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There was a Tiandu division branch near the desert.

The chief of this Tiandu division branch, Tian Luohe, was the clan leader of the Tianluo race.

He was a third-grade Dao essence realm cultivator, which was widely regarded as invincible in this region.

The Tianluo race looked like two-legged rats.

They were generally 1.3 meters tall and liked to reproduce.

As such, the Tianluo race had a large population.

Even human cities could not compare to them.

However, the clan leader of this race was now trembling in fear as he stared in the direction of the desert.

He had just sensed extremely terrifying Heavenly Dao fluctuations from the desert, far beyond anything he had ever experienced.

“Who is fighting in the desert”

Tian Luohe emerged from his residence and looked out into the distance.

In his hand was a worm that was more than a meter long.

The worm was as thick as an adult womans wrist.

He bit off the worms head and sucked its contents into his mouth.

He was eating to keep himself calm.

Beside him were the other members of the Tianluo race.

“Whats going on”

One of them asked.

Even they could sense that something was wrong.

The clouds in the distance were being pushed away by some unknown force.

The sky was shaking, and the sounds of Yuchis battle in the distance could be faintly heard even from this distance.

Tian Luohe shook his head and threw the worm away.

He could see his clansmen trembling with fear.

However, he was not much better off.

One of them was a little rat with a flower on her head.

She was only about half a meter tall.

In front of her, Tian Luohe said slowly, “”No matter what seems to be happening in the desert ahead, do not go there.

Stay here for now.

Im going to take a look.”

When the other members of the Tianluo race heard what he said, they looked at him in fear.

“No, the battle there is extremely terrifying!”

“Going there is suicide!”

“Even if youre very powerful, you wont be able to return!”

“Its better for us not to get involved in a battle between two peerless experts!”

“Thats right! Tian Luohe, stay here!”

“Otherwise, what would we do if something befalls you What will happen to these children”

The Tianluo races situation was rather special.

Like the pufferfish race, their status was being held up by a single individual, Tian Luohe.

Before he appeared, the Tianluo race had been eking out a living trying to survive in this brutal world.

Now, thanks to Tian Luohes ascension to the position of chief of the Tiandu division, the Tianluo race finally could develop properly.

Sure, they were still a primitive race that had no technology to speak of, but at the very least they had land to till and food to eat.

As such, Tian Luohe was regarded as the savior of the Tianluo race.

If anything befell him, the Tianluo race would suffer a similar calamity as the pufferfish race.

“We can just let these experts fight.

Why do we need to get involved”

“They are clearly stronger than you are.”

Tian Luohe was the future of the Tianluo race!

Rather than lose his life in a strangers battle, it was better for him to copulate and reproduce.

Perhaps a child with the same or better level of talent than his would appear.

Tian Luohe stretched out its claws and formed a barrier that protected the Tianluo races territory.

A faint golden barrier appeared in front of everyone.

Tian Luohe did not say anything further.

Despite his clansmens pleading, he still chose to leave.

The reason was simple.

Tian Luohe was the chief of this branch of the Tiandu division.

In the eyes of outsiders, he possessed an exalted status, but within the Tiandu division, his status was anything but good.

The Tianluo race was an existence that was not welcomed.

The other races were afraid of them.

They reproduced quickly, so if they were allowed to develop, they would be able to quickly threaten the other races.

Thus, Tian Luohe was wondering…

Was the other party targeting the Tianluo race

If they were targeting the Tianluo race and had deliberately released such powerful Heavenly Dao fluctuations in the desert, then the Tian Luohe could not just leave them be.

Otherwise, the other party might use his cowardice as a reason to exterminate the Tianluo race.

It was an unlikely scenario, but still within the realm of possibility, so he had no choice but to investigate.

“I still have to take a look.”

“If those two seniors do not have any ill intentions towards the Tianluo race, then I must express my goodwill.”

“Conflict with them is something I should avoid at all costs.”

Tian Luohe moved quickly.

If there was one advantage their race had aside from their population, it was their speed.

The Tianluo race was extremely agile.

Still, his heart was filled with fear.

He was like a moth to the flame.

He knew it was dangerous, but he had no choice in the matter.

“I will beg these seniors if I have to.”

As Tian Luohe thought about that, he resolutely increased his speed.

In the desert.

The woman looked at the coin in front of her and smiled.

Her gaze became more and more profound.

Then, she fiercely struck Yuchis chest, causing it to cave in, leaving only a layer of skin attached to his spine.

Yuchi stood indifferently on the spot.

“Our battle has just begun.

Do you really think Ive lost to you”

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