyond that, there was the Dao heart realm.

One level after another, it was like a stairway to heaven with no end in sight.

Moreover, it was not a uniform stairway.

As one progressed on the path of cultivation, it would become increasingly more difficult to progress the stronger one became.

Each step forward would be met with countless difficulties and obstacles.

The joy of having just broken through would disappear in a short time when one faced bottlenecks.

In the end, what cultivators needed was patience, discipline, and a calm heart.

However, who could achieve this in a world of constant battles, where the strong bullied the weak, who lived in fear of being killed at any given moment

It seemed no matter how far they progressed, the end was never in sight.

Yinguan Luoyings body trembled as looked at Medusa with a pleading gaze, hoping that the latter could elaborate further to help her understand.

Medusa looked at her with sympathy.

“Its not too difficult to figure out.”

“It simply means that his comprehension of the Heavenly Dao has exceeded his cultivation level.

His consciousness has transcended to a higher realm, which is why he has gained a superior understanding of the Heavenly Dao realm, one equivalent to a Dao heart realm cultivator.”

“In other words, he can already use some Dao heart realm techniques, which renders almost all Dao essence realm techniques useless against him.”

“Although hes not an actual Dao heart realm cultivator, he has surpassed every Dao essence realm cultivator.”

“You and I both came from the ancient era.

We mightve believed that we were invincible due to this, but that way of thinking is faulty.”

“Even in this current era, there is chaos, and many experts exist, despite the lack of spiritual energy in the surroundings.”

“In any case, the ancient era is just another time period within the long passage of history.

We should not be caught up in the past, nor use our past understanding of the world to carve out our future.”

Yuchis newfound comprehension of the Heavenly Dao weighed down on Medusas heart.

This guy was getting stronger and stronger.

Who knew how strong he would be by the time she recovered.

At that point, would her strength be comparable

Yinguan Luoying felt despair when she heard Medusas words.

“Hes already this powerful”

Medusa then continued, “You shouldnt be surprised by just this.

After all, you havent known him for long.”

“When I first met him, he did not even know what the Heavenly Dao was, nor the path to reach the Dao realm.”

“But now, he has reached a level that even I find difficult to believe.”

Yinguan Luoying nodded.

Then she picked up on Medusas words.

“You said that youve known him for so many years.

When did you get to know him, and how many years has it been A few hundred years A few thousand years”

Medusas smile became even more bitter when she heard that question.

“Its not a few thousand years, nor a few hundred years, or even a few decades.

It has only been a little more than ten years.”

Hearing her own words, even Medusa felt somewhat helpless.

“If you experience things from my point of view, youll realize that the feeling of helplessly watching a person get further and further away from you is quite painful.”

“At the beginning, I still wanted to catch up with him.”

“But now, Ive accepted that his progress and talent exceeds the limits of my ability.”

“After youve experienced that, youll understand why I am the way I am today despite my past identity as the master of the Netherworld Sea.”

Yinguan Luoying was dumbstruck.

If what Medusa said was true…

If Yuchi had really only spent a dozen years to reach his current level, then let alone Medusa…

It was absolutely impossible for her to catch up to him as well.

“Is he god, or the devil”

Above the desert, the ground was a mess.

The flames and lava were everywhere.

The sky had already turned dark at this time, and the dark clouds that filled the sky made the atmosphere feel even bleaker.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the dark clouds.

Amidst all this, Yuchi had gradually lost the will to fight with the other party.

At the very beginning, he experienced a strong sense of crisis.

The other partys strength was definitely higher than his, and not just by a little bit.

As a result, under normal battle circumstances, it was impossible for him to defeat the other party.

Not only was his opponents body stronger than his, but the techniques she used were also more refined than the techniques he had mastered.

How could he possibly defeat his opponent in such a situation

After understanding that the techniques used by the other party came from his own comprehension, he suddenly understood…

All of the techniques he had before came from fishing.

He had communicated with the ancient era through fishing and had obtained them from these ancient beings.

This woman was able to use the same techniques he had obtained from these ancient beings.

However, what about techniques that he had created himself


The woman was unable to do so.

Although she was stronger than he was, her comprehension of the Heavenly Dao paled in comparison to his.

And now…

It was time to make a choice!

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